Bitcoin will ‘teleport’ to $14K or worse if BTC breaks $16K — Analyst

  1. so if i buy at 16k i should sell immediately at 15.99k because im in a loss right? then i just wait for another dip, buy that one and do the same thing again?

  2. unpopular opinion but I’ve been enjoying this bear, building big bags, I don’t mind if we go lower and I don’t mind if the markets get bullish

  3. Once you've adjusted your mind it's definitely only an opportunity. If I were crypto rich I'd be disgusted right now. But that ain't me. So I'll take the dip.

  4. I thought I was being greedy in the bull market by not taking enough profits but it doesn't even compare to the sustained greed fueled accumulation during this bear market.

  5. Two weeks ago it was 6k, a few days later 10k, last week it was 12k, and now they're talking about 14k.

  6. tldr; Bitcoin hovered above $16,000 on the Wall Street open as analysts diverged on what to expect from the next market move. BTC/USD was down around 21% for the month of November, marking its worst November performance since its last bear market year in 2018. The S&P 500 was due a rejection next, setting the tone for a long-term downtrend.

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