Daily General Discussion - June 26, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. If youre thinking about going long or shorting, do what you want but keep in mind that 99% of people will end up losing money doing this.

  2. fyi if anyone wants a free 20usd in btc transfer some crypto to coinbase pro and transfer it off. they r "sunsetting" pro this year what ever that means and moving to advance trading on the normal coinbase.

  3. Those are made by the admins, I agree they’re pretty awesome. Would love to see them make some premium animated badges available to purchase with moons

  4. Not trying to FUD anything, but if Tether were to suddenly fail during one of these draw-downs, how likely would DAI be to survive? Would a massive decline in the whole crypto market threaten its model?

  5. Dai is not backed by Tether at all, and it's probably overcollateralized to the point where the decline in ETH/BTC caused by a failing USDT is still not enough to break it. So it will be fine most likely.

  6. being able to swap between avax and usdc on aave without ever having to do a withdrawal is pretty sweet. I'm about 10 avax just going back and forth on pumps and dumps and earning avax rewards regardless of which I'm in.

  7. Big pump coming this week, I’m dipping into my emergency fund and life savings and putting it into BTC!!

  8. You have to be pretty delusional to think "we're still early", people were saying that all the way up to $69K+ 🤦‍♂️

  9. Got a fair amount of 1BTC and 1ETH on Harmony One - is there any way to get it off the network now or is all lost?

  10. Does anyone else wish that Dogecoin would just go away? It’s my least favorite because of what it represents and it’s like an insult to people who actually believe in the tech

  11. The buy orders are too great at 10-12k to see 3k. I'd like it as I could add to my bag but don't count on it unless the fed banned btc like China

  12. Doing the opposite of what your instincts are telling you worked out well for George Constanza that time. Give it a try. 😂

  13. Didn't pay attention to the charts for a few days because of personal boundaries. Crypto is still crabbing along in the (for now) lows, at least one constant in life.

  14. I’ve been looking at as much cleavage as possible, I feel like I’m getting really close to finding something big

  15. Since I got into crypto, I started being more careful where and how I spend money in general. Before buying something that I don't absolutely need, I always ask myself is this thing a good value? Is it worth x BTC / ETH?

  16. Yep, I got into crypto over the Covid break after realizing I was spending way too much money on Amazon and takeout food with nothing to show for it. That extra couple of hundred a week really adds up (especially last year)

  17. I’d wait for a $900 ETH and definitely load up on a bit of Doge even if it sounds dumb cuz Elon is obviously going to Shill out and Shib will likely rocket too.

  18. I’ll say something nice about ETH. Solana wouldn’t exist without it. Smart contracts on Ethereum literally changed the future of blockchain. But unfortunately it doesn’t scale and rollups and L2 are complicated and no one can agree which one to use. Big challenges ahead.

  19. Man the whole original terra protocol and underlying shit has been under manipulation for a good while by now just after the death spiral.

  20. They can’t withdraw…the word “bankruptcy” is in almost every rumor the past week…it’s not looking good but nobody seems to know for sure how this will end

  21. Bitcoin is like Adam Sandler, funny but tries to be the top dog too hard. ETH is Larry David, funny and he doesn’t even try

  22. It would be nice but I think it will be less, its slow now but we had a big spike in comments when btc went down

  23. Fighting against global economic problems and prove itself as long lasting asset surviving crisis. If that happens and we even see 30k+ again during a potential recession it’ll be huge for crypto and trust from institutions / governments

  24. what’s more predictable: comments in NFT related threads on this sub or comments in crypto related threads on the rest of Reddit?

  25. I've finally worked this out. After trying to catch the falling knife weekly for the last 6 months, I stop my DCA this last week and the price stays flat.

  26. Lol been in crypto for like 15 months and already reminiscing about how things used to be. My coinbase card rewards of 4% xlm were sweet...those days are over. Now it's 2%.amp or 1.5% btc...think I'll go with btc. ..if I bother to use it anymore... ..

  27. If anyone is interested in participating in the arbitrum odyssey bridge week, bridging using DeGate is by far the cheapest bridge I tried going from ETH to Arbitrum. Only about 1$ worth of tx fees.

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