[MEGATHREAD] The Ethereum Merge

  1. Finally the merge is live!! Also many exchanges has airdropped $ETHW to their users including #MEXC. They were the first one to support the merge and also enbaled the deposits of $ethw, and they have the fastest deposits with only 49 block confirmations. They have a deposit to earn event to make this occasion more memrobale with a reward pool of 5000 $mx tokens. I also added $ethw to my bag with 0 maker fees as they have a zero maker fees event. We can grab $ethw before binance listing and hold them for long term.

  2. I stake a couple of tokens atom, xtz, ada they all get stay the token. How come to stake eth it has to become ETH2, steth, reth, beth, etc? Why can't it stay eth ? It feels more like a liquidity pool than staking

  3. Hi I have a potentially stupid question. I am crypto noob, and there was just a small amount of EthereumPoW deposited in my kraken account.

  4. Mining is more important than people realize and Ethereum moving to Proof of Stake was a huge mistake. History will eventually show this to be true.

  5. Love your take. People who think PoS is a good idea don’t understand conservation of energy. You can’t just mint tokens out if thin air.

  6. The merge just doesn't do anything all that exciting. People have been staking eth2.0 for a while now. Zkrollups already exist they'll just be a bit cheaper.

  7. Sell the news, combined with many people buying ETH pre-merge just to get ETHW airdrop. Now they are selling ETH and ETHW.

  8. Huge technical achievement but it's gonna have a hard time overcoming macro. Kind of hilarious that gas prices are too low to make it deflationary too.

  9. Got a random deposit of "merge-eth.io" in my coinbase wallet. It's a large deposit. I can also transfer it from what I can tell. Anybody know what it is? It was deposited right after the merge.

  10. Soooo. My ETH is on my Ledger hardwallet. Will I start seeing ETH coming in now that it’s POS or is there something else I need to do?

  11. You’re ether isn’t technically on your hard wallet, your hard wallet is a portal to access your eth account on the blockchain.

  12. If you have less than 32 ETH you can't stake on your own. You'll have use something like Lido or Rocket pool.

  13. Can someone ELI5 about what is different now? It sounds like validators will validate transactions on the blockchain and will be rewarded for doing those validations. The article made it sound like you needed 32 ETH to be able validate the transactions.

  14. That is correct. People now put up a stake (32 eth) and run a validator. Their 32 eth is the protection against bad actors. If you act inappropriately or attempt to game the system your stake can get slashed.

  15. Yep. But running an own validator isn't as easy as a node. If you go offline you will be punished and such. But you can join pools like RocketPool or centralized ones like staking on Kraken or Coinbase.

  16. If I stake ETH on Kraken, when can I unstake ETH like I can with other coins? Currently I still get the warning message that there is no guarantee to ever be able to unstake if I stake it.

  17. Yep, someone was asking the Ethereum sub about it but I didn't get a convincing answer as far as I could see. I think it's just some kind of disclaimer because it's out of Kraken's control.

  18. I feel like a lot of people in this sub for some reason have no clue that Eth merge has been on the cards for and worked on for years. So many act like Eth price should pump to lambo grade for something that has been know for so long. So many on here sound new to the world of investing with their "sell the news buy the rumour" constant statements like it's something they just heard for the first time and feel everyone in here needs to hear it over and over again.

  19. Best Option to stake with Ledger ? Will there be more Options soon ? I dont want to use Lido seems to risky to me with all that shit that went down the Last months...

  20. Is this that event that we were looking forward to for more than a year because it would drive up the price a lot?

  21. It’s gonna move the price all right, just not the way the fanboys wanted. Now it can compete with all the other centralized PoS coins and PoW doesn’t make it unique anymore

  22. I never checked whats the merge about but since people are selling their gpus I'm guessing the fees will be much lower, right?

  23. Everything is down. Not a surprise at all especially considering all the profit seeking sell the news crowd.

  24. Glad I made the choice to stake sometime ago. It wasn't easy, since we were very bullish at the time, but it forced me to hold and I was able to get some rewards out of it.

  25. It's deflationary so I guess someday way way way in the future the supply would be zero. We'll all be dead by that time though.

  26. What's the point of this thread, if there's a "Merge is Live" one with almost as many comments on the front page?

  27. Yeah it’s gonna be PoS controlled by the top 2-3 exchanges basically since most people don’t and won’t have 32ETH to set up their own staking operations.

  28. Something to keep in mind is that the Etherum ecosystem has just drastically changed. Massive mining companies that used to be the main suppliers of new Etherum coins are no longer the main suppliers. The price is going to be a bit crazy for the next few months as things settle.

  29. Okay so possibly stupid question, but…How do you get ETH now that you can’t mine it? Is no new ETH getting produced and you just have to buy it?

  30. You buy ETH to get more ETH basically and pretty much everyone has to use a staking service like a major exchange unless you have 32ETH and a server of your own and know how to run it without getting slashed.

  31. It's almost like the crypto markets just follow the stock markets since the mainstream whales / investors showed up...

  32. Any ETH staked on Binance (BETH) do you have to manually convert BACK to ETH now, or are they naturally converting it at some time-point?

  33. is it true that a human was trapped inside a blockchain because they didn’t get out before the merge completed merging shut?

  34. A little confused. I have ETH in Coinbase Pro, but some staked ETH2 in Coinbase. Because I have to transfer everything over to Advanced Trading, will my Coinbase Pro ETH be automatically converted to ETH2?

  35. I see that on the etherscan gas tracker the top gas guzzler is Consensys: Merge Token. I googled it and looks like some sort of NFT for the merge. I checked and rechecked the consensys website and looks legit. Does anyone have more info about it?

  36. I see ETHW usdt pair listed. Is it the fork? Coinmarketcap has it since Aug 2022. The comments say “… scam …”

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