Living through Sachin Tendulkar’s Era

  1. Agree on most points, he was a bigger star than SRK and Amitabh, and that itself shows how popular he was. This post reminded me how ridiculously insane the fandom was, doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, if Sachin came to bat, everybody would just stop doing anything else other than watching him play.

  2. I remember my school days in the 1990s and early 2000s. There was no mobile phones so only way to know the score was TV.

  3. Very true . My mom has barely any interest in cricket. But still would be able name of the Indian team from 90s not just Sachin. Even today she will ask isn’t this Jadeja when I watch pre match shows with Ajay Jadeja.

  4. Yeah but just because there was only one TV in the house didn't mean women in the house not interested in the game had nothing else to do but to sit and watch the sport only. My mom and the ladies in my neighbourhood never cared for cricket and they simply went about their household chores, gossiping, saloons, work if they were working women and other activities. Sometimes there used to be a warlike situation because they wanted remote for themselves as economy opening up also brought new channels which had new comedy, reality shows and dramas quality of some of them can't be replicated even today.

  5. A thing which you missed is that many will switch off TVs once Sachin got out. This was definitely a thing in early 90s, team India changed a lot after 1998 when finally Sachin got somewhat relaible support.

  6. Yes. This only changed after we chased down 316 in 47 overs in 1998 in Dhaka against Pakistan (Independence cup?). Sourav, Robin Singh and Kanitkar ftw!

  7. I will give you the opposite perspective. I'm South African, and I only really got into cricket after readmission (never had family into it). I was hype enough during World Cup '92 to go buy my first bat, a GM Jonty Rhodes, size 5 (age 12). Internet access was very limited, and most international cricket was on pay TV so I didn't get to follow it, maybe the odd news article. So I wasn't really that au fait about about other nations.

  8. of all the innings of sachin i remember, the one i recall the most was his 175 against australia in a losing effort chasing 350 in '09. Yes, the 200 was right around the corner, but this was also an old sachin, turning back the clock like it was absolutely nothing, running in between like a young'n and absolutely carrying the team on his back. HAD we won, the innings would've reached folklore, but alas, we didn't but i think it warrants recollection

  9. Root does it the best and always reminds me of Sachin with that shot. Though he is at least half a foot taller, lol.

  10. Born in 2004 haven't seen much of Sachin, but the stories are so good and the hype was so huge that I have accepted him as my God.

  11. Born at right time to witness Sachin..I still remember that desert storm, even though i was little then.. If we can turn time, I would certainty want to visit Sharjah to witness those 2 innings..

  12. One thing that often gets buried (esp with all the non-cricketing socioeconomic analysis of Sachin’s greatness) is how the guy reinvented himself every few years without ever losing that special touch. The Sachin that was smashing Aussies in Hyderabad in 2009 was different from the Sachin who was smashing bowlers in 1992, but both were unmistakably Sachin. I’ve never seen or read about anybody who could do that.

  13. Although Sachin is a complete Cricketer, In my opinion, playing spin bowling against the (Late) Great Shane Warne, who himself said that, " Sachin used to come in his nightmares", is an achievement that is not going to get beaten in a long time.

  14. This reminds me of a documentary I saw about Don Bradman and his affect upon australia during the Great Depression. Alongside him were Phar Lap and Walter Lindrum.

  15. Yooo thanks so much for making this post brother , feels so good reading about how important he was to India and what his name meant. I was lucky enough to experience at least the last 6 years of Sachin tendulkar

  16. For me there’s no bigger and greater player than Sachin just for the great memories he gave me. If you agree or disagree honestly I don’t care

  17. Good post. I haven't seen SRT's peak batting because we only had radio at home. I used to listen to commentary but I have seen his downfall in his last phasen on TV. Entire team used to fail and only Sachin to used to score.

  18. Back in the days there was no YouTube or Internet. There used to half an hour show called 'Sachin's sizzling centuries' once in a week for people who missed live telecast. Watching some of epic innings was pure happiness. Sachin's peak year we as definitely 1999.

