Do NOT Buy The Dip!

  1. But what happens if OP isn't the average 18 year old that bought at the top and has $15 invested and actually know what they are talking about?

  2. Nah but its actually true, the economy is not looking good at all. You dont need to be a genius to know that the economy is in a bad shape right now

  3. Dude dca and forget it, when it goes lower you just get more bang for the buck. But yes, in this environment my limit orders are unusually lower.

  4. ...but someone here yesterday was saying we are near the lowest prices we will see and BTC is going to $300,000. Are you saying that all the 18 year olds with $10.56 invested here don't always give the best advice?

  5. Lol right? I started investing and staking 75 a week and don’t plan on stopping for 25 years or if it’s enough to retire off of.

  6. Wealth is made in bear markets. All you folks are the same people who complain you wished you would of DCA in a bear market. So if you’re scared to invest in these times, then you never believed into your own coins you decided to invest in. You can’t time the bottom, so be wise with your total willingness to put into crypto.

  7. There is no time better to invest than when markets are down and you suspect they will be down more. You can try to time it but in the end you do the best you can. Investors should always buy in the bear market and sell for profits in a bull market, rinse, and repeat.

  8. I feel good buying on the way down. I’ve lowered almost all my averages. Definitely won’t be crying about not being able to time the bottom. Sure things can and probably will go lower, but if you don’t think now is still a good buying opportunity you ain’t been paying attention jr

  9. I’m just resuming my DCA, long term you’re absolutely right about the economic crisis not being anywhere close to over and I’ve been telling people a version of this too. But RSI’s really low for a few coins and there’s at least potential strong support around this level, so I’m trickling a little in after stopping during that little run over the last few weeks, and I’ll see if I can flip some cool +~30% trades over the next few few days or weeks. If it keeps going lower, neat, I haven’t even spent 10% of what I have waiting on the side.

  10. OP, you’re the smartest person I ever met... but you're too stupid to see... we made up our minds to buy ten minutes ago

  11. So what? Unless the apocalypse happens I don’t see why it would matter that we’re going through hard times?? It’ll bounce back later.

  12. The price of bitcoin’s no longer depends on ordinary folk blowing their covid bonus. It’s rich guys trading crates of wine now. They ain’t affected by the job numbers

  13. I’ve been saying this for months. None of this makes sense. I’m dying to buy more crypto especially in sectors that are going to pump. Going to sit back a bit still. Only bag I’ve been adding is xrp as that could pump rando if things resolved from sec.

  14. Buy the dip and keep buying it for the next year though this accumulation phase. We’re going to be there in the 20ks for a long time IMO

  15. This crash is when we get rich folks. Hopefully you have a stable enough job to keep buying all the way through to the other side of this. Recommend buying other things beside crypto as well.

  16. True, you should only buy dips when price is near ATH! We are now going soon to sell everything range and maybe even this current dip is good time to sell at least half of your coins

  17. At the end of the day, I truly think we live in a world where the logical thing may not be the outcome you were expecting.

  18. Smart money are buying the shit out of alts for good reason. Don’t be a sheep - do the opposite of the heard and you’ll find wealth.

  19. Haha, ok bro, let's remember there aren't many millionaires made from trading or keeping their wealth with trading because trying to time the market gets you a minimum salary at best in gains

  20. We’ve been being fed the line of doom and gloom since 2007 yet, somehow the stock market has hit ATH’s and the crypto MC has mooned…

  21. I don't care of the price, knowing it will eventually be worth more than my investment, I am not trying to predict the market, I do not really care if I buy something for 20% more expensive than the low, just trying to accumulate assets for my portfolio.

  22. Buying the dip is fine... buy it all the way down... don't buy fomo pumps like we just saw in the middle of economic chaos...

  23. I don't think market responding to these events, there could be a factor of Fed policy on Crypto market but rest of the factors aren't playing that important role anymore.

  24. What are you saying? I can’t here you all the way up here! Don’t buy the squid? Don’t buy and quit?

  25. I think it will be a difficult task for the central banks. On the one hand, they have to ensure price level stability, and on the other hand, they have to make sure that they don't drive the whole economy into the wall. I think that the central banks will decide for the economy and against the price level stability.

  26. Instructions unclear: bought a bag of chips but put the sour cream and chive dip back. Told the cashier there were too many risks. Bought more BTC and ETH.

  27. While this is all true, most of it has already been true for months now. At some point everyone that wants to sell will have sold...

  28. I’m not buying this slight dip in ETH. If anything I’m hoping to buy a plunge as I am DCA’d at just over $1600. I’d love to buy 100 more ETH at $600.

  29. It’s simple. If you have the money to buy crypto, go for it. If you don’t, spend it on essentials first. Stop taking advice from random internet economists and assess your personal situation and act accordingly. No one knows if the markets going up down or sideways. Economic indicators may look bleak, and some may look better than a couple months ago. If anyone actually knew what the market was going to do, they wouldn’t be on Reddit talking about it. They’d be on a beach with their billions of dollars not giving any of us a moments thought.

  30. 10k, that’s coming. Buy then. Always better to predict more doom. Your dollars are worth more than you think. Bitcoin may even make it to 30 before dropping to 10, but it’s gonna happen none the less.

  31. Thanks OP, it’s a fair warning. But I feel like if the CPI data for August comes in at 8.3%-8% and the FED decides at the next FOMC meeting to slow down the interest rate hikes we can see a nice run. Compared to the rest of the world, the US and the dollar look incredible well. The UK has started raising interest rates way too late and the people at the EUCB are sleeping at the wheel.

  32. "All dips must be bought" is a de facto conditioning of investors resulting from accommodative monetary policy. Hiking rates and QT are NOT accommodative, so I am not buying all dips.

  33. When your world's going to he'll in a handbag, you're money is worthless because it's locked in a bank, and on the brink of war... We've seen that crypto is one of the only currencies avaliable for trade. Keep buying the Dip.

  34. Tell you what, I’m dollar cost averaging with a bit from each paycheck. Whether BTC is $60k, $25k or $5k is immaterial. $5k would be best though, heing able to buy so many more satishis each week would be great.

  35. There’s a major error in your claim that historically low unemployment always precipitates a recession. All that graph shows is that when there’s a recession unemployment goes up. Of course this is true - things get better until they eventually get worse.

  36. I'm actually impressed, been in crypto since 2016 seen a lot of nonsense. it's nice to see people wising up but you should stop. you need to realize there needs to be a loser for every winner. While I do a hybrid approach of DCAing and timing the market, a bulk of my profits has been from timing the market. Definitely dont suggest this as im old and been through my fair share mistakes and experinces.

  37. As someone who’s been following crypto for a while there’s one thing I’ve learned, crypto is volatile no matter what. Trying to predict changes based on economic factors doesn’t actually work.

  38. Markets are forward looking. We just crashed 60% from all time high and economy is in a rough spot. The fact that you mention that we are going to get a rough winter (I agree with you here) means that everyone knows that it's gonna be rough. It means that it might as well been priced in already..

  39. I’d say buy in red days and sell in green days then the profits you make put aside to cover winter extra costs. Try not to big win and don’t plan for long meaning do not hodl. Sell when green ! Bear market will last for a long time

  40. The UK government are trying to do something about it. We have 2 brand new oil drilling sites ready to go, but they are being held up in court by Greenpeace.

  41. Every post like this is full of people going through the poster’s Reddit history in order to find ways to discredit them rather than list actual counter points to whatever they’re saying lol

  42. All I got from this thread is that there is 0, literal 0, consensus amongst members of this sub lol

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