Excess chicks in the egg industry

  1. Used to work in a place that manufactured flu vaccines. Interestingly they aren't vegan- virus is injected into live eggs that are incubated, then the liquid inside is extracted and purified for some other processes down the line to weaken the virus. I think it's then diluted to the actual vaccine.

  2. Do you realise how bad what you just said is ? You are perfectly aware of the fact that what you do is horrendous and absolutely not justifiable in any way but willingly chose denial and ignorance to "not get depressed".

  3. Dog food and cat food. They're just roosters that would be worthless otherwise. That's the way she goes unfortunately.

  4. Yep. Sadly this is how you sustain an industry like meat processing/production. You use every part of the body and every animal.

  5. I worked in a shady dogfood factory for a day, can confirm. i spent that whole day grabbing handfuls of dead chicks stuffing them in bags 1kg each.

  6. People will try to pull on your emotions with this stuff but that’s about the best death possible. No pain, just a vague “what is everything and who are all these people” then cut to shreds.

  7. No amount of internet violence and gore could had prepared me for that drop… i was expecting a more humane way of doing it but i guess thats the way the industry works

  8. It doesn't get much more humane, honestly. They don't know what's happening or what is about to happen and that grinder looks like it makes death as fast as realistically possible.

  9. I knew of this many years ago, it’s what I guess you would call a necessary evil if we want to continue to operate the way we do. Not saying it’s right of course.

  10. Kinda… they are electrocuted which knocks them unconscious then they are funneled through a spinning blade which only cuts the neck. Don’t remove the head.. they want the heart to still beat so that the blood gets pumped out.

  11. This needs to be normalized, people need to start knowing how their food gets to their plate and what the side effects are.

  12. I agree... Should be similar to the nasty pictures on cigarette boxes, so you truly understand and see the effects of the choice you're making

  13. Yup, they can make their own decisions on how they eat, but they need to see every step of the process before they grab a chicken cutlet wrapped in plastic. I wish more kids were raised aware of how their food is made and where it comes from, too.

  14. In addition, I firmly believe everyone who eats meat should at least once in their life, wield the knife themselves. Seeing videos and pictures is one thing, but it’s easy to just not look at them, or ignore them. It’s a completely different thing having to do your own killing.

  15. Completely messed up. Nothing can justify this and the uncountable other atrocities committed for animal based food production. Some people really dare to say all of this is worth it for a few minutes of taste pleasure...

  16. All the female chickens are enslaved to produce eggs. The milk cows are forcibly impregnated, have their babies stolen from them, and are enslaved to produce milk.

  17. This is why I just can't bring myself to eat any of that. I can't think of how they died Ave look at their literal body parts knowing what everything is. It makes me physically sick.

  18. And the sadest thing about this video, is the fact that some people watching this will decide to became vegan. Like if there aren't other way to produce meat.

  19. Most people don’t have local farms anymore. Closest one to me is over 90 minutes away and they couldn’t produce enough to feed my block if they tried.

  20. Jupp, until everyone buys “quality” meat from the farmer and he ramps up his production to meet demand and voila same situation

  21. Pretty sure the billions of chicks who are only a few hours old and are thrown alive into a meat grinder is the saddest thing about the video. Not the farmers losing some business to a vegan.

  22. The sad thing about seeing cruelty is that some people will decide to stop being cruel? Do you hear yourself? There is no kind way to kill an animal that wants to live.

  23. Organic farming causes more habitat loss, generates more greenhouse gases, and uses more water and food than factory farming. We literally don’t have enough planets for everyone to eat meat. The sad thing is people don’t realize there is no way to save the planet and continue animal agriculture.

  24. I agree, we should be supporting our local butcher shop. For one, it helps small businesses thrive. And two, it takes profit away from the corporations.

  25. Hmmm, this is now prohibited here since the beginning of this year. Although this doesn't help quite often as the producers simply buy the chickens from abroad where it is still allowed. Cheaper as making a test if it is a male or female egg and only breeding the female one.

  26. I see this content and can't help wonder why aren't a majority of consumers demanding we fast track cellular agriculture systems of food production? So much death can be avoided!

  27. This is the egg industry not the meat industry. When egg laying hens are hatched, the females are sorted out to lay eggs the rest of their lives and the males are sorted out to be culled because the high egg producing breeds don’t have enough meat to be profitable meat birds. All male chicks in the egg industry are culled and remnants used for pet food.

  28. I’m really grossed out by all of you justifying or acting like this is ok. This is cruelty. These are babies who never even stood a chance. Imagine if it were puppies or kittens or human babies.

  29. This is the egg industry and high egg laying breeds do not have an exceptional amount of meat on them. That’s why the male chicks are sorted out and killed this way, there is no use for them.

  30. This is the egg industry. When egg laying hens are hatched, the females are sorted out to lay eggs the rest of their lives and the males are sorted out to be culled because the high egg producing breeds don’t have enough meat to be profitable meat birds. All male chicks in the egg industry are culled and remnants used for pet food.

  31. Not sure if they're excess though🤔 pretty sure they just do this to males because they don't grow up to lay more eggs or produce breast meat 🤔

  32. I won't deny it is gruesome to see, but they die basically instantly and they are a part of the food chain. I suppose this is a better way to go then being mauled by a dog or cat.

  33. Not judging, but is rooster meat not tasty? I'm guessing it is tough or bland or got an aftertaste otherwise we'd just grow them and serve them for dinner... Just curious as to why we don't eat roosters

  34. Guy that works with me says his dad raises chickens and some other livestock. He told me the rooster meat is really gamy and can be tough. Not to worry though because he sells them to the Chinese and Korean restaurants. They don’t mind because they marinade it and slather it in sauce anyways.

  35. Nah, they don't have enough meat, it's the biproduct if factory farming which we all benefit because meat is hella cheap compared to pre industrial farming

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