did the other cars gas pedal get stuck?

  1. He at the very least survived the initial impact. He was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown. The driver of the speeding car died. The driver of the truck that was hit is fine

  2. I got tboned by an f350 super duty on my bike pretty much just like that. A blink of an eye and I was on the ground with bones sticking out of my body. Spent 10 months bed ridden and had 7 surgeries and 2 flight for lives because of how severe it was. Not sure how I survived, but these accidents really do give you NO time to react.

  3. I was like "Wow that semi was going very fast, maybe his gas pedal really was stuck", waited to hear a crash in the distance then got a hell of a surprise

  4. Flinched at the crash but didn't even have the time to process what was happening next. Can't imagine how painful that must have been.

  5. 100%. This is probably the first video in a long while that made me audibly gasp and utter "Jesus Fucking Christ".

  6. I've been on reddit for years and years and only recently discovered this sub, when I sorted by top of all time—as is custom when finding a new sub—it was like a reawakening. I've never been so enthused and immersed by sorting by top of all time on a sub.

  7. Holy shit, dude had zero time to react, that’s nightmare fuel. Dude is probably eating pudding through a straw for a bit, if he’s lucky.

  8. This video captures why I will never ride a motorcycle. Your life can change or end in an instant even if you wear all the right equipment and never make a mistake. At least in a car you have a crumple zone, air bag etc to increase your odds of survival.

  9. I never understood motorbike riding. I never understood a logic where the level of damage and death it can cause is worth the tradeoff of the good experience. It's so fucked. Like, I LOVE the idea of it, but the downsides... idk, I feel like you're either pretending there isn't such a visceral cost to the activity, or know about it and are just keeping yourself deliberately in the dark.

  10. He definitely ate a ladder. But, rough guess here, it looks like the bumper of the truck was swinging clockwise as it approaches the biker, so i think at best he took a ladder to the helmet/chest. At worst the truck's bumper clips his bike's front wheel in which case he probably got twisted off his bike as well as taking a ladder to the chest.

  11. Today, a sinkhole opened up underneath the house of a redditor swallowing him and his house whole. He previously stated he was never leaving his house so he could feel safe.

  12. When my sister was in high school her friend lost control of his car and drove into someones house. If its your time to go, you can't avoid it

  13. I mean, does anyone really think we have control over traffic accidents like this? Getting on the road every day you risk this no matter how you drive.

  14. I knew I recognized that intersection, it is a big hill into this intersection and they have like run-off section for semis, because of the steepness.

  15. It’s why I never started.. it was never fear of my own skills but of the unknown on the road. I’ll take my chances in a steel cage with airbags.

  16. Same bro. I got in 2 close calls. One was a 80 year old lady with bad vision in one eye, she simply didn't see me and side swiped me in a parking lot while turning, and that side of her car was all banged up from other stuff. Next some cabby rear ended me at slow speed at a stop sign. He didn't see me, he was on his phone. He hit me hard enough that I barely held on from going over the bars, I was basically sitting on the handlebars. Sold mine when my wife got pregnant. I want to see my kids grow up.

  17. Commuted every workday for 16 miles for 2 years in Los Angeles. Seen 2 dozen motorcycle crashes and at least 2 mangled bodies. Death wish to ride a motorcycle in LA.

  18. Man I feel like even if you were right where he was in anything but a big ass truck you would have been fucked idk tho

  19. Not that riding isn’t dangerous, but in a situation like this a pedestrian waiting to cross or crossing the street could have easily been in this accident instead of the biker.

  20. This happened exactly on Kanan Dume and PCH. The vehicle that collided with the pickup was stolen and it caugh fire after rolling on top, killing its driver. The driver of the pickup and the motorcyclist were rushed in a hospital.

  21. Looks like where Kanan Dume Rd meets PCH. Car could have lost brakes after coming down the canyon. Or hit accelerator instead of brakes.

  22. Intersection is right, couple people posted links to news stories. It was a stolen vehicle, motorcyclist taken to the hospital in unknown condition.

  23. And this is why I refuse to ever buy/ride a motorcycle. I would love to, but even if you are a perfect rider, you can't control what others do. And there are no seatbelts, there are no airbags, you take the full brunt of an accident.

  24. Usually when I watch these videos I think of what I would have done or what that person could have done, which I know is unrealistic and purely theoretical and doesn’t account for anything at all, but I do it anyway for fun. THIS video? No fucking way they could have avoided that. Absolutely tragic. I wonder if the filmer is ok…

  25. Yeah, only thing I'd have done differently is not be so close to the intersection - cause shit like this happens at those! Given speeds & forces here though, that wouldn't have helped (& with such rapidly changing angles + luck, very well could have meant a worse different position / part of the truck ending up in my face). I'll continue to keep my distance from the very closest spot at intersections hoping that I'm statistically, at least a tad, more likely to survive.

