Mexican Cartel, the self-proclaimed 'CJNG' looking like a military battalion. Absolutely mind blowing. Mexico.

  1. Mexican here. Specifically, from the state these guys are from. Kinda crazy to see them now at this state, considering They've only been around a little over a decade.

  2. Mexican here also. I think they just hire the guys that have the training already. And have those guys teach their guys.

  3. That part about the training camps is horrifying. Who do they kill? Rival cartel members? Or civilians? If it’s civilians, that must be terrifying for you and your family in that area.

  4. On the event that the government does crack down on cartels, what is the likelihood of cartel's owning entire battalions or groups of military units to go against their own?

  5. See you think there is no consequences. Thats the problem right there. You think there is a battlefield lined with troops, you can call your A10. Where do you sleep? They will know, but most importantly who do you love in your life? Because when they kidnap you and take to the spot, they will bend down first and show you a phone. On this phone will be this person or people. They will probably light them on fire alive. As you scream in horror they will slit your throat. Its a done deal. The next guy will think very hard about what he does on the "battlefield". Who sold you out? Your best friend. Literally.

  6. And they don't need that much power, these guys are idiots and cowards, they don't last 10mins with trained army, and even less with the navy(more powerful and disciplined). Plus those vans have been displayed in other subs like

  7. all those terrorists ruined my country, and the same government takes care of them more than our army, shit is very sad when you see it with your own eyes

  8. American here. I hate the fact that my government is happy to send a trillion dollars worth of military equipment to Ukraine, but we don’t do much to help our neighbor to the South with their cartel problem.

  9. Mexico has been Latin Americas longest running Narco State since the late 70s if not longer. Remember there were no US supported authoritarian dictators just a historically extremely corrupt and removed political elite that are essentially in the pockets of anyone with money.

  10. They are with them, the carteles in México are what they are because the government works with them

  11. Follow the money. A politician sometimes doesn’t survive cartel fights when they stand up to them because they are fairly well equipped to deter change.

  12. There was this instance of a guy who owned a plumbing company selling one of his trucks and it ended up being used by ISIS with the decal still on lmao

  13. This video is pretty old. IIRC i saw it on ebaumsworld or worldstarhiphop... I don't remember but it's at least 5 years old at this point. Not that it's not relevant, just that it's not why our used car/motorcycle is fucking insane.

  14. Don’t need super hero’s to save Mexico. We need total extermination of the cartel organized rotten humans that plegue the nation.

  15. This will never stop The US is the biggest drug consumer and Mexico the producer . I doubt making drugs legal is going to solve it

  16. As a Mexican living in a city where this cartel has much power, this video just makes me afraid and sad at the same time, even when they say that they don't hurt innocent people, we all know that that's bs, fucking living under a president that says, abrazos no balazos (hugs before bullets, something like that) makes me sick. I just hope that there's an ending where we are not fucking afraid of living in this fucking country

  17. LOL, Hard earned american $ financing right there. Few of those bullets probably paid for by the line you and your buddies sniffed over the weekend. Many get outraged by the amount of coke smuggled to the US but seem to forget that all those tons and tons of coke are bought by us.

  18. Just like in the middle east, the United States official government is a big reason why we got the large terrorist groups in the middle east and central/south America.

  19. For anyone wondering: this is the cartel special forces called “Grupo Elite”, thats why they are far better equipped than the regular cartel folks, (also they are one of the multiple (i think, at-least more than 2-3) special forces of the cartel). What they are also saying in the video is: “Puro gente señor Mencho” or pure (loyal) people of Mr. Mencho. By now you should understand that El Mencho is the leader of CJNG.

  20. Cartels are more than drugs, it's the avacado trade, fruits, vegetables, tourism, resorts, even with industry they are the ones that move people out to place large scale industry in small communities so the government/companies doesn't have to pay for the land, also's kinda gross but what are we gonna do about it? Our government spits in our face and calls it spit, in other countries they spit in your face and call it rain, and those who believe it's rain start an instruction, we just take long weekends and get waisted off our asses like the complete chads we are.

  21. My friend was kidnapped for a few days by one of the cartels. He was a very light, happy, everything is right in the world kinda guy. He was a different person when he came back. I spent my life watching horror movies and being on Reddit (and god help me live leak) but I fainted and was traumatized just by him telling what happened and what he saw. These monsters are bred psychopaths.

  22. That’s bc most of their stuff comes from the US. One of the many ways drug addicted nations fund drug related violence in poor countries

  23. I’ve done a lot of research into CJNG and these guys are on a whole other level compared to the other cartels. They honestly might even beat out the Sinaloa cartel. They have the military power of the Mexican army and the ruthlessness of the Los Zetas. And they show that on a daily basis. Truly despicable people.

  24. One of the real fucked up things about Los Zetas is that the US 7th Special Forces Group (SFG) ended up inadvertently training a sizeable chunk of them. 500 members of the Mexican Airborne Special Forces Group (GAFE) received training by SFG. A sizeable chunk then went and defected, joining up with the cartels with Los Zetas probably being the most notable one.

