Balls stuck in a ring.

  1. This friends is why you should use the silicone rings for extended play. You can always max out the stretchiness to safely free your boys if there's any trouble down under. That being said stainless steel is easier to sterilize if you plan on blowing out the walls of a bunch of ya friends so weigh your choices carefully.

  2. I was doing a clinical rotation in a small Caribbean country. They were doing a open reduction and fixation of a broken ankle. Which would normally involve several thousands of dollars worth of equipment, just the bracket alone would have come in a sterilized packaging that would have made that plastic packaging from Amazon look like child's play. Probably also would have cost a couple hundred bucks.

  3. If I had to guess he put the ring on then I fused saline, another option would be silicone filler but then the ring wouldn't have gotten there in the first place

  4. Fully acknowledging that this is partly a joke, but that is obviously not his testicles that are that big, it’s all of the fluid and blood stuck in the scrotum because it can’t drain

  5. That’s the worst part of it all. After all that, it could have been done by a couple buddies who were sworn to secrecy (or killed after).

  6. Back in December of 2020, my ballsack had become huge; like I was carrying a melon around in the fucking thing. Go to the doctor and they look me over and I spend the next six days in the hospital getting multiple doses of strong diuretics a day (furosemide and spironolactone) and peed out literally 80 pounds of fluid my body had been holding onto, including what had been in my sac.

  7. If you have the video sound up you can clearly hear the doctor say "honk honk" and then he giggles like he's high. Most doctors have to get blazed before a procedure like this in order to ensure its treated with the correct amount of seriousness.

  8. I don’t even like to operate an angle grinder without a guard on it facing me while it’s in use… the fact that this guys had docs using an angle grinder to cut the metal ring off his nuts with only popsicle sticks sitting underneath to prevent shredding his nuts should be enough of a warning to men across the world not to do what this man did

  9. So like, do doctors keep angle grinders and bolt cutters in their medical bag or do they have to call maintenance to the operating room for this kinda shit?

  10. Probably one of the doctors that moonlights as a handyman happened to drive his work truck that day and had to run out and grab the tools to be the hero this man’s sack deserved

  11. I saw the same thing in the ER, but it was a wedding ring on his penis. Removed exactly the same way, with a saw and tongue blades with someone squirting cold water to reduce the heat caused by friction. He was awake though

  12. I was looking for a comment to mention this. I have a friend who is a nurse and every time he tells me stories he constantly has to tell me “I’m not allowed to disclose any of their personal information or what they look like but this is the general of what happened”. He told me there are huge repercussions to telling patient’s personal health information, yet these people just have a video of some dude about to get a vasectomy on the internet for everyone to see?

  13. I think this man may have also used saline - I’m not familiar with it but i know saline injections can be used as a form of temporary body modification.

  14. Imagine beeing a small kid, getting a mobile as bitrhday present. Installing first apps on phone like reddit and seeing this.

  15. I tell you what was a million to one shot! I was working on my car, had a bearing race in one hand and a banana peel in the other. I dropped the banana peel and the next thing you know.....

  16. I don't understand why somebody would put a ring around their ding dong long enough for it to swell and about to pop their balls off: LOL

  17. Why would someone do this in the first place? Like men must be very careful with their bits to begin with, honestly if I was a guy I would wear one of those football cups just leaving my house, nevermind this. It's horrifying. He must hate something about himself.

  18. As someone who as used a ring like that often, the fear is always there. I don't leave it on long. Orgasm, then off immediately. I recently bought the Oxballs mentioned in this thread, I like the feeling that gives, but it's nothing compared to the weight of steel ring.

  19. Just buy a steel ring that's held together with bolts. I saw those on ali epress a few years back, so I'm sure they exist.

  20. Don't buy toys made of titanium....they can't cut them with grinders. The fire department gets called instead.

  21. If you ever get yourself in a medical situation where your balls need freed & the only ways out are bolt cutters & a electric saw… I just can’t believe this is where we’re at as a species lol

  22. Why the fuck you need a doctor for this? I am a plumber and can do same shit even better. Piece of wood uner ring is good ( wood is good heat isolation). But I would pour some water on it too.easy cut. So next time you got your balls stuck in a ring and no insurance , just message me. I charge $ 130 per hour, two hours minimum.

  23. I'm glad my brain works in a way where I don't have to ever worry about have a device clamped on my balls that needs sawed off.

  24. Well no sex till they deflate. Oh might hurt when you owe as well. Just to be on the safe side wear pants with no zips as well. Christ that looks so painful.

  25. He’s fucked in a literal sense. They say to only use a cock ring for 25 mins to 30 mins or if the area starts to turn purple. Prolonged use can greatly effect the penis and the ability to get and maintain an erection. Poor guy.

  26. Dammit, I thought it's actually about two basketballs stuck in the hoop at the same time which is crazy rare. I'm a fking idiot.

  27. 12 years of medical school to scrub up to remove a cock ring with a jigsaw and bolt cutters. Where did they go to get those? Home Depot? Lowe’s?

  28. The reason why his balls and pecker are so swollen is because he is a sexual deviant with a perversion involving saline injections ...... or so I have read......

  29. 16 yr old here so excuse my foolishness, but are his balls gigantic bc the semen was stuck and kept on producing which filled it up?

  30. Not even close. The balls are that size probably because he inject something in it, like saline solution or silicone. But the ring helps it get swollen.

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