You should be pissed on the agencies taking over reddit subs

  1. The 2 subreddits I mod for were removed because of this. I believe that they reported them even though they were well ran. It's trash

  2. I am not exactly a content creator but in the process of creating a content creator platform which I am not trying to promote here. I experienced a lot of restrictions on those subgroups as well and realized that they are heavily governed by the respective agencies and they censor anything that could threaten their business model! I had no chance to post anything, not even questioning creators about their pain points. It’s a huge red flag what’s going on here and quite an indication that they are trying to protect their obsolete revenue model as long as possible but luckily times are changing.

  3. I really don’t ~want~ to use socials to promote myself but it’s starting to look like I’m not going to have an choice soon. I like promoting myself in specifically nsfw spaces like spicy subreddits, as I feel like these are “adult only” spaces that will only have viewers already seeking out nsfw content. I feel like Instagram etc isn’t good for maintaining the level of anonymity I’m comfortable with, and I run a higher risk of my vanilla boss/ family etc stumbling across my accounts.

  4. I hate Reddit. This along with the posts saying “I did a one hour Skype call with some crusty mod so he’d pin my post to the top” … yea… I wouldn’t say it’s fair game on Reddit. Once I started doing TikTok I barely ever promote on Reddit.

  5. I can't use tiktok :( I'm anonymous and my two art tiktoks were found by friends and family (even though I changed the settings and everything)

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