  25. Fun fact: There are only two gun stores in all of Mexico. Mexico has no second amendment. If you want a gun in Mexico legally, you have to join a club, or petition the government why you need one. All of those guns are illegal, and 90% are from the US. Drugs come from Mexico, money and guns go back....

  26. With American vehicles. Watch the JRE episode on the cartel's. They've been well funded both by drugs and by Us intelligence agencies playing different cartels against each-other. At the end of the day, this exists because of American drug laws and government funding.

  27. All the high speed, tacticool gear in the world can't make up for shitty, "warehouse," training... Some kid in a conex behind a reaper could 86 that company and they'd never know 😆

  28. Half these idiots are holding their rifles like they have seen in cartoons. Once armor piercing rounds turn their comrades to paint and punch through their “armored” trucks… they will shit their fresh trousers and run. Bunch of tough guys…. Hiding behind baklavas and drug money.

  29. I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic or not about the "tough guys" comment, but out of all places in the world, these guys really are tough, just for the wrong reasons. They are trained to resist torture and would rather die than say a word, so their family doesn't get chopped up into pieces. And pretty much all of these cartel members regularly kill people in brutal ways with almost no remorse. It's probably the definition of tough, but they for sure are shit people.

  30. Just like in the previous post of this, all the Mexican government needs to do is deploy a few Apache helicopters and exterminate these foos from the air.

  31. Well on the bright side they’re supporting a local economy those trucks and equipment were purchased from some one

  32. Mexico has the potential for so much more as a country. It’s a shame corruption at the highest levels has allowed organized crime to get as big as they are. Some of that blame goes to Uncle Sam for fueling the fire. It’s complicated and messy. I hope cartels become a dark figure of the past for future Mexican generations.

  33. I don't know much about guns, but isn't it a safety rule to point it to the ground, instead at the head of the guy next to you?

  34. Aren't many of these guys ex US army? I've heard rumor some of these guys served and hired themselves out to train locals.

  35. Oh no! Americans supplied their weapons to south america cartels and US children and they are confused why they have drugs and mass shooting problems? Anyway....

  36. They’ve already found different revenue streams. Drugs are just one way they make money - more recently they’ve gone into avocado farming, and they also have plenty of other money making schemes.

  37. This is why people flee Mexico. I have many clients who have PTSD from living there. It's an absolute awful shit show in most places.

  38. They look like amateurs with guns. The only thing that makes them look militaristic is their drab and vehicles. This looks like the worlds largest air soft game is about to start

  39. Expensive kit but their posturing and attitude makes it abundantly clear that they would be destroyed by any real army.

  40. They literally recruit people straight out of the Mexican military when they finish their service. Then the Mexican government acts like they don't know who is working for the cartel. They are not hard to find and not hard to notice who they are, it's just Mexico isn't really looking.

  41. So what is the solution to this? No outside governments really care enough to help which I absolutely hate. The only solution I can think of is economic sanctions (legalizing what they profit from and a serious effort on thwarting their smuggling) and eventually conventional war but I fear that it would just turn into an Afghanistan situation all over again.

  42. Ahhh, the ole' American hand-me-downs! My country really does love to facilitate terrorism across the globe... Hell if we don't help create the Vilians, ya'll might find out who the real ones are! lol

  43. The most sad and ridiculous part it’s that the president say that this video was a montage (almost all Mexicans know that he let them do whatever they want)

  44. Hey do you guys think the US Gov. Filed 4473's, did a NICS check, NFA form 4,9's, and collected the required 200 dollar tax for each one of those transfers?

  45. A probably fake group of this did a really elaborate scam kidnapping of me my last time in Mexico. They pay for your border crossing info (crossed from Guate to Mexico) from the guards so they have your hostal/hotel info and phone number and full name and passport number. Then call using a girls voice to say she's your girlfriend and need to be patched into your room. The phone rings in your room and you answer and it's directly an assertive male voice saying it's the police outside the hotel. They're coming in on a drug raid, so stay in your room or they will shoot you.

  46. I was born and raised in Mexico but here's the reason I wanna leave my country.. honestly I wouldn't recommend to go to certain states because of the insecurity

  47. Is that a Ford Excursion with a 2017 super duty face lift in there? If so that’s the coolest bit of equipment they have

  48. Let's give a round of applause to the dumb ass fucks who bought the arms in American stores and resold to these ass wipes.

  49. How bad does a borders security need to be if they can literally arm a whole military unit with rifles coming from the US?

  50. Nothing a little Apache helicopter couldn’t destroy in less than a minute. Idk why Mexico doesn’t use their air force or fuck em and just bomb the fuck outta them.

  51. I had a coworker who was from Mexico and he said that the cartels have more firepower than the soldiers and a lot of them used to be in the military but the cartel pays them more.

  52. Wonder if Obama and Biden gave them that stuff. Or maybe the money the made killing Americans with fentanyl. Or could it be the human trafficking profits? Either way, I don’t like it.

  53. Well this can't possibly be real because guns are illegal in Mexico so this must be fake or Airsoft. Because anti-gun laws are amazing and work so well. /s

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