Daily General Discussion - July 7, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. Never participated in any of the nft craze of the past couple years, but am actually liking the new Reddit avatar nfts. Anyone else get one?

  2. We may see another crash, but we are growing ever nearer to what I feel is the bottom, save for some major bad news for either the world or the cryptoverse. Each time a major scam coin or exchange is wiped out, we crash, but I also feel like we're growing numb to that to the point that it isn't having the same impact on the market it once did.

  3. Is there any risk to using a hardware wallet like a ledger on a compromised mac? Ive considered getting one but have worried if I had malware I was unaware of that it would be worse than leaving on an exchange. It’s prob not compromised but just something I worry about from connecting to public networks in the past

  4. You need to physically confirm each transaction with the ledger. If your computer had malware that changed the “send address”, you can manually check the address before confirming the transaction.

  5. So basically Celsius’ “HODL mode” was a flag in their system for them to identify which coins they could gamble with without having to entertain a withdrawal request.

  6. I miss when moon farming paid a living wage. I put in more hours this snapshot then I did in the past 6 snapshots, albeit the number of hours from the previous 6 was close to zero... that's besides the point!

  7. Advertisement on Reddit for lending firms should be illegal. Specifically talking about coin loan aka celsius 2.0

  8. All on the CPI data next week.... so the next stop will be 19K or 23K. Pretty sure we'll see the predictable dump this weekend until Tues.

  9. I haven't seen a "sTeaDy LaDs, dEploYinG mORe CapItAl" post in a minute , which bothers me because i laugh every time .

  10. President of El Salvador memeing Peter Schiff made my day . I hope El Salvador becomes a fookin powerhouse off their BTC holdings , they've been down and out for too long.

  11. Listen to me Carl. If it smells like a dead cat, looks like a dead cat and tastes like a dead cat.. BUT IT STILL BOUNCES... Than it must be....

  12. I feel like lending platforms like Celsius, Vault suspended withdrawal and locked user's crypto not because of they are going bankrupt, just because they aren't making profit. I swear these exchanges have some wallets with a lot of money they made from bull market

  13. oh , you feel like that ? What's it like to feel .... these exchanges remind me a lot of myself except with exponentially more money . Erratic , negligent & bamboozling.

  14. Agreed. It's a serious learning lesson for both the CeFis and their customers. Manage your risks accordingly after this!

  15. Satan on the crossroads! I could write a Blind Wille Johnson song about all the times I'm broke when the price is low, and as soon as my paycheck comes in, it pumps.

  16. Wondering how hard this pump will correct. Doesn’t look like the “soft landing” will be all that soft for the world

  17. Cramer just said: "the second half of the year will turn out better". If you need a signal to sell, this might be it

  18. my god it's only been half a year? My hair is literally fucking grey and i have a 18" beard. I thought it had been 13 years.

  19. Every time I look at KuCoin gainer that are from 30% to 200% I wonder who new about these. It’s usually crypto I’ve never heard of.

  20. It's mostly newly listed coins. When Kucoin lists a new token, the opening price is usually set to its ICO price or something a lot lower, even if the price of that coin the day before listing is different. So the % gain shown exceeds 100 most of the time.

  21. If you see it go up 100s of % its usually too late, the dump could begin at any moment. Some whale manipulating or some pnd group.

  22. I am very curious how this is playing out in the next few days, will it continue? Will it stabilize on a higher rate? Or will it drop bag to just under 20k or worse?

  23. I think that my 3 most used words in this sub are 'late replier bot'... Because of reporting annoying moonless and karmaless 'users' trying to moonfarm hours or days late.

  24. Those late replies are definitely bots but I don’t think it’s moon farming. None of them have vault open and they always comment in BTC, ETH and CC sub.

  25. No idea of MVP, but most probably you ve been ruged. Check for the contract, and ask for help on

  26. I saw something similar when I finally went to withdraw my Wonderland Memo/Time a few weeks ago. I knew I only had like $500 worth in there. But in my metamask wallet, it showed something like $200,000,000 worth of Memo or Time or whatever it was. When I tried to transfer a test amount of like $10,000, it showed that I don't have enough. Ultimately it let me transfer out exactly as much as I knew I was supposed to have.

  27. I am just staying with my DCA plan, I will not be tempted to FOMO in some extra fiat into BTC, because that will probably cause the start of a new dump, knowing my terrible timing.

  28. This better be a Bull trap because My shorts are screaming at me. Wife might not forgive me going bankrupt twice. It aint just crypto either. But I am long shib so can't complain. Pump my Shib I DARE YOU.

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