omg he left me

  1. Can confirm I was in the line with her when she threw the Mac and cheese at him. It got on my shoes I’m not even bulls hitting this was at the gas station up the road from me in Charlotte this happened like 2 years ago. Craziest thing I’ve seen in public

  2. So much for the trope of porn stars not being jealous of other girls. Was she even fucking this guy? Or he is just some porn manager?

  3. Ooh! What restaurant? What kind of chicken? Is it combined with the mac and cheese or is the mac and cheese a side? It come with coleslaw?

  4. She was running to catch her car - whilst she was raging at the cameraman, the guy she was slapping around drove off in her car.

  5. Reminded me of that parrot that gets mad and starts squaking: "fucking fuck... fuck.. motherfucker fuck!!"

  6. Tell me your country needs to heavily invest in mental health without telling me your country needs to heavily invest in mental health

  7. That’s a lot of confidence for someone who got ditched and had to chase her boyfriend around a quick trip parking lot in taintsville idaho

  8. It's always annoyed me that the cameraman missed her boobs. It's not the same seeing them when she's working vs when she's being real.

  9. Her identity was her relationship. It validated her skewed perception of herself. The fact he is leaving her crushes that perspective and she has nothing to grasp.

  10. This must have been fucking wild to see. I'd be laughing my ass off, a girl smacks her boyfriend, flashes her tits, and then realizes that he left her crazy ass there while she runs after him.

  11. But really, having this video of her blow up is probably less upsetting to her than that it blew up without showing her titties

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