Guy trying to help cops goes a little too far

  1. “Hall monitor ColorfulShirt reporting for duty, Officers! I am ready to assume my the hall! I will protect all that are the hall! All rules will be the hall!“

  2. Imo just because the cops are chasing someone, it doesn’t give you the right to potentially paralyze the guy. It’s not your job to intervene and you could make things worst.

  3. I don’t think he meant to bonk him into the pole. He just tackled him and he fell forward. It’s a split second, I doubt he planned the angle just right to launch him into the pole.

  4. “I can either trip you now, or you can be dog piled by a squad of adult men covered in gear and also probably had glory days in highschool football”

  5. That’s a good question. I don’t have the answer but I’m assuming he would open to civil suits from the next of kin

  6. Not the civilians place to be acting like Batman. For all we know either the guy was running from corrupt cops, or he was running from the cops and has a weapon on him. You don't want to risk being a naive idiot in either situation.

  7. Hell yeah dude even had the common sense to feel that push from the cop and immediately get out of the way with his hands visible smart dude. Id say it was deserved don't run from the fuckin cops and you don't have to worry about crap like this if it's a bogus change then don't say shit other than "I want my lawyer" and literally nothing else other than that repeatedly until the lawyer is present then don't say shit at all go mute

  8. Did anyone else see that high step by the broad with the pink hair??? The Jets should sign her to the practice squad immediately!

  9. Hey actions have consequences could have just complied and fought it out in court I'm not sure why people run the chances of getting away are really slim unless you're in a very specific situation

  10. Seriously. Everyone in this thread is stupid af. Why risk yourself to help some pigs catch some dude that you have absolutely nothing to do with. Even if you support the cops, it doesnt matter. You do not have the same protections as someone whos job it is to do that. If shit went wrong, he would absolutely be liable.

  11. How did he go too far? He stopped the dude in his tracks, cops got their dude. Seem like win for almost everyone.

  12. Dude's got a broken collarbone and worse after getting dog piled by all the thumbs. You might not like him because he's ThE bAd gUy, but he's still a human being with rights until proven guilty

  13. This sub is absolutely infested with conservatives. Scroll through the comments on any video. If it was up to these people every single alleged criminal would be publicly executed

  14. I think it’s more so a safety issue and luckily the guy didn’t crack his skull or worst on the pole because if so then the guy who try to help the police would’ve been detained and possibly be arrested for potential man slaughter or reliable for any expenses for hospital bills etc

  15. The guy with the shades stopped him twice, otherwise he wouldnt have been caught. However no one gives a fuck about him. The older blonde lady does not know who to touch, where to go, or what to say, just get out of the way. The pink hair girl seems to be unimportant, but she appears in all important scenes. I'll watch the other characters now, but I'm sure Quentin Tarantino see's potential for a movie, where each character has a side story.

  16. He ought to sue the guy. Mind your business, they are paid to do that job, let them do it. Pedestrian brutality

  17. Why is this mf helping cops for free lol. That’s the lamest shit I’ve ever seen. I’d stand there and let him run, it’s not my job to stop criminals, it’s theirs

  18. He seemed pretty effective like he could have of done it on his own and leave that parade of blue to use their time doing other things.

  19. In a civil suit with potentially 4-6 LEO that can be witnesses for the defendant, along with this video clearly showing that the plaintiff was running from the cops…

  20. How is this too far 😂🤣 no taser, no gun, threw no punches after the tackle, walked away with his hands up…. Class act! More people should stand up and help police in this manner! A community actually against crime stops it!

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