Rolling Stone: at least 13 percent of the accounts that took part in the conversation about the Snyder Cut were deemed fake

  1. Rightfully so, the article is bullshit and proves nothing, dudes trying so hard to undermine a movie that released over a year ago and for what? They gain absolutely nothing, it’s actually pathetic

  2. Everyone knows there is almost nothing organic on Twitter. Elon Musk's change of mind about buying it is centered on this. Everything trending is either organized campaigns, bots or paid advertising. Which is why companies aren't paying attention to it anymore when it comes to making decisions.

  3. I would bet 25% of Twitter is fake and that honestly might be a low estimate. 13% for the Snider Cut makes me think it had more real support than most things.

  4. look if you don't like snyder thats cool. Thats your opinion. But the amount of hate and this shit right here just seems way overboard like holy fuck

  5. If you believe ANYTHING in this article, please take note that the author claims she couldn't verify that Fiona Zheng was real, and strongly implied she was a bot of some kind. Fiona actually appeared on camera at the DC FanDome for a full interview, at 9:15 in this video:

  6. Straight up denying people’s existence all because they’re butthurt the movie released in spite of all their “it doesn’t exist” articles, they really can’t let Snyder, the cast, and the fans have that win lmao

  7. This is my stance. I honestly don't care if it was 100% bots doing the posting for this. We got the movie we all wanted. We win.

  8. This article is not meant for the fans, it's for the general audience who from now will automatically assume any Snyder related noise on twitter is through bots.

  9. The studio refuses to take the L on the theatrical cut and would rather take it to the grave that Snyder is a supervillain rather than admit they fucked up in 2017.

  10. What’s funny is the article paints executives fired over the years as the victims of Snyder that WB “left hang out to dry” LOL let me get the worlds smallest violin.

  11. I agree. Haven't heard a single bad thing about Zack as a person from his peers and he legitimately seems like one of the nicest dudes in HW.

  12. This reads like an article that’s been in the works for a long time, tons of research and sources. It’s still kind of an insane phenomenon that happened with that movement so def interesting to analyse.

  13. The same team at Rolling Stone has also written extensive coverage of Ezra Miller’s behavior. Bad actions are bad actions and deserve coverage regardless - and Snyder is alleged to have engaged in shitty behavior.

  14. Because Ezra is their lead in their biggest movie of 2023 and they can't really make any action towards that. What they can do with them, is make sure they are doing OK, make a safe space for them + get them help if needed.

  15. It’ll be whack-a-mole all night. As evidenced by the fact that someone had to use an archive version of the article.

  16. It’s funny how they won’t name their sources but yet every single person who worked with Snyder outside of Geoff Johns and the usual suspects, said Snyder is a fantastic director and really fun person to work with

  17. What a stupid article, at the end of the day the movie was a solid 8.5/10..let’s see if they make an article about the bluray sales or their digital copy sales.

  18. I find it odd that the article links only two purported bot accounts and…the second one isn’t even a bot (“Flavio” appears to be a misogynistic jerk, but clearly ain’t a robot).

  19. 87% are real? That's huge considering almost every fanbase & media houses use bots these days. Also Warner Media doesn't exist anymore. So this is just a hit piece from the executives who lost their jobs.

  20. Exactly. The fact that this piece tries to paint them all as victims and martyrs is the dead giveaway. The writer herself is playing those labels on.

  21. What a bizarre article. If WB spent as much time and energy on the DCEU as they have done with commissioning security reports etc then their product would be much better.

  22. Wow. What a accurate timing to put out the article just one day before the digital release. Doesn't seem deliberate at all. Seems more like a coincidence to me. And the author of this account claimed a person is a bot whereas that person is real and even gave an Interview if I am not wrong.

  23. Well crap look at this I thought with the new execs now they would be more diplomatic or whatever nice word it is towards Zack. These penguins have a bigger problem with Miller's antics and here they go bitching about Zack's movie when it did a lot better than the Joss' garbage.

  24. This seems like it came from people no longer with warner or are just producing products. The only one in this story still working directly for WB/DC is Walter Hamada as head of DC. Every other exec was fired or left. This just seems like a hit job to "distract" from Snyder Cut coming to digital purchase today.

  25. 13%? Really? 13%? That's all? They're making it out to be entirely rigged, and the best the studio-funded investigation could find was 13%? Doubtless they inflated the numbers, but even if it was 13%, that's fucking nothing.

