Coinbase wallet on IOS disables sending NFTs as Apple claims that the gas fees required to send NFTs need to be paid through their In-App Purchase system, so that they can collect 30% of the gas fee.

  1. The email comparison is perfect, cb wallet is interacting with network protocols. It’s not controlled in game purchases like a random game app.

  2. Devil's advocate here... and correct me if I'm wrong as I don't collect NFTs and I don't use coinbase wallet.. that being said:

  3. They’re actually in the middle of a lawsuit with epic games for this exact thing. Apple actually won, the judge said they would have to provide a link for people to leave the app and pay directly. Apple appealed, so we won’t know for like a year.

  4. This is like if I used my banking app to do a money transfer and Apple took 30% of what I needed to transfer, sounds like bs to me

  5. This exactly. If I send a wire transfer from my mobile, the fee to me is $25. Why isn’t apple taking 30% of that?

  6. Soon, Apple will be like: "oh you logged into your banking app and moved money to another account, that'll be a 30% fee please"

  7. It’s utterly bamboozling the sheer amount of greed that exists among rich people, you’d think they’ll reach a point where they make enough profits to be a bit more charitable but no it’s the complete polar opposite they need to have every single dime that’s in your pocket

  8. Tell that to my Galaxy S21+. This was one of the things I held onto my Note 8 for so long until I broke it and had no option but to get a new phone. It's stupid but commonplace now on all higher end phones. (For the record I hate Apple and their shitty practices)

  9. If you're interested in decentralization and creating a more open and free Internet, then you should avoid Apple products at all costs.

  10. Unpopular yes, but taking a 30% cut of all revenues generated by putting a utility inside Apple's walled garden is in fact Apple's business model. It may be a stupid business model, but it's an insanely profitable one. And it's Apple's business model. So it's up to them to stick with it or not.

  11. There is a reason the apple logo is a half bitten apple, you never get the whole thing... They always take a piece, xD

  12. Is this also the same reason why you can’t earn BAT on Apple devices? Is it because brave would be blocking ads that apple would be making money off or is it because apple wants users to buy bat through the apple store and be able to take a 30% cut?

  13. Apple can f#@k right on off! I was thinking of going from my LG V60 to the iphone 14 to give IOS a 2nd chance but them screwing with my trading money is a big negative ghost rider!

  14. As pro capitalist as I am, stay in your fucking lane and don’t interfere with shit that has nothing to do with you. All I can say is between this and their fiasco with twitter, I’m strongly considering getting rid of all of my Apple products. Apple has literally become the Standard Oil of tech and they’re abusing their market power beyond making a fair share. (this was ironically posted on an iPhone but still fuck Apple) What would you guys recommend I go with when I’m due for a phone upgrade and potentially switching out the MacBook Pro I have for school if I do end up ditching Apple? (I’m also planning on day trading with any new devices I may get if this changes anything). Edit: unfortunately I’ll have to keep my Mac since I’d get nowhere near what I’d need to buy a comparable laptop, but I’m still open to phone suggestions.

  15. We may have been tolerating Apple’s fee structure yesterday, but today’s a different story given Blockchain’s attribute of democratization. Much needed spotlight … consumer expectations are shifting.

  16. Are they going to charge 30% fee on zelle or PayPal transactions as well? I mean those are also in-app purchases.

  17. OR, App Store T&Cs clearly say (for 10 years +) that your app cannot offer tokens in the app for sale unless using IAP.

  18. It’s been that way the entire time and plenty of apps have done fine. In a way it levels the playing field because the alternative would be having to pay a fee to get hosted on the App Store which would hurt the smaller guys more.

  19. Has anyone tried sending nfts on the GameStop wallet? This sounds like par for the course with Apple but the GameStop wallet seems to be working fine. Anyone test that yet?

  20. "This is akin to Apple trying to take a cut of fees for every email that gets sent over open Internet protocols."

  21. They just remove features to modify the iPhone slightly and then re-sell their same proprietary closed ecosystem phone to people every year. And people continue overpaying for their garbage. It really is a mystery.

  22. Apple have always been shit, I'm surprised it's taken them this long to be honest. Wouldn't be surprised if Apple came after wallet to wallet transfers next since that's an in-app transaction.

  23. Apple fanboys love getting jerked. Coinbase should enable it and just mark up every 30%. Apple customers would love the prestigious nature of it.

  24. Is an iphone that much better than an android or any other phone? Why the devotion to Apple? Guess I need to look into other subs to try and figure this one out.

  25. Why stop at gas fee, Apple? Why not take 30% of the NFT's value while you're at it, you greedy bastards.

  26. It's a matter of time before they resolve this and leave gas fees alone. They talked things out with Twitter, they can talk things out with Coinbase.

  27. Kinda wild that google and Microsoft took so much heat for shit like this and Apple is going harder than they ever did and are praised for it

  28. Coinbase can process payments for registered users without needing Apple. They want Apple to handle the liability of ETH purchases to unregistered users using in-app purchases. Amazon doesnt pay 30% because they require you to log into an account and handle the payments themselves.

  29. Unlikely… the number in ur cash wallet is from a database and they just change the number from the database while extracting the fees. It’s only when you go through a third party payment professor then Apple nets the fees

  30. Same story on Ledger as well! At least for my phone. Supposedly I can move them on my laptop but haven’t tried yet.

  31. Could you imagine real adoption with NFT marketplaces through the Apple Store: 30% apple fee 7% royalties to the collection 3% marketplace fees.

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