Down under knock out

  1. It’s in the middle of no where on a big property, i’m pretty sure the light barley even lit up front of the neighbors driveway

  2. Damn neighbor dude was a weirdo. That was a nice K O, I have never seen someone grab the head with the left hand and punch with the right at the same time then have time to hit the chin on the way down with the left hand!

  3. Grabbing the head like that prevents the head from spinning and losing some of the force of the punch. Also keeps the face in place for the follow up. Good way for a quick KO

  4. He wasn’t stronger just fatter, that dosent provide a advantage because one’s he’s on the ground he’ll flop like a fish out of water

  5. This is how you know Australians are total badasses. Walking around without shoes is nuts- down there. So many killers snakes, insects, and whatnot. Bravvvvve.

  6. Ay yi yi, those dicks with those lights. That's how we country folk know when city people buy a home in the country and ruin it for the rest of us.

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