Cop Shooting Undercover Officer

  1. You’re in your car & legally carrying your licensed gun & some cop just thinks they can shoot you on sight when they see it, even if you haven’t reached for it… the mentality of these cops is unbelievable.

  2. And can you imagine how far it would go if some of these guys showed this much instantaneous emotion and remorse for shooting a civilian? Maybe moot, from a litigation standpoint, but would help PDs PR.

  3. If the settlement came from the police union instead of from the taxpayers this kind of shit would really trickle to a halt.

  4. Lmao and the charges were dropped against the suspects that were being investigated by the undercover operation too l. Top notch police work there L-T.

  5. It baffles me why people would even become police officers in the US. They’re definitely brave people in a way. But at the same time they’re all obviously shit scared and petrified of the high possibility of a suspect being armed and therefore will literally empty a mag into somebody just for not showing their hands.

  6. This the problem with American Police. There are rarely ‘bad guys’. No one deserves to be shot. Shoulda been trying to save whoever he shot with the same level of urgency weather it’s another pig or ‘bAd GuY’

  7. haha in case you didn't know, they all use the phrase 'bad guy' watch enough cop vids you'll see that this is just another toxic part of police culture, they use terms like that all the time

  8. No shit. Even says so in the article. "The Department of Justice opened an investigation into the APD's use of force techniques in 2012, long before Grant was shot. The investigation found an unreasonable use of deadly force within the department and a particular disregard for the rights of mentally ill people in the city."

  9. That's wild. Imagine being in any other profession and accidentally killing someone like a doctor. You'd get sued and fired quick. Happens to nurses all the time. Pathetic

  10. For real and did you hear him fucking sobbing because it was another cop? If that was a normal citizen he would have been stone cold. Really shows what kind of mindset they have.

  11. If you read the article linked in another comment, the guy lost 80% of his blood and had pretty much every major organ punctured. They must have had to do a ton of work on him to stabilize before EMS transport arrived. No chance in hell they'd have gone through even a fraction of the effort for a normal citizen. Anybody but a cop would have been hogtied and allowed to bhleed out face down on the pavement.

  12. Wait so the cop shot because he saw a gun? In a country where everyone is allowed to have guns. What the fuck 😂

  13. "A suspect asks why they were being shot at. The charges against the two suspects in the undercover drug operation were eventually dropped, according to NBC affiliate KOB."

  14. Exactly. You can be sure that the undercover cop wasn’t drawing his gun based on an operation that he knew was occurring, so that means he was just shot for possessing a firearm — entirely legal. Even if in illegal possession, that’s not a death sentence.

  15. Guns are easier to buy than a car in America but if you’re seen with one, you’re getting shot to death by another gun because having a gun is bad.

  16. This is why police training is fucked up, they always rely on the gun to do their jobs for them. Live by the gun, die by the gun.

  17. Reminds me of the Dominators from Psycho Pass. Don't ask any questions just shoot, let the gun sort it out.

  18. Just like Eddie Murphy on SNL years ago in his skit playing a cop who always unloads his gun into some innocent person and then yells FREEZE OR I WILL SHOOT

  19. Isn't there some kind of test to determine if a person will turn into a blubbering crying idiot in stressful situations before they can become a cop?

  20. No. Most electronics have a default year of 1970. It’ll cause the 2038 computer 🖥 bug. Go down that rabbit 🐇 hole 🕳

  21. This right here, this is why cops should not be able to just shoot wildly first and then ask questions later. He basically emptied a magazine into that man, it's excessive and unnecessary. Before people say he has a gun and this and that to try to justify it, if other countries cops can handle criminals without unloading an entire magazine into a person and turn out fine then American cops can do it too.

  22. I’m sorry but who the fuck is responsible for the intel on this? As a vet it pisses me off that I could have been charged with a war crime off bad intel, but not anyone else on America

  23. As unfunny and tragic as this whole situation is... The scream cry "I thought you where a bad guy" will permanently live in my head rent free and I almost want it as an out of context meme.

  24. 6.5 million bc of their own incompetence? Why should the public swallow this whole thing. Even his whole good guy/bad guy mentality is wrong

  25. EXACTLY! Make the police union cough up the dough. Then they might be more inclined to purge themselves of these reckless idiots.

  26. The only way to stop a good guy with a gun is…. Wait….. one good guy with a gun is like two in the bush…. No, that’s not it… don’t look a good guy with a gun in the mouth… shit man, I don’t know…

  27. Shoot first and get a paid vacation while they investigate themselves and find no wrong doing. This has been their creed for decades.

  28. The undercover officer lived (barely). He wound up getting a $6.5 million settlement and his medical bills paid for life. The two suspects he was sitting in the car with had all their charges dropped.

  29. Makes me glad to live in the UK where our cops have to receive years of rigorous training before they can even patrol the streets and are actually trained to deescalate situations instead of shoot 1st ask questions later.

  30. Couldn't help to laugh. He's got a gun! lemme empty my whole clip into him before even looking at the person. Ur telling me any person with a holistered gun is gonna be shot at coming unprofessional untrained cops.

  31. That is interesting. I’ve seen cops beat people who are having a stroke. I’ve seen them hand cuff people having a seizure. I’ve seen them shoot people and then just stand there while they bleed out. I’ve seen them leave a pregnant woman in a jail cell while they give both birth. I’ve seen them punch a mentally ill person in the face while they are hand cuffed. I’ve seen them ignore pleads for water or calls for medical attention when having a heart attack when incarcerated but look how quickly they respond with medical assistance when one of their own gets shot out of incompetence. I hate to say it but policing in America is an absolute disgrace. Poor training. Toxic culture. Adversarial relationship with the people they are supposed to protect and serve. Blatant corruption. Blatant disregard for the safety of others. I hate to say it but I have little to no sympathy left for them.

  32. Undercover cop got 6.5M settlement, medical bills paid for the rest of his life and medical retirement. If that was a civilian he would've got 10% of that if anything. Absolute scum

  33. Hope this serves as a lesson to every cop who fires at people without reason. This dude felt guilt for shooting someone he knew, but couldn’t care less if he shot someone that someone else knew. Wordy, I know. But fuck that hypocrite. “I tHoUgHt He WaS a bAd gUy” dude thinks his role is really to catch all the “bad guys” like if it’s a game of cops and robbers as a 9 years old…

  34. The comment “I thought you were a bad guy” just proves it’s an us vs them mentality with these police officers. No feelings or emotions for people without badges, but instantly a badge makes you more of a human.

  35. This is fucking hilarious. That trigger happy fuck deserves to loath in self misery for a couple years before ultimately eating a bullet. They would have been giving each other high fives if the shooting victim had had a joint on him.

  36. Fucking clowns. If it wasn’t an undercover officer, they’d have watched that dude bleed out while feeling like fake ass heroes

  37. I remember when that happened in Rock Springs Wyoming, they changed the manslaughter laws right after that so he wouldn't have to do the mandatory 3 year sentence!!!! When you want to sell drugs and buy drugs too put citizens in prison you get cop on cop murder!!!! 2022

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