Obnoxious Russian Tourist in Thailand gets taught some manners after he molests the wrong thai woman!!

  1. Someone posted a YouTube link of this video that is 7 years old. And he is American according to that title as well.

  2. All I have to say is FUCK every guy standing around that did absolutely NOTHING to help these women!! Not that they needed it but someone should have sent this guy to night night land!!

  3. The anti-Russian propaganda is high at the moment. In previous posts, this guy has been American, Australian, British, I'm sure I saw one saying he was German.

  4. For sure American. Unlike the new repost, you can trust that one 100%, back then, people never lied for karma... /s

  5. Yeah I’ve seen this too and he wasn’t Russian last time. I love the Thai kicks on him, but there’s no need to lie about his nationality

  6. I’m in a debate: is it ok to fight back or just surrender? I mean fighting back means all the thai girls would just gang up and beat the shit out of me but…. surrendering doesn’t warrant me that they would stop before killing me

  7. Guess this dude never saw Kick-boxer...Don’t fuck with anyone in Thailand. That’s a country of people who know how to fuck you up lol

  8. OP is a racist and it clearly shows in their comments and post history. OP is everything wrong with nationalism.

  9. Looks like Pattaya, "the worlds biggest brothel" which is a city completely devoted to sex tourism. What people(Western tourists) are not aware of, it can be REALLY dangerious. I know some really fucked up stories from local Thais. If you think you can go there and treat people like peasants and act all tough and arrogant, you might become a target for some people you eish you never met. Pattaya is a dark place of all sorts of things.

  10. Knowing how entitled white men act in third world countries and what the local women there go through, this is incredibly satisfying to watch

  11. Last time it said Canadian man, then the time before said American man. Well which one is it? And is the OP not karma farming?

  12. Low quality post. I’ve seen this not post 4 times. First “obnoxious American…”, then it was “obnoxious Brit”, then “Obnoxious Kiwi”, and now … the exact same video is listed as “obnoxious Russian”. it’s almost like there’s a bot cataloging which obviously abhorrent video, when attached to a given nationality can generate more response/negative feedback.

  13. What is with all the hate ? for all we know... maybe they actually ripped him off/ stole his phone or something and he was trying to get it back

  14. U mean grope because I don't think he would molest someone on a fair grounds or I don't think she would wait till it's over then beat his ass

  15. So how much would it cost me to have three little ladies fight me kick me around and abuse me. Oh that’s too much huh I got a better idea.

  16. When their national sport is Thai Boxing… and your national sport is baseball better behave (if he’s American, after all).

  17. Pretty good chance that’s a dude hats kicking him. Went there a few years ago and gotta hand it to them, post op chicks you would never be able to tell the difference.

  18. I just spent 6 months over there....you really want to watch yourself sometimes....the government/police can be very corrupt and you never know how the person you're messing around with is connected or not.

  19. Looks like it’s a two-on-one, a ménage a trios of pain. Usually you have to pay double for that kind of action, cotton

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