  26. Because this sub’s mods are full-on Snyder enthusiasts and don’t like any discussion that could make Snyder and his movies look bad.

  27. That’s not a very high number for all you Snyder haters. I would argue that’s a very average if not below average number of fake accounts.

  28. same author who tried making an article saying Kiersey Clemons was cut from Justice League by Zack Snyder. Sorry but this has no validation to me 🤷🏻‍♂️ just trying to write something up to distract everyone from the digital release of the snyder cut & that report yesterday of the batgirl directors being told by WB not to worry and that they “got a plan” on why keaton & simmons are in their movie. WB is a jokeeeeee

  29. When did she write that article? If she wrote it when Zack was trying to trim the movie down to 2-3 hours, I could see her being cut from the movie in that instance. She doesn’t play a big role.

  30. Time is money, money is time. Every fandom spends tons of money on their hobbies. Ghostbusters fans build proton packs and Ecto-mobiles at great cost. Buying a web site is one of the cheapest things any fan does.

  31. Already commented elsewhere but 13% is way lower than I expected. I thought 20-30%, as I believe most social media campaigns for anything, not just snyder cut, to be heavily populated by fake accounts. Twitter is not well regulated.

  32. Doubt many will be particularly surprised by the bots but let's not downplay the opinions of actual fans or even those who had opinions swayed by bots. This shit is all in the past and it's weird to just release it all now when everyone (his haters and his supporters) is for the most part trying to move on. The story is juicy as hell (althougg basically a hit piece) but it's just gonna further piss people off.

  33. Yeah, I do question why it’s being put out now. I mean, it could have taken Rolling Stone this long to put the piece together, and it is a good piece of journalism that shines a light on some of the false narrative of organic campaign, but an entertainment journo probably wouldn’t be running this piece if they weren’t directed to (either asked to do it, or told they should look into it cause there was a “there” there).

  34. Unrelated, but I've also suspected the streaming networks of doing the same thing to pump up their networks and trash others (and they come in waves around certain releases). Can't prove it though. Probably more likely each streaming service just pisses a lot of different people off with their decisions and content (except for Apple which hasn't left its honeymoon phase yet).

  35. This is ridiculous. They're using this to frame Zack as some giant manipulator...for what? Why not just move on? He's not making movies with you anymore, he's at Netflix. Why continue to try to drag his name through the fucking mud? Focus on fixing your Ezra Miller problem.

  36. The Snyder Cut is dropping tonight on digital and is already available on iTunes. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but maybe they're hoping it has some kinda impact in sales there. Lol.

  37. Zack Snyder as the Count of Monte Cristo, using techno-sorcery and bending the will of the masses to destroy his personal enemies Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, Ann Sarnoff, and Toby Emmerich…it’s very poetic and dramatic but seems a bit much. It also assumes a near limitless source of cash apparently steaming from Snyder himself and a penchant for ominous phrasing such as “Now, I will destroy them on social media.”

  38. You kind of make a point here. If they’re releasing Zack Snyder stories then no one is focused on whatever Ezra is up to. Feel like that’s what they’re doing

  39. Adam Wingard (their current employee) was being attacked and Snyder chose to do nothing as per the article and in spite being personally asked by Wingard.

  40. Read the article. Snyder and the WB execs at the time are insane! Lol no wonder we didn’t get good DC films… way too much drama behind the scenes

  41. What's to report? Chris Pratt never got fired from anything and Carano was out there posting and saying offensive shit under her own name.

  42. Let’s not forget this is the same studio that planted fake stories of Jason Momoa being in a Frosty the Snowman movie produced by the now-fired Geoff Johns and Jon Berg

  43. 100% hit piece considering his cut of Justice League comes out on streaming sites hours after this article dropped.

  44. "please like our new vision! Please! That old thing you really loved?! Well you're the only one! 13% yes, 13!!, of the accounts asking for it were... FAKE! So you see, in summary, you don't actually want any more of ZS vision. No, you want... Uh... Marvel 2.0"

  45. Craven hit piece is craven. How many Star Wars fan accounts are authentic? Nintendo? BTS? Name a fanbase. Odds are about 20% of the online chatter around them are bots.

  46. ......according to this lady who cites no sources. And you expect us to believe that WB spent all that money on ZSJL because of some bots? Lol that lady is full of shit.

  47. I’m shocked. SHOCKED. Next you’ll tell me Flash running fast isn’t actually the “biggest cheer” at the Oscars.

  48. I didn't know it was coming out this week, so the reminder to buy it was actually helpful. 😂 It apparently includes the B&W version that was left off the discs.

