Anyone experience a hernia from constant vomiting ?

  1. Yikes that sounds awful but not out of the question. I've been hospitalized because they thought I tore my esophagus and was leaking blood, bile and whatever else because I was showing the beginning stages of sepsis. X-rays we're done and showed a pocket of fluids or something. I was moved out of my local ER after a lot if meds and a round of heavy duty antibiotics. Turns out I had severe Mallory Weiss tears all through my esophagus and an air pockets between my lungs and muscles in chest from how violently I was getting sick. Crazy things happen to body from episodes this one was only 10 hours before I went to the hospital.

  2. When I first started having episodes approximately 6 years ago, I had suffered a Hiatal Hernia due to the constant forceful vomiting. In my recollection, a Hiatal hernia is when part of your stomach lining breaches upwards through your diaphragm and interferes with your esophagus. This made the episodes excruciatingly more painful. My doctors and GI specialist at the time recommended getting a full belly of water (counterintuitive, I know), stand on your tip toes with arms stretched above you and slam yourself straight down on to your heels. Theoretically, they explained, this could force the water weight to pull the lining back down to where it was supposed to be.

  3. Also, during that time I had the hernia, the GI found that I had developed GERD, BARRETT'S ESOPHAGUS, STOMACH ULCERS and had Esophageal scarring due to the Damage/Healing over and over again.

  4. I’ve had abdominal hernia from strain before and so did my father. I had mine checked out immediately and he waited years and ended up needing mesh grafted into his intestine because the damage was so severe while I had a small laparoscopic procedure that only took a weekend to recover from. But yes you can cause a hernia from any sort of intense straining or spasms unfortunately

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