Rip vampireapologyst, hope you’re enjoying wherever you are now :)

  1. Fun fact! To obtain enough calories from purely gummy bears to survive 115 million years (average of 80-150) you would need to consume approximately 9.4 trillion gummy bears, or around 223 a day

  2. They retired from tumblr. They made a longpost about how much their account meant to them and their time there was amazing but it was time for them to move on with their life and work on their career.

  3. “What is it about me that makes it so easy to believe I’m a dumbass” is… well first of all it’s a very ironic sentence, but it’s also something I deeply relate to lmao

  4. I've been a pre-teacher for the last few weeks, and there have been so many situations where I've been close to saying things that I'd say to adults without a second thought, that I just can't say to a kid.

  5. I'm a substitute teacher and I've probably crossed the line with what I've said to the kids a few times. Not in the sense of, like, cursing or vulgar content. Just retorts and such. But I'm there one day and in a different school the next, so I doubt it will ever come down on me too hard.

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