Lurker, but DCAing at current prices for BTC, ETH, and other alts I believe in has been incredibly exciting. I am sure I am not the only one.

  1. I bought in at all prices, from 60k all the way to 15k and have no ragrets, the only minor regret I have is not having enough cash right now for the impending fire sale!

  2. Yea it's exciting, what's not exciting is the lack of fiat to buy more. Probably a good thing that my bank account is saving me from myself

  3. Ethereum sucks compared to Cardano. Hydra showed 2ms transactions and Ethereum smart contracts are never secure.

  4. I will still do DCA although its very scary atm, its my first crypto winter. Gonna stick to ETH I think. Its a bit bad I got 24 SOL, hopefully everything turns out well. Gonna keep buying some nice alts like ada, sol, avax even tho I'm a bit affraid of SOL. But ETH should be solid imo.

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