Woman being whipped for removing hijab in public (September 2022)

  1. Imagine using a smartphone and still doing and believing in such barbaric practices! The hypocrisy on these people!

  2. Bin Laden preached rejection of technology and lived a frugal life in a cave yet was quite happy to use the internet, cellphones and modern weapons to further his cause.

  3. My guess is that many of the people spectating probably dont support this kind of punishment for this, but speaking out would probably put them in danger of the same punishment or something. But Im just speculating

  4. Some cultures are worse than others, this should have ceased to exist 100 years ago. What kind of twisted morale and reasoning do you have to have in your head to think that this is appropriate and a good response?

  5. Feels like im looking back at the medieval times when everyone gathered to see someone publicly executed so you wouldnt do what that person did.. truly shameless behavior, reeks of slavery.

  6. People gathered to watch public executions for entertainment. Most people didn't go to see it so they would be convinced not to do what the condemned did.

  7. I dont practice Islam anymore but I dont remember ever being taught that women are whipped for not wearing a "khimar"...

  8. it seems to be, because in instances where they whip against breaking rules in the Koran, they are supposed to hold the Koran under their arm with the whipping hand so it can't be brought to full force.

  9. That could be any one of us. We didn’t choose whether to be female or male at birth and where we are born is really just random luck. So many emotions go through me watching that. I just sit in astonished gratitude and wonder why I am so privileged to have been born where I was born and never have to live like this. It could’ve been any one of us. Now excuse me while I pick my heart up off the floor. 🥺

  10. At first I thought she must’ve done something really bad. But just removed a piece of cloth from her face?

  11. That shit makes me so angry. She's completely powerless and I'm not white knight by any stretch of the imagination. This is simply inhumane treatment of people.

  12. I’m gonna pull the ultimate uno reverse and throw a backpack in the middle of the crowd while yelling george bush!

  13. Radical or overly religious people disgusts me. Even though I'm atheist I really don't mind religion, I believe it has really helped with pacifying the human race so we don't devolve into anarchy. But now it's being twisted and used by everyday people to make themselves bigger so they can get more power. All religions are subjective, 100 people can read the same text and all 100 people can come up with a different meaning of what they read. It's all bullshit made up by small men to try and make themselves bigger 'small men' so they can wield power over all the women, the weak, and as they see it, any of the lesser humans. It's time we finally end the thousands of years of willful ignorance to the truth and put to bed all these made up stories once and for all.

  14. We’re not that barbaric, if you are gay or trans, we just want to withhold health care and imprison you and anyone who try’s to help you.

  15. Wow. The sad part is you fellas are just ruining it for yourselves by not getting to see how fucking beautiful women really are.

  16. As far as I know, they are supposed to not raise their arm high so they armpit shows when they hit. For that matter, I don't know what these guys are doing.

  17. This can’t be talked out of those people. It’ll continue until they’re killed or die of old age. Hopefully the new generations think differently. Religion has a way of passing down horrific traditions though.

  18. The younger guy in the front with his phone out looks giddy when he gets up at the end. Like he’s happy he got to record that on his phone.

  19. Oh so this is women’s freedom that everyone says these women have. Ugh I’ve been so blind. I’ve seen videos about how these women are the least oppressed in the world and western countries should adopt this view. I’m so woke now and understand.

  20. Barbaric evil men using iPhones to film themselves committing atrocities in the name of God while shitting on Western society… without which they wouldn’t even have electronic devices.

  21. Biden handed Afghanistan back to these monsters knowing full well the levels of their barbarity. And then ROE v WADE was overturned. Democrat or Republican, no political leader gives a shit about women’s rights and at this rate, America isn’t too far off from barbaric scenes like this when we have women dying from unviable pregnancies in hospitals here.

  22. So I’ve always wondered why women that leave these countries continue to wear those things. To me it’s a symbol of oppression.

  23. Muricans are upset of this barbaric punishment, but half of the country abolished abortion rights...

  24. This is what is happening in Iran.. Please spread the awareness and help Iranian people.. Specially women of iran.. They need your help..!

  25. Fuck religions. Wake up idiots. They're fairy tales at the same level of the ones we tell our kids before bedtime. It's ridiculous to take it this seriously.

  26. I find it crazy how women in America claim theyre oppressed and treated unfairly compared to men but completely ignore whats happening to women in other countries. This should be eye opening but its intentionally ignored because it will be impossible to compare the levels of oppression.

  27. I've seen a pack of wild wolves who were more civil and had more moral standards, than this bunch of primitive, brainwashed by religion, mental defective imbeciles.

  28. All because insecure cowards don't want women to be respected because it will threaten their power. Religion is just an excuse to hold on to power and beat people.

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