Screw “which one is the best?” WHICH ONE IS THE WORST!?

  1. Creativity I think is the worst, I feel the horror falls back more on gore and shock factor rather than shit that keeps you up i mean the only bit that scared me was the live action puppets dancing, also the format was different more of a compilation it didnt allow to set the scene, it's still my baby though

  2. the first episode had very catchy music and a cool structure, but considering that it was a tester snd doesn't really have anything to do with the other episodes, I'd say creativity. if that was off the tsble then dreams because of its weird pace and changing themes and topics thst may be 2nd

  3. Why is the most hated Love? Because it’s the least creepy? It’s one of my favourites. Plus it’s where Duck’s classic ‘pesky bee’ line originated from.

  4. even considering the noticeable jump in quality from 1 and 2 to 3-6 I always felt like 3 was the odd one out. I think it might have something to do with the teacher not being an object but idk. definitely the one I revisit the least frequently

  5. Love is either your Favorite or least Favorite episode. Personally it’s my Favorite. I voted for Dreams due to its weird pacing and it’s symbolism is good but it feels likes it’s trying to do to much. And it also has the worst song.

  6. It’s bad on purpose afaik. Someone YouTube I saw in the comments mentioned how the teachers get worse at their singing/songs as the parts go on. Tony’s voice cracks a lot (iirc) and Larry sounds drunk and tried to rhyme horse with oil. I love the Dreams episode and larry the lamp. It’s great.

  7. Creativity is good, love only has a few good moments like chicken picnic, malcolm and Michael but most is just dull,maybe because yellow guy is the only one of the main 3 prominently featured or because there are too many dill side characters

  8. It has to be creativity, even though it’s the “Og” it wasn’t even the one that made dhmis mainstream. Time was kinda the one to put dhmis into the mainstream so episode 1 feels more like they were just testing things, and kind of clowning around. It feels like they didn’t really have a goal to that.

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