the special relationship

  1. He denied the existence of Japanese war crimes during WWII, including Japanese soldiers taking women in occupied territories as sex slaves which he claimed was consensual. He pushed for significant increases in military spending at the cost of health care and public infrastructure.

  2. Yeah, I ‘d take Boris resigning versus Trump denying in a heartbeat. There’s really nothing equivalent in these comparisons. Boris and Donald are both despicable. That’s where the similarity ends. Boris actually fucked off. Overdue, but still.

  3. Always the latter. He's gotten away with everything for decades and there's no way in hell politicians are gonna be the ones to do anything about it.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see an indictment at the end of it, and maybe even a conviction depending on how they go about it.

  5. For sure will fail. Nothing will happen. If anything does, it’ll be like, six months of white collar prison and a huge fine that he won’t even bat an eye at. That’s the us!

  6. Like everything in American politics, it is ultimately a pointless dog-and-pony show to keep the common man distracted and incensed. Nothing will come of it, and his successor(s) will know that they can do the same shtick and get away with it, and our lives will be caught up in the turning of the gears.

  7. The January 6th hearings can/will never result in indictments because congress doesn't have the authority to do that, the Department of Justice does.

  8. Nothing will happen to pseudo-rich mushroom dick’d orange man. He’ll outlive most of us too, despite being an obese piece of shit.

  9. If they had anything to actually arrest him for. Or atleast prevent him from running, don't you think they'd have released it way sooner rather than waiting?

  10. The tories finally ditched Boris Johnson over a scandal where he appointed a known sexual predator to the position of Deputy Chief Whip. Over forty of his ministers resigned. He tried to go on but just couldn't, so now the tories are voting on a replacement.

  11. if i had a nickel everytime a head of state named abe was assassinated, id have two nickels, which isnt a lot but its weird it happened twice

  12. Any kind gentleman that could give some information on what is going down in the UK? Missed all of it due to exams

  13. I've seen quite a few people s33m to celebrate Abe being murdered, and I don't like it. Abe wasn't a great person, denying war crimes is disgusting, I don't think he should be remembered fondly. But celebrating another person's death, where it has no benefit in stopping harm (Abe wasn't in office and wouldn't have done more damage if left alive), just feels like a reflection of the worst qualities of humanity. I don't think schadenfreude is good for the soul...

  14. Abe still had a massive amount of power though. This is comparable to Trump: yes, he is no longer president, but his opinions have still a massive weight.

  15. Personally I will indulge in a little bit of schadenfreude when a man who continually denied war crimes against my country dies

  16. I mean, it wasn't just denying Nazi-scale atrocities. He also annually visited the shrines, and he was still a big figure and still active. He was giving a speech in a public space when he got shot, not in some private home.

  17. Idk. Do we really need to spend energy protecting the sanctity and respect of human life when it comes to pure evil?

  18. Oh thank goodness I was starting to think I was the weird one for not wanting to laugh about someone getting murdered in broad daylight

  19. Agreed. If for too long you stare into the void, and all that. If we welcome the murder of a political opponent we lose the part of ourselves that makes us fundamentally different from those same people.

  20. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I think anyone who seriously thinks Trump will be indicted by this limp-dicked DOJ is either stupid, naive, or delusional.

  21. Trump and Johnson: one is an illegal insurrection of a psychotic lunatic and the other is Johnson leaving office when told to leave.

  22. The difference is that lots of people in America don't think anything will happen to Chump. Just like nothing happened to him for the 4 years that he was in office.

  23. The idea that Boris and his government's resignation was a done deal within 24 hours is kinda weird. That shit had been brewing and stewing for a longggg time and Boris held out for as long as legally possible, and even illegally in some instances

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