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  1. I love when Darius re-unites with everyone and he is still really worried the lady is following him.

  2. Looters can take anything they want and from a target as far as I’m concerned, that’s between them and target, hell am I getting involved?

  3. 1.Don't try to stab people looting unless it's your own personal "life or property" at stake.. and even then, probably don't. Not worth it.

  4. This was during the George Floyd protests, lady tried to stop the people taking advantage of the protests to loot Target by stabbing them.

  5. This is the exact video that scene took inspiration from. All the way down to the fire extinguisher. ATL is the shit fr.

  6. Good way to remember Floyd or just an opportunity to steal that $300 tv. This sort of thing is sad on so many levels. It’s literally people just looking for a opportunity. Targeting (pun not intended but there it is) unrelated entities big and small.

  7. Criminals really don't care about politics. They don't care about ethnicity or ideology, or right and wrong. They just care about getting whatever they want.

  8. So instead of trying to better our economy and make things manageable for the people to have leverage, your looting and spraying people with fire extinguishers.

  9. Looks like she’s trying to block the exit so the thief’s can’t escape. And the idiots outside are all for looting. What a disgrace of a society that we live in.

  10. I don't advocate for stealing/looting but why would someone risk themselves getting injured just to save some Company merchandise??

  11. It would be nice if you shared the full story. Those people were looting a store. When she tried to stop them, they beat her in the head and tried to steal her purse. She pulled out a knife. That’s when this video starts. context matters.

  12. Had a guy in the ICU for inhaling the contents of a fire extinguisher… pretty brutal stuff going on inside his lungs. Please don’t spray people with fire extinguishers.

  13. That’s absolutely disgusting what they did to that woman. She’s old and in a wheelchair and they’re looting. That’s animalistic behaviour. They could have easily disarmed her FFS. Yes she had a knife but what was she going to do with it? She was barely mobile. Worlds gone potty. Oh and before anyone starts any racist shit or that. I don’t care what colour the woman is all I see is and old disabled woman getting attacked by a mob.

  14. All these mfers defending a mob of looters assaulting this lady who pulled a knife only after being attacked

  15. This is from lake street in minneapolis during the George floyd riots. She was trying to protect the target from looters. I was delivering pizza down there during all of this and there was no way I would have set foot on that property. I remember this video popped up within the first day when shit was really crazy down there. She was on some yee fuckin haw shit rollin down there with just a blade and a 4 wheeler trying to take on the whole neighborhood.

  16. It's a disgrace to the cause. The looters probably don't even care about Floyd, or are willfully ignorant to the message of the protests

  17. A whole bunch of trash people assaulting a handicap women because she dare try to interfere with them looting. I'm all for violent rioting if it's targeted at the right thing for the right reason but this is not it. These people are idiots, if you're protesting police violence and want change this will get change but not the kind you want only more funding and more reasons for police to treat you like the trash you've demonstrated yourself to be. This gets a lot of people to be against you even when they agree that there is a major problem and your anger is justified.

  18. They shouldn’t be looting but why the fuck does she care? It doesn’t even look like she works there and even if she does why risk your life or someone else’s over this? Target is a giant company even if insurance wouldn’t cover the looting they would be fine.

  19. Lol just caught up on the TV show Atlanta and completely forgot about this lady trying to stab looters. Guess she had a cameo in the episode and I though it was random af but now I think otherwise

  20. LMAO, how are assholes looting a store gonna feel threatened by a grandma in an electric wheelchair holding a knife? Everyone here is fucking trash

  21. I love how the second a weapon is pulled out to defend themselves from a crowd, the they are looked at as the piece of shit.

  22. It's 2022. The only prism to view this through that matters online is "oppressed non-whites righteously rise up against their white oppressor"

  23. I've been in Atlanta since 86 and can confirm that episode was about the most Atlanta I've ever seen on TV. I mean they were talking about Publix subs, stuck in traffic, and featured a looted Target. In Atlanta, we call that "Tuesdays".

  24. They all feel so big and cool when they attack someone in a mobility scooter with 20 men. Bet when they are alone that they will be screaming for their mommy’s within seconds.

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