  26. Everyone on here saying this is why they won't take up motorcycles, but if it were a pedestrian crossing the sidewalk and getting hit would you then say you wouldn't take up going outside? Lol people on here are seriously dramatic.

  27. Could be a reach but that looks like suicide. No attempt to brake or turn or even honking, they were heading straight to that wall. The grey pickup probably saved their life.

  28. Actually according to an article a Redditor linked. He was the only one who died. His car went up in flames. He also apparently stole the car so likely suicide or he was drunk/high.

  29. This is Kanan and Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The car comes speeding off a stretch of Kanan that is all downhill for several hundred yards, but if he was experiencing some mechanical failure there is a runaway truck lane (deep gravel with huge water cans at the end — you can see the yellow cans to the left) to prevent this kind of accident. If he hadn’t hit the truck he was about to collide at high speed with a dirt/rock embankment and vaporize. Terrible to see.

  30. This happened near where I live- in Malibu, CA. Long grade down in direction of where the speeding car was coming from. But I also read tvat driver just got out of rehab and stole that car.

  31. So when it's a Tesla its "THE CAR BECAME SENTIENT AND BECAME A MURDER MACHINE, THE DRIVER SAID THE BRAKES DIDNT WORK SO IT MUST BE TRUE!!!" But when it's any other car it's "did the gas pedal get stuck?"

  32. Almost certainly pedal confusion. The vast majority of cases where 'the brakes don't work' or 'the throttle was stuck' are cases where the driver was mashing the throttle while thinking they were mashing the brakes.

  33. That RIGHT THERE is why I've never gotten a motorcycle license. With all the idiots in my area driving your just asking to get killed

  34. Dear god a peaceful morning and then bam nothing you can do . How do you even process this mentally. I would not be able to leave my house having survived something like this

  35. That looks like the intersection of Kanan and pch in Malibu. The road the guy came flying through is actually a huge hill where you drop like 1 thousand feet over course of a few miles. There is actually a runaway vehicle gravel pit there, you can see the yellow water barrels that are at the end of pit.

  36. It’s wild to me how they wait until another vehicle totals their car vs a wall to grind stop, or a tree. They’re like nah, let’s kill someone instead

  37. I know exactly there that's at in Malibu — our biker is sitting on Pacific Coast Highway, facing South, right at the intersection of Malibu Canyon Road (to his left). For about a mile, MCR is on a downslope so you can really pick up a bunch of speed before you hit that intersection. On the right, you can see a small wall or cliff. I suspect the driver was wanting to crash into that "wall" to kill himself. It's happened before.

  38. I have an irrational fear of stuff like this after getting rear-ended sitting at a stoplight in 2008. Saw a car coming in hot in my rearview mirror and see a guy looking down at his phone going about 40 mph and a big old Cadillac sedan. That split second where you see it coming but don't have time to react in any way to protect yourself haunts me. I laid on the horn and turned the wheel but didn't even have enough time to let out the clutch to start moving before he smashed into me. I'm that guy who looks around first before going at a green light when I'm first in line. Chances are Getting in a car is by far the single most dangerous thing you'll ever do in your life.

  39. There is no amount of “head on a swivel” that can prepare you for that. Nothing he could have done. I hope he made it through and is still riding.

  40. You know what they say about riding a motorcycle, you are never truly safe until your motorcycle is parked and the engine is off and you are away from your motorcycle. But damn this is taking it to the extreme.

  41. Exactly why I’ll never ride a motorcycle. That biker was doing nothing wrong in the slightest, but he’s in the middle of the road without a big ole protective metal case filled with airbags.

  42. Gas peddles rarely get stuck, that is a huge myth. Most of the instances of "unintended acceleration" is driver confusion in an unfamiliar vehicle.

  43. This is why I hate motorcycles. 90% of the time I see somebody who rides one they're reckless assholes. 10% of the time I see them in scary situations or just straight up getting shit on by their bad luck like this.

  44. I can see the biker's arms tense up the moment collision happens. Every person has all these memories, experiences, goals, plans...all that ending in a second. Almost seems unfair.

  45. That's why I won't ever be on a motorcycle. It has nothing to do with your skill as a rider or how cautious you are. At the red lights you're just a dude standing in the middle of active traffic where anything can crash and smash you and the gasoline bucket stuck between your legs. Nope.

  46. Videos like this are why I'll never own a motorcycle. I watch these videos from a car perspective, and maybe 60% of the time I know I could have reacted differently.

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