Round 6 ended this round was pretty divided but black Adam has been buried let round 7 begin

  1. Wonder Woman. I really like the colourful comic look of Aquaman and its fight scenes so Im not voting that, but I don't think there's anything special about Wonder Woman really...

  2. Shazam has gotta was pretty mid imo, BvS and Aquaman were my liking when it comes to superhero movies...i like it serious, TSS was comedic but had the perfect blend of seriousness and humour in it...that peacemaker vs flag scene was amazing.

  3. BVS Ultimate Edition. It's same as the film that was ranked 10.... just 30 minutes more to justify its rash of poor decisions

  4. Out of the movies remaining… it’s Aquaman for me. I still don’t get the appeal of this movie for most people.

  5. If I had my way, next up would be BvS, then Aquaman, then ZSJL, then MoS, WW, Shazam, and The Suicide Squad at the top. But Snyder fans will always rush to his aid on this sub.

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