Locked Account for 4 Weeks...Still No Response...

  1. I feel your pain as I am in the exact same boat. Not even an autoresponder when you email them which would increase the number of support tickets people create. All feels very unprofessional.

  2. Well it’s at least good to know that others are having the same experiences so that I’m not completely in the dark here. I was getting worried as soon as I saw people who submitted the same issue a full week after me get their accounts resolved already. Still though, makes me very uneasy.

  3. I do understand that the increase in waiting times can seem fishy- but actually it's a matter of maths- we used to get through 1 day of inquiries in 1 day, then it started to take 2 days, then suddenly it took a week to get through one day, and that means we have to constantly update the wait times (which upsets us just as much, honestly! Every time we're like.. hope it doesn't get any bigger, then it does..) Please believe me when I say we're working on lessening this time- we agree that the wait is unacceptable and have been working on automating this process. It's also hard to toe the line between sympathetic and not expediting each case that comes your way. I'm not going to beg you to hang in there, it's obviously frustrating! But I promise you we are getting there.

  4. Froufrou391, Earlier i good login with my username (alias) and pwd + 2fa (google). But now i must login with email address and pincode. From the first time login i think? That code i do not have anymore. So that is my reason to ask for support. BTW i have a copy of the QR code in case i lost my telli

  5. .. but if they waiting times are getting consonantly bigger, why isn't management hiring more people to deal with the issues ? I assume you still make enough money and if not there seems to be a even bigger problem.

  6. Same problem here. 2FA was working on my account. But with the loginname (alias). Now i must login with my email address. No problem, pwd is still working. But the 2FA code is not working anymore? I send mail to their resets email address but no response so far....

  7. Anyone any news? How long waiting, why not even a little email with details or ticket number? Its so frustating, never hear anything... Hello Cryptopia are you alive?

  8. Me also.. waiting now since 11.01. Allm others Bittrex, Binance solved problem in 24-48h

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