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  1. Ya maybe don’t do it in public, but as a kid my ass whoopings w my pops belt were definitely the most memorable punishments.

  2. Do you think it's possible they learned that using violence to get what they want is the only lesson being learned here? And that such a lesson is part of why they robbed someone?

  3. I am almost 100% sure my mom and dad would’ve done the exact same thing…. My uncle stole from the store and every time my grandma thought about it she spanked him like this.

  4. Probably wouldn’t be out robbing people if beatings weren’t the go to for discipline in the first place, dad is clearly an aggressive asshole

  5. The crime is bad, but two wrongs do not make a right. Physical abuse of children is disgusting, whatever the reason. It just shows that this man is a danger to children in general and should be prosecuted by children's services.

  6. I don't really condone physical discipline except for as an absolute last resort....but with the context being that these kids robbed a little old lady, they deserved every single lash on their asses.

  7. The failure here is clearly the parenting. Physically abusing a child for any reason is not normal, whether is violence or sexual. Your child or someone else's child. This guy is displaying so many red flags.

  8. it never should have happened in the first place. look at what the parent is doing. he doesn't know how to parent. kids act out when they're being bullied at home.

  9. This brings back memories of my childhood. My dad beat my ass with a belt until the day came when I resisted the pain and remained stoic when getting belted. That was the last day.

  10. I remember my mom running out of things to whip us with and decided to rip on the posts off our fence and my stepdad stopped her and was like “whoa whoa, you can’t hit them with a fence post!” And took it from her. We were so relieved until he came back and had sawed it in half, carved a handled on it and presented it to her as a paddle and was like “there ya go. NOW you can whip them.”

  11. For real?? My dad when I was 14 showed me his true belt whipping powers and after that and finding out my friends weren’t whipped at that age, I was embarrassed and never did whip-able shit again.

  12. Only a belt, my mother broke a cast iron skillet and a variety of wooden spoons on my ass until she found her weapon of choice. Remember those old plastic hot wheel tracks?

  13. Same. My dad would choke me up against the wall and throw me across the room. Then the closed fist beatings started. Fractured my jaw once and couldn't open my mouth for a week. Ate alot of Ramen noodles that week

  14. Yes he definitely did say that and yes he should be shot. Lock up everyone in this thread too that says dad did the right thing.

  15. Lmao! Why are they getting beaten? Also this looks like they were on those carnival rides…without the beatings ofcourse

  16. Good job by this dad. You hate to have to do this but those boys brought it upon themselves. A reset was due. Now they'll think about it next time they get a stupid idea like this. If you don't discipline your kids, someone else will.

  17. Bruh I got downvoted to shit for saying some kids need a “physical lesson” last time I saw a video like this. I used to get hit this same way and I can tell you I had a lot more respect for these adults than most kids around me. Now I don’t think you need to go ham on the kid like the father in the video, but some of these disrespectful ass kids need to know what a pop in the mouth feels like so they know they aren’t as big and bad as they think

  18. I went to visit my dying uncle a couple of months ago. I told him that I cherish the 3 times he slapped me more than everything he did for me. In all of those 3 times I absolutely deserved to get slapped. My dad died when I was a kid and the man I respected most was my uncle. Those 3 slaps did more for me than all the slaps my mom gave me for smoking and all the shit i did as a teenager.

  19. I remember the day I actually thanked my dad for whooping my ass as a kid. As I reflected on it when I was older, I could distinctly pick out the kids in school who never got any actual discipline vs kids that did.

  20. Yep. Next time they will kill the witness so they don't get whooped. Beating kids don't work, only increases aggression.

  21. Oh wow; you weren’t downvoted. I’m in the middle when it comes to spankings. I believe it’s not always the right method but in some situations absolutely. However, some members in my family get mad because I don’t resort to spanking and believe that’s why my kids don’t respect me. 🥴 parenting is hard.

  22. Corporal punishment teaches children to use force to get what they want and it's also associated with lifelong mental health problems.

  23. I think it’s pretty clear from the fact that they were stealing that this type of “parenting” doesn’t work. This is not their first beating I’d bet anything

  24. I got my ass beat when I was a kid and it definitely made me think twice about doing dumb shit! If parents still did this there would be much less crime

  25. Physical abuse of children is never the answer. These boys will never ever trust or love their father ever again, and they won't have learned anything valuable from this, other than not to get caught.

  26. You. Are. Dumb. Up until this BS of not being able to parent your own kids became so popular this was relatively normal. Now all parents can do is have a quiet talk with the kid and maybe, maybe a time out. I got my ass whooped as a kid. Love my parents and, managed to stay outta jail and not be violent. Everytime I did something to warrant getting my ass whooped I'd make damn sure not to do it again. That's called learning a lesson.

