r/DHMIS Community origin poll - It's Almost Your Birthday!

  1. I found the series from a couple of gradeschool pals like most others did. It also introduced me to Night Mind witch i am VERY happy about. I love the series because of how detailed it is. And how anyone in the world could come up with their own interpretation of what's going on. That's when you know you made a Creative show....really took your Time...put all your Love into it...all while having the courage to upload it to the computer while eating healthy snacks and inspiring others to chase a Dream. Thank u to Becky And Joe for the inspiration. This has been kdoesthings. Thank You And Goodnight.

  2. I remember when I was about 9 or 10, and my older brother showed me creative, which terrified me, but when time came out, we started watching them together up until health

  3. The first one which isn’t an option :P it went viral around my uni. Also Channel 4 isn’t BBC4 - BBC Four is a different channel on which DHMIS definitely wouldn’t fit 😆 it’s mostly documentaries, historical dramas and intellectual quiz shows.

  4. I first heard of DHMIS when someone on Toontown suggested that people should watch it because it was funny. I watched episode 1 and was pretty disturbed, then I didn't really think about it again until episode 2 dropped, and then the Kickstarter happened, and I've been into the series ever since. Had a fun time waiting for each new episode after that, and it's still easily my favorite webseries.

  5. The first time I was made aware of DHMIS was when I saw a video of someone Spanish reaction to episode 5. I didn't watch it, but I eventually did learn more about it over the years, and now here we are.

  6. I first found the kids react to the original dhmis and I was scared shitless. So scared that it wasn’t until Easter 2015 I really got into it after my sister showed me dhmis 4. After that I couldn’t get enough of the series.

  7. I started making vector art of the show after seeing Computers. When Health was announced, I joined this sub to talk about it. When Dreams was announced, I was added as a mod to update the graphics. Most of the original mods had abandoned the sub by Dreams (some abandoned Reddit) and the mod who crowned me lasted for several months after Dreams, but then took off. There was a little drama about an "official" Discord in there before Wakey, but effectively, I've been the only continuous semi-active mod for 6 years (and it shows how bad I am at it)

  8. I think my brother showed me the first episode, and then we started watching it together. It was like 6 or 5 years ago. I'm a fan of the series because I love that it's a horror series made with super creepy puppets, I've never seen anything like it before (except for Mr. Meaty). I also love the acid and dark humor that it has, also giving rise to very original criticism. Also this subreddit is great

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