I guess we lost guys

  1. I was so thrown off by that, I didn't even know what they were talking about for a minute. I was like... Reddit has a reptile mascot???

  2. What even is the alt right you english people always come up with these terms and I keep thinking wtf do they mean

  3. It's supposed to mean Extreme Right, but in reality it's just a term that idiots use to label anyone who doesn't agree with their crackhead beliefs

  4. I thought pepe kinda ran its corse? Didn't it die out? I think this "reporter" is about 2 years too late. The internet has moved on.

  5. the left cannot, has never been able, and never will be able, to meme. memes are an expression of truth and a reflection of reality. all of leftism is built off lies and delusion. they cant meme.

  6. Alr someone explain to me please. So left means equality and right means authority? so what does alt right mean? i cant understand US politics

  7. It's like Assassin's Creed, but instead of murdering eachother with daggers and guns, they do it with Fax and Logicks

  8. I want to believe he was forced to write that but if you wanted to be a genuine news article writer then you probably wouldn’t be working at a shoddy place

  9. It was just a cringy attempt at virtue singalong by this twerp. I hope his wife and her boyfriend see the article, maybe they’ll take him and their “adopted” son to Chuck E. Cheese

  10. The writers of articles like this, across the political spectrum, never quite realize it’s not the “own” they think it is. It’s pure cringe.

  11. He's going to be found gutted in an alley. Of course, the green gentleman running from the scene of the crime has nothing to do with it

  12. You can’t destroy the alt-right because the mainstream media keep coming up with new shit that defines the alt-right. It’s like the ouroboros, never ending.

  13. At least for me it's ironic but there are always gonna be a few idiots who see ironic racism/sexism and go "look, people who agree with my retarded views!" Just bully those people and keep doing your thing.

  14. I remember playing that a few years ago. It started off good and really felt like a good game. That is until halfway in and all this weird shit starts happening, like a girl they know tries to commit suicide by jumping, the character girl you play as starts hitting on her lesbian friend in her van who just came back to town after like 10 years, and then her weird male model teacher ends up drugging and kidnapping both of them in order to take photos of them drugged up for some reason. Like he has a photograph fetish apparently? God that game gave me so many nightmares at the time, it wasn’t a horrible game it was actually pretty decent but it was just very weird

  15. This is either satire or somebody who has his family held hostage... but it's trying way too hard either way which makes it cringe

  16. This is the most satirey satire I’ve ever seen. The way they keep mentioning Pepe is a Reddit and saying he has an adopted son makes it a bit too obvious

  17. This reads like something someone would crap out in a panic if they waited till the last minute to get an assignment done, it reeks of desperation.

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