Waking up to hurricane Ian. (Naples, FL)

  1. Is it bad that I purely want to move to Florida so I can build a home on slits like 8 to 12 foot off the ground so I can fish off my porch when a hurricane comes?

  2. I am so sad for you, that you don’t pay attention to the weather when you live in a hurricane prone region. I am even more sad for you that your family that doesn’t live inside region didn’t fucking check up on you and make sure that you got the fuck out.

  3. Sometime when the weather forecast says it is going to be a little cold, I forget to put on an extra layer and I'm surprised when I leave the house.

  4. American here, it's because you guys are a lot older than us so all the nice names are taken. If we don't copy some of yours or just put "New" in front of it, we end up with places called Intercourse, Gary, or Shartlesville

  5. And then the cameraman calmly breathes a sigh of relief, and mutters to himself "glad I work from home" as he walks back upstairs.

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