Belgian tourist missing in Peru for over 10 months found with skull lodged between two rocks, death ruled accidental by officials.

  1. For real......just stuck for days, unable to move and eventually animals start taking bites out of you, unless you luckily die of dehydration and exposure first. How awful.

  2. Police in Peru say that a 28-year-old Belgian woman whose remains were discovered by fishermen on a riverbank in the south of the country last month died as a result of an accident. Natacha de Crombrugghe from Linkebeek in Flemish Brabant had been missing since January.

  3. Good on them to pay up. While the reason is tragic, they just changed the lives of three fishermen for the better. That's almost a years' worth of average Peruvian salary.

  4. That is sad. There is a lesson here. Hiking can be dangerous. Walking down paths and what not is one thing, but trekking through the wilderness is no joke. You can get lost, hurt, or worse.

  5. I saw a post a few days ago that is so smart. If you’re going hiking/adventuring, regardless if you have company or not, change your voicemail to the location, date, time you’re setting out as well as where you’re headed. In case you lose signal/get lost/whatever, people will know where to find you, or at least where to look

  6. She probably either died of exposure near the riverbank and was washed into the river or fell in and drowned. She didn’t die lodged in the rocks, her body was swept down the river several kilometers before her skull was caught between the rocks.

  7. Rio Colca’s rainy season is from November-March, with the water level at a high point and the rapids at their most dangerous ~ they advertise to go rafting in April-September when the water levels are at their lowest.

  8. You know as sad as this is, I figure it is nicer for her parents to know she died accidentally rather than being killed. And they have peace now knowing what happened.

  9. yea especially with her being in a foreign country I'm sure foul play weighed heavily on their minds. foreign place in an already unknown disappearance. glad they have closure

  10. Thank you for sharing this story from my country… we were all worried, but we quickly felt what the outcome would be 🥺 Never saw these pics before…

  11. Whoa! Terribly unlucky. I’m glad her family has answers now, but now comes the grieving of knowing how. It’s gotta feel like re-opening up a wound.

  12. I have family in Peru and they all posted about this case when it first came to light. Really sad that this was the outcome, RIP Natacha and condolences to her loved ones.

  13. Aww.. I’ve seen the skull pictures before, when it first happened. Very sad for the family, but I’m glad she could be identified and sent home.

  14. It’s on a riverbank. Suffice to say she was fully submerged during the rainy season. Wildlife will get to you, microbial life will get to you. In those conditions you deteriorate quickly. Poor woman, I just hope it was quick for her.

  15. You gotta think this happened during the warmer months and she was fully submerged once the water had risen. I believe it had receded in level just recently to her being found. Makes me suspect aquatic wildlife helped in that matter as well.

  16. I'm glad they found her remains for closure purposes for her family/loved ones. That's a fucked up way to die, I hope she didn't suffer.

  17. I'm not sure but they were found during the search for her months prior. I'm thinking no unless she lost a bag down river she was carrying.

  18. I remember seeing the image of the skeleton between the rocks and wondering the context behind it … so sad, but I’m glad it was accidental and nothing malicious. I hope she’s resting in peace

  19. Probably a stupid question but if she washed down the river bank why was her body propped upwards in the rocks? I imagine the body would be laying down or something. Idk how that works

  20. Washed up is merely a theory, she could have fallen in between the boulders. If she was washed up her body could be in the position bc the water level was feet above those boulders for months. That's why it took so long to find her body. The water had just receded that month.

  21. She was probably rafting, I noticed that the skull did not have a rafting helmet on. Not sure of the class level of the rapids in that particular stretch of river are, but even with life jacket and helmet those strong rapids can carry you long distances under water. So sad for her family. When you are on holiday or vacationing in a area like that, always do your research on things your gonna do because most have some degree of danger.😞

  22. I’ve been reading about her case. She wasn’t rafting. She was hiking alone and experts believe she fell into the river, potentially from one of two bridges in the area, and was swept approximately 3 kilometers before her skull was lodged in the rocks.

  23. I love nature and yet, I prefer indoor plumbing, this is awful and a reminder of why people just go out in the wilderness and do things like this.

  24. That’s a massive fracture on her skull. I wonder if that was the blow that lead her to float down the river and get stuck. RIP. So sad

  25. I don't understand how this even happens. It doesn't look like a place where you climb or anything. She wasn't. Coming down either. Wtf was she doing there.

  26. Wasn't exposure. They can't be certain if it was a fall or she fell into the river and got swept to the point as no one saw the accident.

  27. The fact they saw the skeletal remains of their daughter is horrifying, something about that tuft of her hair on that bare skull gives you a horrific sense of loss.

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