Daily Discussion - April 29, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. Conviction maybe tested, patience will reach its limits but DCA+STAKING is the key. I'm used to live below my means. Whats more 4-5 yrs of investment to achieve my goal. My long game is strong and I believe crypto is my way out of this corporate slavery. Hang on there folks.

  2. So, if I buy a coin that rebases, and it goes up by 25%, my supply of the coin will drop by 20% (ex. 100 coins at $1/coin goes to 80 coins at $1.25/coin) and the total value stays the same except I lose money on exchange fees. Seems like a scam to me.

  3. These red days remind you why it’s important to stack BTC and ETH. Alts are getting destroyed in these kind of market circumstances!

  4. Fidelity to allow its employees to allocate up to 20% of their retirement to crypto. Reports state that so far a janitor, night watchman, and Chet from the mailroom have each allotted $5/wk…

  5. Not sure of btc gonna gow down much from here. Its already almost down 50% from ath and the industry has grown so much with much more companies and capital involved that previous halvings. It has matured alot and imo it wont go ultra low like previous years where it was less liquid prone to manipulation. Now there are much more big playrs in the game. 50% is alot and imo it wont go down so much as people think it will.

  6. Many of the tech stocks are down 70% from november. The fact crypto is still holding at this level and the bottom didn't fall out is probably due to tether propping up the market, when that house of cards collapses, good riddance.

  7. Wasn’t it $32k back in January? Already gone down more than 50% once this year and it can definitely go down further depending on the overall market and economy (yikes!). Those big players you mentioned can definitely dump and buy back in cheaper…

  8. I dunno I've been going back and forth about this if crypo went to 0 yeah it'd be a big industry stalled.and not doing anything for awhile but

  9. I'm an optimistic person and I think its going to be a lovely autumn, just a few months so buckle up if you want a lambo for Christmas.

  10. One day that bot mentioning the most discussed crypto in the daily will mistakenly mention “crab” from all your comments lol. Time to go see if a crab coin exist!

  11. Hey everyone, haven't been in the daily for a while. I see the prices are pretty good to get some coins, but everyone seems to think it will go even lower. Did something happen to warrant this bearish sentiment? I've been out of the loop.

  12. The whole market (crypto, stocks) isn’t looking too good. Factor in few other reasons (inflation, war, supply chain etc) and the next few months if not years won’t be a fun time.

  13. Best to just average down through good old DCA. Trying to find the bottom could leave you pretty disappointed if you miss out.

  14. Accumulating and staking my favourites. Some Cosmos, just started using Nexo right after I see CDC is cutting Earn program again.

  15. I’ve been buying small quantities the whole way down. Set some really low limit orders the other day and some of them have hit. Might have to go for some even dippier dips…

  16. Wait till it goes lower, will be choppy and sideways for awhile but will likely get a better price to buy soon (or just set a lower limit price and chill won’t have to watch the charts constantly).

  17. I saw something on reddit earlier with John Mcafee coked up extolling the virtues of Monero. I know little about the guy so am gonna watch Gringo The Dangerous Life of John McAfee this weekend. Am I in for a televisual treat?

  18. So how far do you guys think bitcoin could fall?? I'm thinking at the absolute worst case scenario, bitcoin has a wick to 19k before being bought up instantly and moving back into 20k region.

  19. Yeah I've noticed that too. Don't know when or if it will return to the upper $200's but Litecoin is one of those coins that isn't likely to disappear any time soon.

  20. So what’s the final verdict, is the supposed Tether collapse being blown out of proportion… OR a slow moving disaster getting ready to deliver the people’s elbow onto us. I’m cool with either one at this point.

  21. Sold this morning, bought back with profit. I welcome the bull with open arms now that the assets are all crypto again (not all assets I'm not a moron).

  22. Invested in December. Have never tasted profit. Down 66% on ftm and 45% on atom. Not good.It’s a lot of money but it was 5% of what I have so. I’ll live even if it goes to 0. I’m just watching making no decisions 🤷‍♀️

  23. Soon we will see posts like this:" I lost my live savings on Ape and I hate crypto... everyone told me to buy. Why are you all lying??? everything is scam

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