[NSFW] Two Men Drowning in Buffalo, New York... Attempting to Retrieve Driftwood

  1. My little brother got trapped in the undertow when I was 11. He was 6. The sandbar gave way when we were out swimming on the beach one night and when I looked up he had drifted out several hundred feet beyond the rock jetties. I swam out and held him up above the water so that he could breath. The waves were relentless. The fear I saw in his eyes still gives me goosebumps. I was able to hold him up for several minutes on and off until a random man walking along the beach with his wife was able to swim out and take him from me. He swam with my little brother several hundred yards parallel down the beach before he was able to safely get him in. The crazy thing is the beach was completely empty that night and this man somehow was right on time.

  2. Not to take away from your post but to add to it. I'm in my mid 30s, took my dad out on a fishing kayak trip last year as we have many times before.

  3. It’s a good idea however if you have had lifrsaving training. Basically approach from behind, grab them under their arms & sidestroke to safety. Stay away from their front as they will absolutely grab you, kick you, and/or pull you under.

  4. In lifeguard training they tell you to come from behind or prepare to have to knock them out and revive on land so they don’t drown you

  5. So actually jeans make the perfect flotation devices if you know what to do. One of the many things you learn when going through water training in the military.

  6. If you're not an excellent swimmer, don't try to save someone from drowning, you're just another person who needs saved now.

  7. Just save them shortly after they pass out and you can revive them with cpr. Once they both passed out and everyone say they wouldn't go in the water -- that made me sick. Awake... risky. Unconscious, an inconvenience to save a life.

  8. "The men had to climb over a railing to get into the water, said Buffalo Police Capt. Jeff Rinaldo. The water is roughly 15 to 20 feet deep in that area, and the swift-moving current can exceed speeds of 12 mph. Eddies in the area have an undercurrent that pulls toward the river and down. "They were in an eddy, so they didn't see the current," Rinaldo said.

  9. Yeah any time you see shit floating in the same position in a flowing river, it's very dangerous and you shouldn't go near it. It'll capsize your canoe or kayak too, and hold you upside down in the case of being in a kayak.

  10. Bro can’t buffalo afford some fucking ropes to throw or something? Even in chicago with many many fucking dipshits -we still have ropes and flotation devices on every bridge and all over the lakefront. A fuckin 2 dollar rope woulda saved these guys.

  11. Yeah that was kind of my question to start with. No disrespect but is driftwood like hella expensive or good to sell? What would posses someone to risk their life for driftwood?

  12. Ikr, my cousin wondered to far into a lake and she started to panic so I went to try and pull her back and first thing she does is grab my head and pull herself up lmao. She was fine and managed to push her way back.

  13. It's sad... my step son dove off in the deep end of the pool one day and I didn't know he couldn't swim. He was 9 and I was 30, I dove in and he almost drowned both of us. I thought i was a great swimmer until I had to save him. He almost drowned both of us. I always thought I could save anyone drowning until a 9 year old showed me otherwise. An adult drowning needs a real honest to God life guard

  14. No offense intended, but it seems to me that a lot of people who are good at swimming are calling themselves great swimmers. Regardless, water rescue is a skill and even a great swimmer can get themselves in to trouble without proper knowledge/training, but I have to say I don’t believe most people describing themselves as great swimmers truly are that. I live on the beach, raised a competitive swimmer and lifeguard, and I don’t come across many people who I call great swimmers. Anyone who is able to swim, yet has no knowledge of swim strokes I wouldn’t ever call a great swimmer, at best they can be good swimmers, because what they’re good at is winging it basically. The difference between a swimmer well trained in strokes and one who simply figured out how to swim on their own in a good manner, is night and day. The first has command of the water, the second has command of themselves

  15. A police officer also died here a few years later. The Lake Erie current is nothing to play with. This happened in Buffalo, NY at the Canadian boarder , Broderick park.

  16. I always take swimming for granted. It's like knowing how to ride a bike, you think everyone knows how and it's kinda mindblowing when you meet people that can't.

  17. All that driftwood is there because the water is flowing somewhere. Underneath there’s probably a grate or something where the water is flowing through, creating a current which is probably sucking them down. Doesn’t look like they simply can’t swim, you don’t sink that fast.

  18. Could someone tell me why the driftwood was worth retrieving please? Thanks! Not sarcastic, is there a legit reason.

  19. Yes. What happens is the water goes against that big wall everyone is standing on. Water goes down along the wall and spins in a cycle, a current here you probably can’t see, in an “eddy” against the wall.

