Netherlands Arrests Suspected Tornado Cash Developer

  1. Monero enters the chat. Joke statement aside if they start criminally prosecuting anyone who has contributed or borrowed open source code for anonymity there's going to be a tectonic shift towards privacy coins.

  2. Cash is controlled by government so they are ok with it. But cryptos make them lose their control so it needs to be banned. Banks get bailouts while we get criminal charges.

  3. Actually, there are a lot of laws that monitor money laundering. If you take a large amount of cash from an account, there is documentation required including providing ID. Same if you deposit large sums of cash. Just saying… cash isn’t as anonymous as some might think.

  4. Once you realize the law is meant to protect hierarchy rather than morality or safety everything makes sense

  5. Now, you understand why Satoshi just disappeared after he invented one of the greatest innovations in 21st century.

  6. They broke the law with this one. US in the past weeks has been all about breaking their own law and redefining their own definitions.

  7. That one is especially bad, since they explicitly promised that they'd made it impossible to do what they later did.

  8. Wasn't there a flaw in the wording of the last crypto regulatory bill that would hold devs accountable just for someone using their code the wrong way?

  9. I'm surprised there's not more mention of monero on this subreddit, it's not fancy, it's not got dapps or smart contracts but it definitely serves it's purpose well

  10. In the US you can sue the manufacture of the weapon used in an attack. There are laws in place to protect the company but it doesn't seem to matter. Sandy Hook in Connecticut is an easy example where they sued the manufacturer and won. So it's not far off.

  11. When FIOD blows up your door, shit is quite serious (at least in their eyes). I was wrongfully arrested (and extradited) last November. They send FIOD which has their special units for arrests. It's absolutely ridiculous what these guys are doing, treating you like terrorists. Simultaneously many other raids were executed across europe, where police showed up with 2-7 people. I had 27 (!!!!) in my apartment. Twenty seven!

  12. Do we actually know what the charges are? Did he actively participate in laundering money for North Korea? Or is he just being arrested for creating Tornado Cash?

  13. Akin to inventor of blade arrested. Suspected of involvement of murders. Boomers with zero brain matter to make some actual basic comparisons with what the fuck they are doing

  14. Idk if he’s being tried in the Nether, or if they’re gonna send him to the US, but if they send him here, he’s absolutely fucked.

  15. This isn't about Tornado being considered illegal, it isn't, it's about it being used to launder 7 Billion worth of stolen and otherwise illicit funds and the Tornado folk refusing to cooperate to identify or recover the funds.

  16. The persecution of people who develop technology is reminiscent of the burning of witches in the Middle Ages...

  17. Do we know WHY he was arrested? It doesn't say he was arrested for developing tornado cash. What if he was using it to launder money and they have proof of that?

  18. Suddenly everyone realises the importance of privacy chains, and decentralised web domains and hosting. This is a watershed event.

  19. If tomorrow the hackers starts to use the uni (or other Dex) liquidity pools to mix their loot will some authority go for the developers too?

  20. They must now. This whole Tornado Cash thing is senseless. They are basically arresting people because some hacker used their publicly available open source code.

  21. That's not how DEXs work though, so it's a weird comparison. While you can transfer LP tokens or NFT positions to other addresses (so an address other than the one that made the deposit can withdraw) it's all easily trackable via the blockchain, nothing is obfuscated. DEXs just can't be used to hide transactions, which is why nobody attempts it and mixers like Tornado Cash as they break the link between the sending and receiving addresses.

  22. If use a tool to break laws of a country, then they going to sanction the tool maker ? Or that was the easy target, maybe ?

  23. “Tornado Cash is an Ethereum blockchain-based crypto mixing service that allows users to gain a cloak of anonymity when transferring crypto assets. “

  24. this whole tornado debacle seems pretty serious but at this point there's been a crisis for crypto every month so maybe it'll just blow over. "copium levels raising"

  25. I am not a very experienced investor, I will say right away. It seems to me a very promising combination of the US government's ban on transaction mixers and the fact that Monero has announced an upgrade with a massive increase in anonymity. This usually means the growth of the token, right?

  26. This feels like one of those whack a mole problems where someone else will just make their own tornado. Where there’s a demand, someone makes it. Look at torrent sites

  27. Perhaps the open question now is: is this developer being arrested merely for writing the open-source code? Or are authorities alleging there was more to it?