  49. Snyder commented on this many times and couldn't even bring himself to condemn the bad actors in his fanbase, Instead essentially condoning the bad behaviour by saying "they're going to do whatever they want, I can't stop them".

  50. Let's say you erased that 13% and only kept 87% of the movement. With the numbers it has, that would still be a huge success, wouldn't it? Somehow I doubt that final 13% is what made the difference to greenlighting ZSJL.

  51. Rollingstone is a failing magazine that doesn't even cover music anymore and they're literally just trying to maintain relevance and I gotta say this is a weird flex to do so. Just because they released the digital copy of ZSJL in the u.s. they drop this "hit piece". The snydercut was released. It's over. What relevance does this even bear?

  52. The Academy claiming something does not make that any more legitimate. They regularly and notoriously make deals and are bought and sold for most awards. It's a fact that people use bots for polls like theirs. There is also no conclusive evidence in that article to dispel the bot claim other than "the academy says the votes are legitimate."

  53. Tin foil hat theory. The heads of WB leaked this to rolling stone because they knew it would get the hashing trending on the weekend of release and will significantly bolster sales.

  54. R/movies is having a field day with this hit piece. Why the sudden obsession of Snyder all of the sudden from rolling stone?

  55. This article projects a massive assumption that most fans that became active with hashtag campaigns engaged via Twitter only. Nothing could be farther from the truth, at least from what I could see for the community that grew around the RTSC cause. People that were active with the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement at the time were watching real human beings that were active on YT such as Chris Wong, Dave Peña, Film Gob, Grace Randolph, Nerd Queens, Lightcast, Comic Movie Marks, Syl Abdul, Jon Aaron Garza, Ben Evertz, Stephen M. Colbert, et al.

  56. Like it proposes that one of the early Snyder Cut supporters, Fiona Zheng, isn’t real. She literally appeared on DC Fandom for the Snyder Cut announcement. It’s a poorly researched hit piece.

  57. Snyder's the kind of guy I want in the room for the story, but he shouldn't be writing. His best work is when there are competent writers producing a quality script that he can then act on.

  58. This is just so bizarre. Why can't these news outlets let it go? I've never seen such relentless attack and manipulation from a studio and their media arms towards a film and its director. A film that was drastically better received than the studio cut and a director who by all accounts is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. To release a hit piece on the eve of the film getting its digital release can't be an accident. They've done this sort of thing over and over again, always timed to do the most damage to the man and the movement. I used to want the Snyderverse to be restored but given the way he's been treated Snyder should never come back to work for Warner Bros. ever again.

  59. Who cares the movie has already been released. There are those who enjoyed it and those that didn't enjoy it.

  60. Wow...just read this: "When fans review-bombed Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong, sources say the director asked Snyder through an intermediary to tell his fans to stand down — and that Snyder refused. (Snyder says he was never asked to have his fans stand down, adding: “Furthermore, I do not control my fans. They have their own will and their own opinions; you really give me too much credit.”) Another source says Warner Bros. successfully lobbied IMDb, which includes user reviews, to weed out trolls targeting Godzilla vs. Kong. (Wingard declined comment.)"

  61. Yes, that is true. I’m the one of the bot. 1 bot me. Bot who supported and bought 4K Bluray of Snyder Cut. I’m not human. I’m AI, I’m a bot who gets order to support and buying Bluray. I don’t even live in England. I live in PC Servers.

  62. Seems bad that he was prepared to go publicly send his online followers after a couple of producers if their names weren’t removed from the credits, that’s much more alarming than having his own bot army.

  63. TBH I'm not surprised as much as I like the Snyder Films. It always felt like (to me at least) that not all of the accounts were legit, especially all the ones with the #OfSnyderVerse hashtag on their profiles and absolutely nothing in their account not reflecting the SnyderVerse.

  64. While social media can be a great place and fans are important, there are plenty of other reasons why Twitter polls aren't more important than film critics and journalists. The Academy Awards royally fucked up this year's ceremony by giving Twitter fans and bots permission to botch their polls for Fan Favorite Movie and Cheer Moment.

  65. So WB knew this and gave him the money to finish the movie. That's their business not ours. At least I'm happy I saw an awesome JL movie

  66. I fucking hate this article. What is it actually doing? It’s just making up bullshit for a fan campaign that was legit. What the fuck is wrong with these people, just shut the fuck up! We won, and this article is treating us like we are scam artists. Fuck them!

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