Russian conscript shoots Commander

  1. Here's the thing: They will be forced to kill innocents and civilians and die themselves VERY quickly for fascism. If everybody stands up and just turns against the guilty party that forces them, that's A LOT less waste of human life and the nightmare will be over.

  2. Y'know, I've only ever watched Full Metal Jacket once, and I didn't really understand that first arc of the movie until recently.

  3. Hope this happens to every commander in every office. God bless these heroes for standing up to these walking shitbags.

  4. Step 3. Hold their families hostage so they have no choice but to follow orders. Do you really think the guy in this vid didn’t face any consequences?

  5. Apparently he was pissed off his mate was called up for mobilization. That morning he told his mom he was gonna go volunteer at the recruiting office and then shot the guy in charge

  6. There is an actual Russian movie that's VERY inspired by Full Metal Jacket called 9th Company taking place during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

  7. Probably going to see a lot more of this type of thing in the upcoming weeks. They are literally dragging men into buses, usually from the poorest areas, they already drafted the homeless, prisoners, and those with drug and alcohol addictions. They know they are only being used as meat. You won't see the sons of the oligarchs being dragged away. 5 mobilisation centers were set on fire the other night.

  8. Not only that but they’re forcing men in occupied cities to fight against their countrymen. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was from one of these conscripting sessions.

  9. I feel like they think they call pull the same shit they did in WW2. Difference is people are fully aware they're not fighting to protect their homes and families, they're being forced to fight for some corrupt dictator's war of aggression

  10. They didn't feed or train the first troops. What are the odds they are paying them? They are forced to serve with criminal from prison. Who wants to serve in army raping, and murdering people?

  11. They are going to start targeting the families of men who resist. Makes it a lot harder to resist when you fear for reprisals towards your loved ones.

  12. There's the inherent problem with modern Russia, in that the divide has become worse than ever before. Even during the times of the Tsar, you still had a lot of the upper classes going to war (they were mostly the officers).

  13. Makes you wonder if Putin started an internationally disavowed war just to clear up the raging poverty issues plaguing the country. Can’t get your peons behind killing your own people, so let’s just have another country do it

  14. He wasn’t picked. His best friend was and he was mad about it. Told his family he was going to volunteer in the morning. Guess he forgot to tell them what side he was volunteering for.

  15. That would be worse. He would be executed, now he will be jailed, and possible recruited into wagner group where he can kill their commander

  16. No because then you might not be around someone with as high rankings, and you could be surrounded by russian loyalists who also have guns in their hands. You could also be around conscripts who also dont want to be there, it would be very hard to know who from who. This way they can be precise, and send a message. This may not have been filmed if it were out on the field.

  17. Really hoping this is a sign that the ugly side of social media is showing it’s second edge now and being an anti war tool, by showing the entire global population the horrors of conflict.

  18. Well they want him to kill or they will kill him. Why can't people understand why? It's only logical. He would be dead in a week with innocent peoples blood on his hand or dead fighting these scumbag enforcers of a malevolent dictator.

  19. If Russians had the 2 bit in to understand this thr war would be over. The moment russian police start getting shot in the street there will be a lot less of them showing up to work. Iran is doing better protests over 1 person than the entirety of Russia over a war and its shameful for Russia on whole other level.

  20. There was Conscription AKA The Draft in thr USA from 1940-1973. The rules would be changed but there was a draft well before the Vietnam War.

  21. Conscripton centers, or rather unit formation centers are often just any public/governmental building that can be used for the purpose. When I was called up for a reservist exercise (non-Russian eastern European country) we were processed in a cinema.

  22. It seems that the majority of Eastern European architecture looks like that outside of major city centers. Lots of poorly made soviet era buildings. They really invoke those feelings of depression, desolation, and desperation that those people go through.

  23. Apparently they've been conscripting citizens that have been arrested for protesting the war. Probably not the best recipe for success.

  24. Lack of security makes sense, a good chunk of Putin's 300,000 strong national guard (Rosgvardia) were pushed to the frontline months ago to plug in whole of understrength units. Putin is degrading his domestic security apparatus at the expense of the invasion, that's probably not the smartest thing for personalist dictator looking to initiate mass mobilization.

  25. Rookie mistake, the practice of removing a senior officer by a lower rank is called fragging and you use a grenade properly placed (say inside the toilet upper reservoir with the pin removed and tensioner pushed against the plunger so when they flush the toilet it releases the tensioner thus turning the reservoir into a fragmentation bomb.) thus you don't get caught. You don't use your issued weapon to do it, and you certainly don't do it on camera.

  26. a brainwashed army only works if the people are there by choice, when Putin started forcing people into this he gave himself a death sentence. cant wait for the next month. he will be dead

  27. The Wagner group has already been caught on video inside ruzzian prisons offering full pardons to those that enlist, fight for 6 months and choose within 5mins🤣

  28. They are actually unleashing criminals/convicts into the war by promising lesser sentences if they serve. It’s getting pretty desperate

  29. Oh yeah. This is going to end well. They're going to end Putin's reign and he'll throw a fun nuclear temper tantrum on the way out.

  30. The consequences for this seem better then getting your legs blown off in your sleep and bleeding out in a fox hole in the freezing winter.

  31. Russia is so fucked.Its scary when you think about it.That bitter old man with all that power,surely no one would listen to him of he did give the go ahead for nuclear activity.

  32. I wonder what russian mafia groups think about all this. They wont the country to have money so they can take the money but if Putin is hurting everyone's pocket what happens with it's high level gangs

  33. This don't bode well for Putin. One of the single greatest factors that prompted the U.S. Government to end their occupation of Vietnam was when enlisted men started fragging their commanders. Shit got so bad that some particularly unpopular officers had bounties put on their heads.

  34. Def a good idea to forcibly conscript people into a bullshit war under threat of prison (let's be real it's Russia) or a "fall off a building". And then treat them like shit and give them a rifle.

  35. From this video you can see that forcibly conscripting regular people as soldiers will show that the ones with more military aptitude will tend to resist being forced quite violently, and the ones with less aptitude will wisely (at least try to) run away.

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