50000 people doing traditional ‘Garba’ dance during Indian festival of navratri

  1. It is a lot of fun. It is crowded yes, but that's the whole point of it. The dance is synchronized and really mesmerizing. You have to see it, the drone footage provides good view but doesn't do justice to the true magnitude of the event.

  2. most of them have two-wheeler and rest are dropped off by parents, only a few cars which are allowed to be parked in and around the community.

  3. any post related to india and you will see the usual racist comments. Probably people with underdeveloped brains..cant believe evolution didnt wipe em losers out sooner.. well gotta wait for a few more years i guess

  4. It’s ok. Let them be. I pity those people. Their sense of self worth is tied to demeaning others. That is a horrible way to live life and a recipe for being unhappy. They are suffering in the prisons of their own minds. Let them be.

  5. i think it stems from a sadness at missing the events that punctuate most people's lives. we've kinda become the world of digital hermits.

  6. I feel you, but if you’re ever in a large group moving together in a synchronized dance like that it’s actually super energizing yet calming, easy to lose yourself in the movement and let your anxiety seep away. Just a crowd of people wandering around is awful though for sure.

  7. Oh boy, yet another fat fuck living on his dad's money who considers specifically anti-Indian reddit posts as a source of his information.

  8. 50000 people enjoying festival peacefully Western people are educated without discipline and behaviour South Asia (India,Nepal,Bhutan and many more) living life peacefully comparatively to other regions

  9. Just before the lights went out, I think I spotted Mark Jones, an agent from the IRS. He called me last week saying that the IRS owes me $4690.69 and he needed my bank account number and my social security number. I can't wait for the money to show up in my account.

  10. An endless mass of swetty people are packed together with rainbow lights, sounds like an American Pride Parade.

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