Man dives off bridge in Memphis

  1. I've heard suicide jumpers that survived say the same thing. "I regretted jumping as soon as I did it." That guy screaming probably made this guy grateful he jumped.

  2. Yeh, I read a study confirming what you said, however I never saw any last second regrets in all the hanging videos I've watched. No hesitation at all, they had fully made up their mind.

  3. Someone's son, brother, father, cousin, best friend, co-worker, classmate just couldn't take life anymore. People are grieving. Have some compassion.

  4. So then the real question is at what point can we make fun of it. Like did you hear what happened to Mary? A tire hit her in the face. Well what was she doing putting her face next to tires? No this tire hunted Mary down.

  5. Savage AFuck right? As someone who's dealt with severe depression and has tried offing myself I honestly don't find this funny at all, I know some people find humor in others pain but when you've been at that level you don't find it at all humorous, it's sad seeing this shit

  6. I wouldn't jump from anywhere not high enough to ensure terminal velocity. Wouldn't want to land only to live with every bone in my body broken, or paralyzed, or a vegetable.

  7. He had plenty of time to reach a decent speed. I hate driving over that overpass. It practically goes straight up and straight back down. If it’s iced over, you can forget that.

  8. 500 foot drop to concrete during heavy interstate traffic....yeah, I wouldn’t call that an attempt either. I hate driving over that bridge. Matter of fact, the first time I saw it the first thing I said was “that’s going to be a favorite of the suicidal.”

  9. Is just me or does the cameraman go from a dude's voice to a feminine scream and then a straight-up 'OMG' in a female voice?

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