1. I just hope they jump on his gimmick boost agaisant saiyans to give a good buff to limited situations and not just some random chance at something good that you'll never know when you'll have it active and cannot rely on.

  2. There is very little he needs to be especially since he is part of the whole line of Transforming Movie Bosses unit that start with Support, which is still currently good, and become powerhouse with modern mechanic. Defense on Super and the usual EZA Stat boost and he is going to be Great.

  3. I know this is said and is always wrong, but tthey would have to try really fucking hard to mess him up. He still performs well when alongside the new cooler

  4. Its a W if he gets a good EZA. Ive only pulled him once on his debut banner, I may have spent +7000 stones since then on banners where he was featured and didn't get a single dupe

  5. I lost track of how many stones I've spent on banners with him in them - haven't seen a single copy. Didn't get LR STR Cooler either. Thank God I got the new LR Metal Cooler and the AGL Metal Cooler Rainbowed + EZA

  6. Yeah I had him two dupes before the banner now I have him rainbowed and 2 extra dupes, and no lr cooler. I think I spent 1350 stones, feels bad.

  7. I really hope they actually give this man a crazy support passive it will truly save them. They should of released another link partner for the unit they still have two links that are completely unuseable

  8. There is going to be alot of change in his kit if he is ever going to be number 1 he was never built for defense in his kit so it will be interesting if they do make him great still dokkan may not buff his support passive sadly. Hopefully he raises defense either in base or transformed.

  9. TUR DFE EZA’s have generally added somewhere between 1.6-2x base stats in the passive lately. The exceptions to this are STR Gohan and SSB Vegeta, both of which have higher ATK stats than Cooler to start.

  10. Iirc, I remember reading that they can't change active skill conditions upon EZA due to spaghetti code when they were first implemented. Would love to see that proven false, though.

  11. I feel like the main thing I’m hoping for here is that before his transformation he’s more tanky with damage reduction or guard or smth then obviously his transformation could lower the amount of damage reduction to smth like 10% like in broly but he greatly stacks atk and regularly stacks defence

  12. Please please please regain your crown king. So worried they are going to only boost his self passive by like 10% and not change the support. His transformed state should get guard or damage reduction- he flew through a Kamehameha. I know they won't add it in, but that animation would make an incredible ki blast counter.

  13. Dokkan - make him the best. No holding back. I want him to be legit Top 5 unit in the game regardless of whether or not he's an LR.

  14. So glad I put those AGL Thousers into the PHY one over the past years in order to have him ready at SA10 without any Kais being harmed 🥲

  15. The thing about this Cooler is that for him to be really broken he'd have to be a good slot 1 unit to run on rotation with the LR, if he doesn't get dodge or guard or DR then he'll still probably be an amazing floater, but he has the potential to allow LR Cooler's team to just demolish the game

  16. Anyone else miss the v jump drop being actual scans and getting to see the news directly rather than it being spoiled in a tweet

  17. This is great but honestly I'm starting to get tired of so many EZAs. Would love if all of them were just 10 stages, like the LR EZAs.

  18. Teq Chadhan is about to Eza in part 4. Massively raises attack and defense on super and they change his passive to +258% attack and defense.

  19. Bro, I literally was wondering a couple days ago how broken will be the STR Cooler's eza when it comes out, while I was doing the AGL Meta cooler eza.

  20. Ohhhhh man this is so hype! STR damage and defense for his age is already still really good. He definitely needs a lot of help defensively in modern events, but his attack from the stat increase alone is gonna be bonkers!

  21. MAKE HIM A SLOT ON UNIT! MAKE HIM EXACTLY OPPOSITE OF THE LR AND WE GOT A WIN! 200% Atk and Def start of turn, 50% damage reduction and greatly raise def for 1 turn in base. Greatly Raise attack and greatly raise def for 1 turn in final form and he’s top 2 turns ezas and top 5 units.

  22. Oh dam i just got cooler and i guess i need to awaken thouser too. Dam my extreme box got hella better this celebration

  23. Give him 40% damage reduction + greatly raise defense for one turn on Super in his pretransformed state. Then post transformation just boost his numbers slightly and give him defense stacking. That’s literally all he needs to be a god with the LR Coolers

  24. Wow. He already hits for 3.3 mil in his untransformed state. And more in his transformed state. I cant imagine them giving him anymore damage. If anything it'll be a ssj2 int gohan like eza where he gets a ton of defense which honestly I'm OK with.

  25. Summoned on his banner when it came out in 2019 and got completely shafted, next banner he was on rainbowed him. For the love of god dokkan I’m begging u make him awesome definitely one of my fav units.

  26. Passive: 100% chance to dodge, 150% damage reduction, guard all enemy attacks, super effective against all types, frieza no brother, all allies ki + 10 and 300% attack, defense and critical chance. Attack and defense + 500% at start of turn, + 552% on super attack. Frieza no brother - 25% something something.

  27. How the hell are we getting the STR Cooler EZA on Global but the EZA for LR INT Cooler isn't here yet? Literally the perfect time

  28. Can sub ezas coming with the main eza just be the standard now? They've been really shit at awakening the rest of the units from previous eza stages.

  29. What are the new stages going to be though? We already went through both of the final battles of the cooler movies, unless they go back to namek saga and make it Goku vs Frieza. The theme allows for a few more future battles to be added but its way WAY more restricted than the theme of collection of epic battles, and if they just do goku vs frieza it undermines like half the purpose that that stage had lol

  30. There should also be the last stages of the wicked bloodline red zone as we don’t have the ticket banner or the support memory yet.

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