Football match in Malang, Indonesia between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya (2 - 3). So far 174 confirmed deaths due to the crush at the exits.

  1. That one cop was itching to deliver some flying kicks. Counted him doing it 3 times in a row, plus a foot trip and one more kick for good measure.

  2. Isn't it similar to getting stoned? In some ways, maybe getting a huge stone tossed at your head could be an easier way out vs getting trampled.

  3. It's basically a Darwin fire sale when this shit happens. A lot of the time, dying here is easily avoided by not engaging in blatant dipshittedness.

  4. I looked up crowd crush incidents throughout history and the anatomy behind them, it’s easily one of my most feared ways of going out now.

  5. For those wondering why the death toll is so high, I saw some other vids - spectators were trapped in clouds of tear gas while in the crush. Pretty fucked.

  6. It has decreased to at least 125 people, because some people were apparently counted twice. 300 people are currently still lying in hospitals.

  7. I’m confused cause this video looks like that would mean like 1/4 or 1/5 of the people died it doesn’t look like a ginormous amount of people. Number seems inflated even at 125

  8. For anyone who can’t fathom this to actually happen look up hillsborough. I thought the rest of the footballing world would have taken note

  9. Fans weren't fighting or invading the pitch at Hillsborough. The police didn't prepare properly and thus more fans were allowed into the stadium than should have been and it caused crushes.

  10. That’s why even when they say it’s not allowed (American football) stadiums in the US don’t have riot police forcing the fans storming the field back into the stands. The exits are small and you’d be forcing thousands of people to try to squeeze into the concourse. Thats how you get almost 200 ppl killed in what could have been a simple celebration

  11. How did this cause deaths at the exits?? They’re NOT chasing people beyond the field. First off, stay off the field. Secondly, don’t be a dumbass. I feel like those are pretty simple rules, and they’re reversible for when the situation warrants it. Lots of anger being vented towards the riot squad, but how about behaving in a manner that doesn’t require them to be present at a sporting event.

  12. I read an interesting study that the sports that create the most tension are the ones we humans love the most. If you’re American, think about how exciting overtime or a full count in the bottom of the ninth. In soccer, you could have that feeling literally for 90 minutes- most of it constant action where one goal could be the only one scored and decide the day. One of my most memorable matches was a 0-0 draw- so much action, so many near misses, goal-line clearances, nail-biting the entire time. Tension…that’s what we love the most in any sport.

  13. This got me confused. Why are they rushing for exit? Just go to the stands and away from the cops? Unless they have a bomb about to explode

  14. Very ironic coming from a Hockey fan, that sport has to be extremely boring if they allow players to fight and even stop the game mid play. Go watch UFC

  15. Firing tear gas in open areas to push masses through tight exits is probably not smart. I think the police need to rethink their riot plan at stadiums.

  16. My father was thinking about going, but his flight got delayed so he canceld that plan and was going their next home game, thank god

  17. That's like .5% of everyone there. That's insane. Not that you need a percentage to know that 100+ people dying at a sporting event is crazy.

  18. In any situation where there is mass panic, a good rule of thumb is to run the opposite direction of the crowd.

  19. looks like this side lost. they ones on the field doesn’t seem that violent but the reaction was riot shields and tear gas. is there some history here we don’t know of?

  20. There was a great documentary on how dangerous the Indonesian football league is 3 years ago. Sad to see it hasn’t changed since then.

  21. I bet it fucking smells crazy in that stadium god damn and I know the dead bodies barely even made a dent in that stench bruh

  22. Southeast Asia just has a self enforcing max population it seems. Once a new person is born, it's someone's job to get run over by a train, touch an electrical line, or get stampeded over.

  23. Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world, especially in poorer countries and between the poorer classes. This is a beautiful thing, but it's also the reason why football matches sometimes end in violence.

  24. Wait, I don’t see any deaths, how did they die? I can see sticks being slapped on to people, no way they would die to those? Certainly not all of them. I was waiting for some kind of accident since 174 is a lot.

  25. The real accident is not on the pitch. It's more like opener for what will happen. After the pitch invader pushed back, police start to throw tear gas into the masses, but some of it landed right in the tribune where the normal non violent supporters seated. They panicked and rushed to the exit gate which still closed. By the time the gates finally opened it was too late, people were already crushed and asphyxiated from tear gas.

  26. All those deaths due to police actions by tear gassing the arena making it impossible to breath and blinding everyone in the process forcing everyone to exit all at once … incredibly stupid move

  27. Better to have let the fans storm the field until they calm down and leave. In the USA it is celebrated.

  28. Math deathicide happend on that day bro we should all hang our big hats on a wall and sing hymns for a better days is on the horizon yall.

  29. I love sports. I’m a diehard Chicago fan (I suffer much) but I’ll never understand why fans take it to this level. So stupid

  30. Have you seen how quickly marines leave the gas chamber filled with the exact same gas that’s being thrown into the center of a stadium. And remember there are thousands of people all now panicking from the tear gas.

  31. Man, why dont places like this have a way for people to leave in an emergency without having to be funneled into tiny exits. Even small music venues have this problem. For example all those venues getting burned down in seconds and people trampling eachother. Leaving a concert venue especially the indoor ones your literally bumper to bumper with people inching your way through these tiny door way. I was at an Amyl and the Sniffers show in chicago a few days ago and it was like that leaving. Had shit hit the fan. We'd be all trampled and suffocated.%/g% ppy 01

  32. It’s been more than 30 years since Hillsborough. Yet there are still stadium crushes like this. It’s insane. Like did no one see Hillsborough and think, “hmm, maybe we should change the way we build our stadiums?”

  33. Police had to know what would happen by rushing them. Come on common sense says people are going tog rt trampled to death so why would they run at them smh. This is on the police, security or government

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