  28. Just imagine if home curtain installers were prosecuted "because they help criminals hide their crimes"?

  29. They're literally just stacking random charges to strike fear at this point. In what way do these geezers think tornado cash is environmentally unfriendly whatsoever. These old fucks have no idea what they're doing. They have no clue about anything involving crypto but they try so hard to regulate it.

  30. how to trace him through the mixxer? what a coincidence that he's a developer and it happened 2 days after the wipe. eh?

  31. So what are the real reasons and charges this guy faces? I feel like the precedent this makes could get some DEX owners arrested.

  32. Disappointed in my country yet again, I feel more and more often these days law enforcement (especially when it comes to cybercrime), it just doing the bidding of other countries, like a lapdog

  33. It's the UNIVERSE fault for creating a toxic culture of human life forms in this galaxy. The Milky Way should be arrested immediately. I can't believe the FBI isn't on this

  34. I will never understand the basis for arresting someone over being a developer of a program. The mere act of creating something cannot be the basis of a crime.

  35. They need to arrest Craig Wright! He is a foriegn financial terrorist who invented the money-laundering scheme known as bit-coin. He even admits it openly! #ArrestCraigWright

  36. The arrest is a disgrace and a menace to society. Coding and privacy are human rights, this all shows how corrupt our governments are!

  37. Man this is gonna be a minefield, if a shopkeeper sells a knife to a lunatic and the lunatic later goes on to hurt people is the shopkeeper to blame?

  38. This isn't privacy related at all. If the shopkeeper gets a cut of the profits of the murder or knows the guy is going to murder somehow when he sell the knife then he is culpable

  39. So, if you are so concerned about personal privacy, why are you doing transactions on a blockchain with an immutable and publicly visible ledger? IMHO 99% of people that use mixers like these are scammers.

  40. This is so not true. There are things like ENS, or Lens Protocol, or other web3 social media (like metaverse games) where your public profile is your Ethereum address. So it makes sense that if you fund a web3 social account with your onchain assets, you likely don't want anyone to see your funds. So you would send some funds through tornado to break the link, and that way you have a "fresh" account that you can use publically. It's totally trivial to prove to authorities where your funds went using the tornado cash note. So you're obscuring funds from the public's eyes, but you're still able to meet compliance with tax authorities through proof of a tornado transaction. So this is just punishing honest users like me. I get it, NK funded groups are also mixing through tornado, but it's not like these sanctions will prevent that. The smart contracts are still there. Maybe authorities should focus on actual enforcement instead of banning the tools. You don't ban Tor because bad guys use it. You don't ban torrents because people download movies. You go after the people uploading the movies in the first place, not trying the impossible task of shutting down a p2p protocol.

  41. I think people need to chill the fuck out until charges are actually brought. The article isn’t super specific and it’s not saying he was arrested simply for writing the code that made tornado a thing. It’s very possible he was targeted because he was actually helping people,states, etc launder money or commit fraud.

  42. I think that this is a direct result from the recent announcement from Pakistan Iran saying that they have bought imports using crypto and not the reserve currency aka US Dollar.

  43. I wonder if there is a private way to make an ethereum mixer without exposure to your account. Would making a mixer contract on secret work?

  44. If you ever plan to spend ETH you will risk being doxxed. You may as well not use Tornado at all if you can achieve the level of privacy needed to not be detected using Tornado. What an irony.

  45. If he took a transaction fee for mixing then he is assisting in laundering money which is obviously illegal and we shouldn’t defend that… If the service is free however then the gov are just being hypocritical fucks.

  46. sorry, but money laundering, inside the EU has some requirements to it. there's a reason why the drug dealer can go to the supermarket, buy a pepsi and the store owner WON'T be arrested for money laundering.

  47. I know I’m in the minority will probably be downvoted to hell, but I still do not see the need for Tornado Cash. If there is a way to purchase with anonymity, why do we need to hide coins or assets which are traceable? It’s an honest question. I understand the need for privacy and am not against private coins and transactions. The question is, what good reason does someone whom purchased an asset publicly have to want to cover their tracks and change the origin of their assets?

  48. He better have done something else besides writing code to justify this arrest. Otherwise we might have to arrest all the weapon manufacturers and CEO of banks.

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