Friend disappeared before her eyes

  1. The incident took place on an overpass. She landed in the lower street. You can see a car parked in the bottom left hand corner of the video, with car lights flashing by.

  2. They look to be walking on an overpass you can see a car pass by underneath. I’m guessing she landed in the road below. Probably a 50 ft drop.

  3. She was channeling her inner superwoman… I don’t get why she didn’t step behind her friend instead of turning to brace for the impact like it would just be a little tap

  4. Well she was most definitely on a cell phone, so that alone will keep someone distracted, but it also appears as if she’s looking back, I’m assuming, at the other side of the bridge. Maybe the flashing lights over there indicate an accident of some kind? I can’t really tell, the whole thing looks like a pinball machine to me.

  5. I'm not sure what we are seeing here. It almost looks like an airport drop off area? I see cars stopped and lining the right, and the left looks like a parking garage underneath or something.

  6. if there's a news article of this, please I need to know what happened. Not sure if I'm correct but the place gives me vibes of east asia.

  7. I did my best with search engines. Oldest post I found was from september 2017 in facebook. It links to a site that I found no copy of in the . The Facebook comments might reveal something, I cant open them as I have no account. No other sources I found claimed anything but rumours (like The suicide thing that has no basis -- they look drunk or drugged.) I thinl The camera might distort the scenery, it could have been much darker to the eye.

  8. From last time this was posted, it was a suicide path that is why they are walking in the middle and not reacting. I will look for the link.

  9. I have so many questions. Why are they walking on the street? Why are they acting so chill when the car comes towards them? How did that girl not hear her friend get hit? Where the hell did that girl go?

  10. Look to me like she got hit, hard obviously, but what does it to me is as she's flying she turns upside down and smacks her head directly into whatever barrier was there until she flips back over and tumbles down. I'd say if the first impact didn't kill her that one did.

  11. She’s definitely dead, not only did her shoes come off, but you can see that they’re on a bridge and she fell all the way down to more pavement. And that’s over a 50ft drop and she was upside down. Its sad but she’s gone for sure.

  12. Were they trying to commit suicide? The one that got hit looked away when she saw the car coming and the other person just looked kinda surprised as though she expected to get hit also but wasn’t.

  13. I mean, it’s a pretty solid hit, but the ball doesn’t go anywhere near the net or the teammate that’s trying to follow up. They just blindly slam it into the wall. And then they have get back into position, but they freeze instead of trying a half flip, or at least swinging around. They just crowd the teammate and panic.

  14. 2017 happened in China. They were drunk. She didn't make it. And everyone talking about how her friend was to occupied with her phone.. The only one on their phone was the girl who got hit.. who saw the car and turned her back right before getting hit, she probably assumed the car saw them and would swerve to pass them, sadly it didn't happen that way.The other girl had her arms crossed in front of her, like she was chilly, she wasn't on her phone, I'm just going to assume she had ear pods in, and that's why she didn't hear the accident. Really sad, I hope it was instant with no suffering.😔

  15. You can see their car up the street a bit with their hazard lights on so my guess is that they were walking to get help or where waiting for AAA or something.

  16. Looks like they’re trying to commit suicide. The way she turns away from the vehicle at the last moment shows she knows what’s coming, but just can’t bear to watch it hit her. Really sad, I feel terrible for the innocent driver they put through this.

  17. Not excusing the car or anything, but WTF were they doing just walking down the middle of a (presumably) highway???

  18. There is no situation where this could have been the car's fault, it's a highway at night and they are walking on it.

  19. Why were they just casually having a stroll on the highway, man I just don’t understand people why they do this and expect no risk or harm coming their way

  20. Idk what it is but a lot of women have no reaction to anything like it’s odd just act as if nothing is about to happen when a speeding car is coming your way in the middle of the street look the opposite direction right before impact. I see it time and time again no reaction at all to impending doom.

  21. How do you not see a car coming from that far?, and then you see it and turn to the side?, like wtf. I do feel bad but you can only feel so bad for someone that just chooses to not use their brain. RIP.

  22. Dammmm!!! Not only she got hit but after it looks like she fell a few stories after she bounced off the front of that car… she ded!

  23. I don’t understand they both see the car coming and as it gets closer she looks away almost makes me think she wanted it to happen. Also how does the car not see them!

  24. They’re in the middle of the lane… the fast lane at that. I’m not saying it isn’t a terrible thing, but surely they could also see the car speeding towards them. Unless that car purposefully drove across lanes to hit her

  25. Why is she walking in the lane of a major highway? Why is she seemingly unaware a speeding car is coming towards her? Why is her friend so nonchalant about someone standing less than 2 feet away from you being hit by a car coming towards both of you? So many questions … 🤨

  26. At least the guy stopped. Usually they just drive away. He’s definitely blind but that’s pretty honest of him to stop like that.

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