Jim Cramer weighs in on FTX fallout: This is your chance to get out of crypto

  1. Broken clock and all that. But he told my dad to sell at 60k. Also I'm sorry to break bubbles but this sub does not realize what a failure for crypto ftx going under is. They had a lot of trust from big money. That kind of money will be spooked for many years. I won't be surprised if it takes a decade for crypto to get the interests of serious money again

  2. Inverse Cramer is painfully accurate lol. I honestly thought there could be more downside, but if Cramer is telling us to get out, then the bottom may actually be in

  3. He knows his viewers. When the vast majority feels a certain way he will also say the same thing so they tune in. Most everyone that wanted to sell has sold and are pissed and they'll love Cramer for saying this even as they all get left behind

  4. Yeah lets all sell at what could be the absolute bottom and run away from the reason we suffered through the past year

  5. He gotta stop saying shit man, what the fuck is wrong with him? No body is going to listen to this guy and he just need to understand that simple fucking shit lol.

  6. Well we are just going to say that we don't need to care about this person right now, we are just fucking happy without his shit and that's the real reason we need to ignore.

  7. Nah this is just not going to work over me Jim Cramer, you need to try something else but yeah we are just fucking fine without your shit, just understand that.

  8. He gotta shut the fuck up right now man, but yeah let him say anything he wants because that doesn't mean shit to most of the people, they are going to ignore him.

  9. FTX going down has now given all the crypto haters all the ammunition they need. The will take this as a golden opportunity to spread hatred of crypto. Sam Bankman-Fried has done more damage to the crypto industry than any other living person

  10. Jim Cramer can say anything he wants to say man, we are just going to ignore Jim Cramer for life, he doesn't know shit about anything and we all can say that.

  11. Nah we are just never going to trust his shitty advice man, we are just fucking fine and we may do the opposite and nothing else, we are blessed with crypto currency.

  12. Let him say whatever the fuck he wants to say man, we know what to do with shits and we will do whatever the fuck we want to do right now, we are good.

  13. He really think we are going to do something that he is asking? I mean he has no shame for real, we are humiliating this bitch for a long time but still he is here.

  14. They can say whatever the fuck they want to say right now but we all know that we are just going to invest more and more to have a good time in the future lol.

  15. Fuck it man, we are never going to listen to Jim Cramer at least lol, he doesn't know shit about anything and that's all we can say about him right now, fuck him.

  16. Crypto is many people's only chance to escape the financial prison their government put them in and these assholes are trying to make us sell our shit because what? they can't all play yet?

  17. He doesn't know shit about anything and that's why we don't need to take this shitty dude seriously right now, we are just fucking fine without his shit right now.

  18. No body is going to listen to Jim Cramer at this point of time man, we all can say that because that is the fucking reality right now, we are just happy with that shit.

  19. Haha I’m very much a crypto skeptic, but if he says it’s time to get out, then I’m going to invest my life savings in BTC

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