Should I sell my Bitcoin and put it into CRO?

  1. It depends, but I would keep BTC and allocate a percentage of money I can afford to lose into CRO. But like I said it depends. like your current financial position, aversion to risk, etc.

  2. If you like spotify you can afford to loose it all as a 400$ stake for the card pays for itself if you cash the cro out monthly.

  3. I have around €120 in Bitcoin rn so that's why I'm asking just cause CRO has been a way better investment for me, just need some opinions

  4. Indeed. Bitcoin should always be held to anchor a portfolio. Minimum 20% but more if you wanna be more conservative but still be exposed to crypto

  5. I think it depends on how much is already invested in BTC. I don't think I would migrate to CRO on a thick wallet, but if my BTC was fairly low (which mine is), then I would probably pour a bit more into

  6. lol…..if you’ve got a house and plan on selling it for crypto I gotta be honest…it shouldn’t be cro. I hold cro and like the card but if I was gonna have that much cash it would be btc

  7. Yeah that's why I'm asking cause I've made way more money with CRO than I have with Bitcoin and with the amount I have in Bitcoin it's not like I'd be profiting that much anyway if I held it

  8. Why does it need to be ten times? If both coins triple in 2022, then it'll be the same investment whether BTC or CRO. But if CRO does even marginally better than that (4x, even) then it's the better choice. I don't think anyone is anticipating more than a 3x from bitcoin (in 2022, at least), so CRO has more room to grow.

  9. Stop chasing the pumps. Buy projects that make sense and have potential. Ideally when they are not already pumped like crazy and then be a little patient.

  10. I just got the upgrade to the joker green yesterday before the dip, i think i will go in now, what do you guys think the floor is(smooth brain)

  11. If you want to diversify, a good strategy is to sell some of your BTC and stake that CRO into Jade Green or higher tiers. At least with staking, you will get that minimum 10% p.a. rewards, minimum 3% cashback, rebates from Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc. which will all slowly reduce your break-even point. Plus DeFi Wallet Earn staking will even compound all of the above further.

  12. Sometimes I like to see what other people think and amalgamate that into my own thought process, if worthy.

  13. You can sell some btc to get CRO and stake btc/CRO in Liquidity pool to earn VVS coins as interest while both CRO and btc go up in value and earn free money, so you don’t miss out on 2 opportunities CRO and VVS

  14. You are asking this on the CRO sub. You will probably get most people saying yes. I for one think it's foolish to pick one or the other. If you love both then just DCA into CRO over time.

  15. Most likely no. The only reason I'd exchange BTC for CRO is if I were close to the next card tier and wanted a kick over the edge.

  16. Think for yourself. Bitcoin is known as a store of value. Unlikely to see the insane returns over the last few years at this level, but projected to steadily increase over the years. CRO is positioning itself to be the crypto monster that brings in mass adoption, it does have the potential to massively increase in value.

  17. No...cro is a very good coin ,but bitcoin is crypto. Needless to say hold to your bitcoin .( i hold both ).bitcoin price prediction 300,000.00 within 5 years.

  18. With Bitcoin, you're investing in Digital Gold and the understanding that it will outpace inflation. CRO is an alt-coin that recently did a run up. I am super bullish on Bitcoin, and I have a lot of faith in Bitcoin, but if you're stacking BTC I would pretty much never recommend selling it. Use that as your base investment and stack CRO alongside it.

  19. No, there will never be enough BTC for every millionaire to have one so in the end people considered rich will not be able to own something you already have. BTC and ETH if you have them you hold them. You do not sell unless you have to. The crypto space is built on these two coins they will always be the standard store of value all other coins will go up and down throughout their existence and many will come and go. BTC and ETH are basically gold and oil. Can never have enough.

  20. Not a Financial Advice, Not a Financial Adviser, But I will doit at least 50% I'll put in CRO because I expect it to rocket to the sky just like BNB, God know best, God bless.

  21. Umm, nah I wouldn't. BitCoin may be down but it's a good money maker and it's proven for making ppl lots of money. I'd just buy more Cro. That's just my opinion

  22. I know but with the amount I have in rn isn't it better to own a Whole CRO coin instead of a tiny amount of Bitcoin?

  23. CRO is going places. BNB was around $30 a year ago, today close to $635, if CRO can do the same trick in a year or two or just half it will be quite a success. 🚀🚀💎💎

  24. That's what I did, though that was when CRO was at 43 cents. Though, how little BTC you say that you have, I would switch it over if it were me.

  25. Bitcoin is longterm hold. Take profits from alts and shitcoin and buy btc. Once in btc never takeout until at least 100k

  26. Well btc maximalist will say you are a idiot. Crypto enthousiasme will say buy a percentage. Degenerate will say fomo all-in.

  27. I had the same thought, but opted to stay put. Bitcoin is a relatively safe storehouse. I'm confident in cro, but I am speculating. I initiated a cash transfer over last weekend and I'll probably use a chunk of it to buy the cro dip once it comes through.

  28. Sorry to go off-topic but I've been looking for places to buy Altcoins but America will not allow trading. Binance is a piece of shit that made me miss out on thousands of dollars because I couldn't trade. Then, I tried dextools but it was a gas scam.

  29. I personally wouldn’t. BTC and ETH are 2 that I have strict rules against selling.

  30. I say no! CRO might be outperforming BTC now, but there’s nothing to say it will continue to do so long term. Further, if BTC crashes, CRO will crash much harder. IMO, it should be the other way around. Buy CRO with dry powder and take profits into BTC.

  31. If it was me, I’d borrow usd with btc as collateral somewhere I’d get paid a good apy both for lending and borrowing.

  32. This is exactly what I just did. Sold a large amount of BTC for CRO. My logic is that is BTC hits 100k you will just double your money and a little more. But CRO has sooooo much potential 5 or 10x your money. That was my logic

  33. Completeley biased. I hold no btc. Nor eth. Im not collecting coins. Unless theres a usecase, i dont want it. So i would answer your question with yes.

  34. Well, I've been in it since around $0.08, but when I started seeing Advertising Signs everywhere I went, including on television at soccer games and football Games Etc oh, I started really buying more! EDIT: I also just transferred 20% of my CRO holdings to their new Cronus blockchain to use my existing CRO to farm even more CRO faster with defi! #defi #cro #cronus

  35. Dude stop spamming the same shit over and over again. We get it. You’re in every post copy pasting the same thing. Chill it out.

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