  20. According to someone here, there are eddy’s in this body of water, but that is not what happened with the log. If you watch it again, you can see him struggling to find balance while holding on to the log. He is pushing it downwards to push himself upwards instead of hanging from it, which would have been more stable for him. The moment he loses his balance on the log and flips to the right due to his weight, he lost his grip on the log and turned himself about, with the log no longer in front of him and his inability to swim, he then proceeded to panic and at that point he doomed himself. The other man was also fine as you could see he had no problem floating in the water on his own, his doom was spelled out the moment the first victim placed his hands on him. He got pushed under and at one point you can see him just accepting being held under by the first victim while trying to swim them both towards the direction of the camera, but at this point he is fighting a losing battle with how long he can hold his breath for. By the time he came back up, his skill and calm had been expended and now he himself is also beginning to panic, and that is how you ended up with two victims. From what I can see, any potential eddy’s had no part in the primary causes of drowning here

  21. Currents are strong as hell. Could’ve been that and him trying to swim Pushin the rest of the wood away was sad:(

  22. I'm blessed to have grown-up with a public swimming pool in my neighborhood.It was just only 2 streets over from my house.Im a black man and ik normally black folks don't really know how to swim.I used to be baffled when I use to run cross folks who say they don't know how to swim.I never tool formal lessons or nun like that.The older dudes inna hood use to be the lifeguards and the other older dudes who use to be inna pool with us,2 of em would come and 1 grab your arms and the other grab your legs bring you towards the deep water round the 10-12 ft and throw ya ass in there.And would tell ya to swim,I mean they wouldn't let ya drown or nun but you gon learn to swim today❗️MY 6 yr old daughter even know how to swim and I'm thankful for that LIFE SKILL she has.So sad to see folks drowning.Gotta be a terrible way to go.My condolences to everyone who lost their lives in that way🙏🏾

  23. It sucks as I've witnessed many men drown. When you see a man drowning, your instinct is to jump in and save them, but you must remember that a drowning man can also drown you. So you are better off letting that man drown as you may be caring potatoes to feed your family.

  24. Ok, maybe this is just my half-pacific islander(Filipino) / half whiteness talking, but I legit don't understand how one can even drown in calm water.

  25. I really know nothing about currents and etc, but from what I’ve read in other comments, there was likely some sort of eddy/suction force that was pulling the guy down— it’s probably what attracted all the driftwood to that one singular area and made it stay there stagnantly. It was a dumb idea to begin with, sure, but the guy most definitely had no idea what he was getting into. Even an experienced swimmer would’ve been screwed.

  26. For a piece of fucking driftwood. I’m a strong swimmer but I wouldn’t want to swim in that debris. Just so unnecessary and tragic for all involved.

  27. I once saved a drowning man. I had to kick the shit out if him before so. Never again will I try to rescue a drowning person. Reason leaves, panic sets in. He almost took me with him. Lucky bastard I'm really good at swimming and can hold my breath a long time.

  28. I don’t understand … if you know you cannot swim well, why would you swim after a piece of driftwood? I’m a big guy and an excellent swimmer, but the way that guy was kicking and flailing around, I wouldn’t have jumped in after him. He would have taken me down with him guaranteed.

  29. OK, I can't teach anyone how to swim over the Internet. But here's a 101 on how to survive in a situation like this without being able to swim. Take a deap breath and turn on your back, and hold your breath!! You will float, kick your feet untill you reach the edge, turn around and climb out. This is what I thought my 2.5yr old to do if anything happens in the pool. And it works great. For anyone who wants to can't swim, Please get some fucking lessons! You learn it a hour or two. People drown in 30 cm deep water. Yes that's all it takes

  30. But doesn’t it look like the second guy that went in didn’t drown but climbed out a few seconds before the video ends?

  31. Yo I don’t know why but now even reddit is full of absolutely despicable death and violence videos like World Str Hiphop was in the early 2010’s. Reddit used to be about talking movies and science and the same askreddit sex questions that we see now. Before the ratio was 2/10 negativity. Now its 8/10. I just enjoy my main feed that is full of dogs and cats. I want people to understand this website used to be completely different content-wise. Edit: this video made me really sad and I am gonna try to help people learn to swim in my future. Also there should have been some ropes to throw them. The fucking hell are these people doing on the sidelines? Make a belt rope? Idk but don’t just film you scumbags.

  32. This video is pretty low quality, but a better version I saw a while ago shows that the 1st guy was actually tied to a rope, but the 2nd guy ran out of slack and tossed it in the water. You can hear an audible gasp when he does so. The 2nd guy almost definitely jumps in because of the guilt that he threw away the first guy's lifeline.

  33. I can't comprehend adults not knowing how to cook even the simplest dishes but that's the reality for too many.

  34. Damn I wish I could of been there. All you need to do is float on your back and do butterfly strokes. You’ll be out in the water forever. Super easy.

  35. Some folks are legit just 2 digit IQ and can't risk assess unfortunately, dude legit had someone else killed coz he literally didn't think "shit I actually can't swim"

  36. Learning to swim can increase your life expectancy dramatically. Do it! Get comfortable with it. The main problem here is that people tend to panic, that's the worst thing to do.

  37. What the fuck happened here? There's literally dozens of logs to grab onto even IF you don't know how to swim. It's like 10 feet from the wall. Even the second dude, got pushed down, but wtf. Tread water. Kick your feet...swim. Wtf this is sad and confusing to me.

