Daily Discussion - May 9, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. It's one option. Could be a big win if it does. But it's either big win or lose everything. Can't repeg in the next couple days It's probably headed to zero. I don't think that happens though personally.

  2. I think it can recover the people over there are doing everything in their power to get it to recover. But long term confidence is gone for LUNA

  3. I was fucking 5% down at one point, and just wanted to break even and didn't sell, now I'm looking at 60% down. Fuck me right?

  4. So crazy everything is lower now compared to when i entered the whole crypto space in march last year... besides ETH an Doge.

  5. So since I've been out of the game for a few months, can anyone give me a short description of what's going on? Is it Biden? Elon? Some ponzi scheme wizard?

  6. Well you see a few years ago a massive virus swept an already shakey world. Trump's admin printed trillions of dollars and gave 90% to the rich elites. They spent that money on stock buybacks and pretty shiny things. After trump lost and the money printers slowed down and stopped propping up the markets things went south quick. Inflation kicked in, driven by companies posting record profits yet raising prices while also cutting jobs. Which brings us to a few days ago when a massive crypto ponzi called UST started going belly up and dragging all other crypto down with it.

  7. I feel like a fucking clown for buying Luna. My bag wasn't that big so I'll be fine even if it goes to 0, but fucking hell.

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