FTX US Donated $1 Million to Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Super-PAC in October -Bloomberg-

  1. This is a breakdown of all donations made and where they went from FTX as a whole. Keep in mind, SBF donated primarily (by a significant margin) to the Democratic Party where as Ryan Salame, another top FTX executive, donated more than $23 million, mainly to Republicans and conservative groups.

  2. The right wing media keeps crying about how SBF donated so much money to Democrats but ignore the fact that FTX donated millions to Republicans also. Like all other companies they bribe both sides.

  3. I'm not an American so what business of mine is it but instead of Rep Vs Dem maybe the focus should be on the utter corruption this rubs in anyone lookings face. The disaster that's American news is really a different issue.

  4. As someone who is conservative, anyone that takes a bribe is not a politician, they are a criminal. Plus, McConnell (and 80% of the GOP) is a cuck

  5. You can't spend that much money anyway, just pay big people to take care of you when you're in a pinch. It's obviously working for him.

  6. As much as I hate the turtle man: can we stop pointing out who exactly took money from that shit stain and rather just admit that our entire system in this country is broken?

  7. Dems and RINOs are all he donated to but mostly 90% dems. RINOs are basically dems anyway so just say 100% dems.

  8. so just imagine if you had funds on ftx and couldn’t get it off your coins have been spent on political donations for politicians in a country you may or may not even live in, let alone support

  9. like ultimate bet and poker sites in the early 2000 using customer funds for deposit bonus, advertising, bribes, infrastructure, payroll , parties. Even the same fucker at ultimate bet is at FTX

  10. Its crazy a company with so much potential and assets could just evaporate like it did. I'm sure it will be used as a case study in business schools all over.

  11. Traitors! The house needs to be cleaned, regardless, which party was involved. They have betrayed the American public. They need to be removed and expelled immediately from the GOP.

  12. It doesn't matter. The righties in the crypto space will never stop screaming about "SBF is being protected by ONLY the Democrats!" and their uber-ridiculous conspiracy theories.

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