  38. Does anyone know what the best course of action is if you come across someone drowning? **if you do not have any life vest/outside gear

  39. I don’t understand how a person could not know how to swim. I’m not belittling it or calling people stupid who don’t know, I just don’t understand how a person could sink like this in water. I used to try and simulate it as a kid by jumping into a pool and randomly thrashing like someone who doesn’t know how to swim, and I still would have my head comfortably above water. I just don’t get it, it’s so sad. And there have been a lot of these videos posted lately. Awful, and the man who tried to save him is a hero

  40. I mean…. I’m just fucking dumbfounded right now by the utter stupidity of what I just witnessed. I thought the dude had a rope on him at first. But as much as this sucks? IDK how fucking sorry I’m supposed to feel for some stupid ass mother fucker jumping out into the ocean, FOR A PEICE OF WOOD…. WOOD!!!!! Doesn’t this mother fucker know there is an ABUNDANCE of wood on land? It literally grows out of the LAND! LITERALLY!!!!!! I’m sorry. But this is Darwinism. I can’t feel sorry for someone that fucking stupid. He’s only been alive this long because of the modern age. Otherwise he’d have been dead multiple times already. Sorry. Not sorry. And the other guy? I mean? Props for trying to save him. But do not ever go to help someone in the water if you are not a VERY strong swimmer. And EXTREMELY comfortable in the water. They will panic and kill you. It’s unconscious. They are in a panic and can’t help it. They are reacting. Not making rational conscience decisions.

  41. Im blown away by a man who cant swim decides to get drift wood. My thoughts are what was so valuable to him to chance it in the first place. Also many bystanders and only one jumps in. Nobody else after to provide help except a stick. Was the current in this area extra strong? Stupidity cant be all that was involved could it really?

  42. One of the shocking parts of learning how to be a lifeguard is to literally fight off another person if they try to use you as a means to stay afloat i.e. you're held underwater by them. The reason is the other person literally panics and cannot think beyond 'If I don't do this, I die'.

  43. If you are trying to rescue someone drowning and they start drowning you. kick off of them, swim back and knock them the fuck out. you can save someone who just lies still. Also, take the 10-20sec to remove shoes and clothes, unless you are a very strong swimmer.

  44. Wtf all he has to do is stop moving put his had back and lay down he will float. And dont someone say that some ppl dont float. Thats bullshit. If u relax lay back, put your head backwards a little.you will float.

  45. I love that everyone is giving advice, like any of these morons that drown like this would ever see it or remember it.

  46. 1st rule of a drowning victim.... don't try unless you have a floatation device. They will instinctively pull you under for their own survival... in case you didn't watch the video. Happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  47. I was a competitive swimmer and they taught us lifeguard training - basic shit. But basically, swim up behind, get one arm under their arms and around their chest, lean back and give them ability to breath.

  48. Ive been saved 3 times from drowning and the 2nd time was so bad I scratched up this dude's back I felt so sorry Swimming is a skill but so is rescuing a drowning person

  49. I don't know how to swim. What's so hard to believe? Just because you know something doesn't mean everyone else knows that thing... your question is like, "What? There are people who don't know how to drive a car? WTF"

  50. Great, just take your time and find this spot on someone actively drowning and then pray a redditor was right about pressure points lol

  51. Most people who can swim have experience only swimming in pools or not too far from a shore. It's a very different experience to dive into water that doesn't have a touchable bottom or wall to push off from.

  52. I can't fathom it myself yet when I see videos of people drowning, it makes sense. They fight the water and exert themselves without knowing how to stay horizontal and float while pulling with their arms.

  53. The dude filming shoulda helped more, but he was 100% right when he said the dude going to help is going to get drown to... That's one of the main ways people drown is getting pulled under by trying to help someone...... It happened to me before I seen someone drowning jumped in and fortunately I saved them but I damn near drowned to because of it but I kept pushing him closer every time I got pushed under

  54. Love how everyone is just watching and saying “those guys are drowning, hey, they’re prolly gonna die” no one helps

  55. I honestly don't understand what the fuck happen here, do they have rocks in their pockets? You literally float if you do nothing, why did he let go of the wood? How does kicking the water not push him up??

  56. It’s an undercurrent pushing the one dude down and the other guy trying to save him gets pushed under by the dude freaking out now they’re both screwed

  57. Everyone of the people filming this are God damned pussies. Fuck man, I hate the world and almost everyone in it. Motherfuckers just watched two people die.

  58. You know nothing about saving someone who is drowning. Unless your trained and have the experience you should not attempt it. Get off your pedestal and get educated.

  59. You grab the victim from behind like you're going to choke them out but your arm goes ocross the neck and chest and you scoop the apposing armpit. Stay behind them. Once you see it it's super simple.

  60. Ah yes, the coveted chunk of driftwood that everyone should be willing to throw their life away over. As many have said, please learn how to swim, especially if you’re a driftwood hunter

  61. I genuinely don't know how it's possible for people to just drown in normal water. Like, full grown adults. I get like riptides and redflag water conditions and stuff...but just still water?

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