Daily Discussion - May 11, 2022 (GMT+0)

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  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me if immediate edge is legitimate? I've seen it today and seems too good to be true but I'm not aware of the auto bots on crypto so thought I'd ask?

  3. Why isnt crypto backed by natural gas or gold or something like that instead of cash and other crypto currency Backing with btc or ETH is also fine but I'm not sure about other crypto currencies and fiat

  4. they are going to re-create LUNA from genisis on new blockchain record to save ecosystem, and salvage whoever has staked luna:

  5. I think Luna attracted noobs in a high rate. It has been shilled so hard by Youtubers like Ryan Matta who actually two month ago made a video called "LUNA = HODL FOREVER" and now rejecting Luna "as he always warned about as he said in his latest stream. The hype into Luna and then the constant scream from this community and other to "BUY THE DIP" has together cost some investors more than they can cope with. If there is regulation to be made into crypto perhaps it is self regulating of how we are behaving. Brendan over att Market Makers had a rant the other day how crypto regulation is threatening the industry due to idiots like Ryan Matta, Bit Boy and others. It also goes to members here. But I guess if it was the first time (crash) then you don't get what a falling knife is.

  6. Yeah I think we’ve all gone through that. He’s completely superficial and repetitive. Broken clock is right twice a day kind of guy.

  7. I don't think so. I think we're at the comfort floor for now. Seeing btc still hovering close to 30k is, I think, where people feel the floor might be.

  8. Can usdt go back down for a minute and trigger my take profit it almost touched so i can get back something of what i lost yesterday? Thank u

  9. Is the price difference in different exchanges for the same coin pair only due to that exchanges spread or also a delay of real time data and moves?

  10. Because of that bounce, when it collapses again if any of you talk about suicide when it falls again you should be banned from Reddit for life.

  11. This has happened about 10 times before. People have been trying to prove that they don't have actual USD since like 2017.

  12. Yes BTC is the arc to which all the animals flee when the rain starts. Its also the first to rise when the recovery sets in. Not a bad place to hide.

  13. Part of me wants to wait until a potential deadcat bounce in the next couple days to offload more assets, but another part of me also knows that if everyone is expecting a bounce it’s not gonna happen. Plus there’s no guarantee that even if it does bounce that it’ll be higher than where it is now if it continues dumping for another day or two

  14. This is for sure death cat bounce. I’m shorting solana and avax to 0. They have wayy more room to fall

  15. Moving and storing money !freely from any state interference! Many opposition leaders in dictatorship countries accept donations in Bitcoin, or you can move your money between countries easily, or use BTC to save yourself from hyperinflation+government disallowing you to buy foreign currency, like in Venezuela.

  16. Go to YouTube and type in Michael saylor Bitcoin if you wanna hear what BTC is. I don’t think anyone here gonna reply with essays lol

  17. What is the point of me, average Joe, owning some Microsoft stocks? Amazon? Apple? Tesla? You think dictators don't store their money on our stock market, our housing market, etc?

  18. It is a hedge against money printer, just not against the dollar. Also it let people transfer money internationally for cheap, many countries don't have that services

  19. What is the appeal of buying into a stablecoin versus selling into fiat? Probably a dumb question but I've never really understood

  20. When your in defi off exchanges you take those rewards and sell into a stable coin to avoid risk. You can’t do that on a DEX any other way than a stable coin. Now if your trading on the exchange fine go to usd but many that had stable coins weren’t holding them on the exchanges.

  21. When I sell into a stable coin I usually reinvest that amount of money in other crypto (or the same crypto but at lower price). When I sell for fiat I do that to cash out. 😉

  22. Weren’t that people anyway kinda over invested, I mean wich idiot will put his house on the line in any investment even traditional stocks

  23. Seems like the fun is ending, tether stabilizes. Shame that this bomb didn't explode today, it surely gonna return one day and bite us all in the arse much more painfully

  24. Guys, Tether is not unpegged. It's literally pegged by definition: you can go to Bitfinex and trade your USDT there for a "real" dollar.

  25. Its happening, bank run on tether about to collapse the whole space. When the market is propped up by 80bn fake USD its been a bomb waiting to explode for a long time. Whole bull run was artificial inflated by the fraud and now we're going to see the true price.

  26. if people are expecting crashes like this in crypto why is everyone panicking then lol. can't wait to sell at the lowest point or what?

  27. People also „if it dump i buy tha shit out“ and then it dumps and they sell their tiny bit whats left… and cry.

  28. It's really really hard being able to say you're the last person to sell before it skyrocketed. That's a lot of pressure.

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