Yall see this yet?

  1. Pornhub didn't give a fuck until they got removed from the platform. They were silent as creators got removed for years. They were silent when stolen content, underage content, & actual SA were broadcasted across their own platform - in fact, they made money from it and made it difficult to remove. Fuck PH.

  2. Interesting. I had no idea their account had been removed but I just checked and sure enough.... it has been. That's definitely the only reason they decided to write this letter. I agree with you.

  3. Sad that it’s taking a male-owned corporation (that is exploitative of sex workers) for people to care, but it is what it is. I hope this makes something happen

  4. Bizarre seeing Nick Clegg's name on this. I know he's worked for Meta/FB for a while now but it hasn't stopped being jarring. Based on his tenure as Deputy PM of the UK I doubt he'll be in favour of relaxing content guidelines though

  5. Its about damn time. ive had to start over so many times i stopped using instagram and my pockets can feel it too. my last PG account had not one nude pic and in a week i was shut down

  6. Pornhub literally fucks over sex workers every day and continues to host content that is not theirs to share on their website. They don’t support sex work, they support the money sex work provides them. If they still had their Instagram they wouldn’t give two shits for independent sex workers. I’m not convinced at all

  7. also fuck riley reid!! she had SA allegations w a minor involved !! and yet she still continues to be one of the biggest creators??!! wtf ! hollywood is nastyy also fuck pornhub! i don’t know all the details abt riley that’s all i can remember from a couple years ago :)

  8. I did!!! I'm so proud of them, and I'm so happy they didn't just focus on PH - they included all SWers and that makes me slutty heart happy 🖤🖤 makes me confident in using them as a platform in the future

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