  19. Sachin literally brought the Money in Cricket. He was the first who brought those million dollar sponsorships and other stuff. Virat is great and all but Sachin popularity is literally unmatched

  20. Yeah, he’s literally made BCCI the richest board in the world (others have contributed, but it wouldn’t have happened without Sachin)

  21. Sachin was a huge name in India before ponting made his debut. So was Lara. Ponting while great aaa never seen in the same light as those two. Probably the artifact of being on a stacked team.

  22. Definitely not true. I remember having random conversation during the 1999 world cup with some dude in London about chances of winning.

  23. Well sorry, i never waited to watch Ponting bat! At that point, every country was trying to find their Sachin and whomever performed well, they’d start comparing them to Sachin! Ponting might be a good batsman, but no where close to Sachin in terms of his stature in world cricket!

  24. Of course players were compared to him as he was THE BENCHMARK. He was compared to 3 different generations of players, players from Mark Wagh to De Silva to Inzamam to Ponting and even today players like Kohli are compared to him

  25. They may be better, there's no way to ascertain it, the thing that makes sachin stand out from them is sachin was the lone performer in almost every match in 90s, imagine the burden of carrying expectations of billion people on your shoulder as a young 20s man.

  26. "Kohli, Sehwag, Rohit are probably a result of the wave Sachin created" You can remove the probably. Kohli and Sehwag atleast have confirmed it many times.

  27. Why is it cringe? I think its nice to honor a player like him so the new people who never saw him play know how awesome he was on and off the field. Yes its sappy, but allow men to show emotion and the world is a better place.

  28. Great post! It was much needed contrary to what some here believe. I'm saying this because I've see people put Sachin down so easily these days. I can totally understand fans from other nations which have been lucky enough to have their own great batsmen playing for them but even Indians love to put Sachin down saying things like Sachin didn't face social media'a wrath or pressure like some of our favourite stalwarts from today's generation face.

  29. Sachin and Thala my favourite 2 Indian cricketers of all time just because of all the good memories they gave me ♥️

  30. What most people forget is that in the first half of his career, Sachin's teammates were rather ordinary cricketers. That and he played against probably some of the best bowlers the world has ever seen - Walsh, Ambrose, Akram, Waqar, Saqlain, Warne, McGrath, Lee, Murli, Donald.

  31. The Instagram and twitter kids these days really don't understand the magnitude of impact SRT had on world and Indian cricket, they say VK or Rohit or Root or whoever is a better player than SRT just by looking at things like strike rate and average but people who watched him play in the 90s and 00s and watching modern day cricketers now know exactly why he is regarded as the GOAT.

  32. Or maybe you can also say that nostalgic merchants always try to downplay the modern day cricketers. Doesn't matter how good a batsman is but Sachin will always be better than that batsman simply because he was from the 90s

  33. Sachin was huge because cricket dwarfed other sports because of lack of global sports coverage. Also people of India rallied behind Sachin because of lack of other star.

  34. I see there are all kinds of comments here, one that stands out is from someone from Pakistan who claims Imran Khan was more popular than Sachin and finds this post really cringe. Guess what, believing Imran Khan was more popular than Sachin is the highest level of cringe!

  35. I don’t agree that it should be purely based on stats because there’s no scientific way to normalise and compare stats between eras. There are too many variables to handle (quality of bowlers, tech that helps you improve, competition, quality of pitches and gear, rules, level of pressure etc etc). That’s why, human intuition and perception is sometimes important and that’s why there are debates. This is all healthy

  36. That sub is vile they actually believe every single celebrity is a womanizer and just a pathetic human being overall which is obviously not true. And the source of that post you are talking about was clearly "Trust me bro".

  37. I’ve heard that too..from folks within Bollywood..there’s a chance it’s true, but I don’t know what to make of it!

  38. Well it was really a golden era of batting champions. At their peak Ponting, Lara and Kallis, even perhaps Dravid, were of comparable excellence to Tendulkar. Tendulkar style of play was a lot more entertaining than Dravid so he has a lot more fanfare.

  39. Overrated cricketer. Yes he was popular in India, but there were other talents elsewhere who were better cricketers (in his era) and had more influence on the game.

  40. Only if he was half as good as a human than he was a cricketer , he would have garnered a lot of respect.

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