  27. Except me though both of my parents gave me a decent ass whooping as a child, always loved them though. The thing is that as you grow up you really began to realize why your parents whoop your ass.

  28. You are so far gone mentally... I love my parents and I was beaten like that as a kid. I am actually thankful they did that! I'm not in jail or a drug addict bc they taught me about consequences to my actions.

  29. I really expected the comments to be throwing this father into a burning river. However, it’s nice see that discipline is still in our blood. Some things deserve the “wow” factor. It just sticks. I got my ass BEAT for far less than this, and so did my brothers. We are all successful.

  30. A "burning river" is the least he should receive. Perhaps a similar beating by someone bigger than him. This is a callous and un-necessary child abuse that has taught those boys nothing.

  31. My dad used a snake skin belt on me, he knew I was terrified of snakes. Up until I hit 13-14 then the belt went up and the fists came out...good times good times.

  32. This is what's wrong with America the root, people think this is wrong.... results in grow ass kids with no sense of anything.

  33. They only learned to be more devious next time and not get caught. This is poor, lazy and violent "parenting". People who think child abuse is "OK" should be on a watch register. If they think this is OK, then perhaps they also think paedophilia and child slavery is also OK.

  34. Didn't see anything crazy there, the belt doesnt really hurt that much or will give some permanent damage to the kids, cmon now. The father is even advising the kids to hold still. I was raised the same way by my father and I'm super glad he corrected me when it was needed.

  35. In what world does a belt not hurt that much. That was the tool I always dreaded being smacked with the most when I was younger

  36. Yeah. He is trying to straighten them out. Sometimes an ass whopping is the only language that should be spoken when you try to rob an old lady. Good on this dad for trying to put the fear in to them for doing stuff like this. Hopefully he can move forward as they grow up to help show them the morality of stealing but for now he has to do everything he can to get through to them that what they did is wrong and has consequences. Soft parent would be like, “What am I supposed to do? Hit my kid and have them taken from me?” “Yes! If you let them get this far yes! CPS or the cops will take them otherwise!!”

  37. you are fucking crazy!! the belt fucking hurts bro, I didn't learn anything from my father beating me. It just made me hate him even more. this is wrong.

  38. Glad to see someone taking responsibility for the actions of their children and doing something about it without the white knight interference of some blue haired moron.

  39. IF it is true that they robbed an old lady then FUCK YES. Kids are fucking stupid. There is no amount of "Talking to a child". Sometimes you do need to instill the fear of God.

  40. What the fuck is wrong with you people jumping on the righteous discipline bandwagon. This kid is like 8 years old. Fuck you all. This is never acceptable. If your 'daddy' did this shit, he was a cunt. this is fucking disgusting. I'm sorry if this shit is normalised for you.

  41. Shit makes absolutely no sense lmao parents should be whipping themselves for not raising and watching their kids if they do some crazy shit and instead they somehow feel self righteous about child abuse

  42. This behaviour is lazy abusive parenting. It is easy to physically abuse a child, it is much harder to be a good parent.

  43. That's a good father. And at least they have a father to disciple them to make sure they aren't fuck ups. Praises to that man.

  44. You are right, this is not normal. I'm going to get downvoted to fuck for this comment but I don't care. This man is a danger to all children, not just his own. He belongs in prison.

  45. He has lost control, he only cares about what other people think of him. This is an example of the worst kind of "parenting", if you can call it that.

  46. Some of you who think that beating those kids because they stole from an old lady (and think that a beating will prevent it in the future) have it backwards. They stole from an old lady because they're being raised in a household that uses beating as discipline. There is NO RESPECT for another human being in that scenario, so why should they have any respect or care for the old lady? All that beating will teach them is more anger and how to hide it better, be a better thief to not get caught, etc.

  47. You can tell the general age of Reddit is in their teens when you have this many comments celebrating child abuse.

  48. How is this not violence? I understand physically punishing your child over a robbery, but this seems to be waaay too much.

  49. This is child abuse. All of the morons condoning this as normal are damaged, strange people. It is not normal for an adult to physically or sexually abuse a child, whether it is theirs or someone else's.

  50. I love to see this! I’m sorry to say but this is exactly what the black community needs in their life. A father who cares and is willing to teach his children right from wrong. Good for you sir!

  51. How did that little shit rob an old lady? Granted, it’s probably not too hard, but I’m curious if he had a knife/gun... anyone have an article link or something?

  52. I had to stand still with my hands on the bed and receive my whippings lol. My dad never did it in public and never hit me more than 2 or 3 times. I 100% deserved it , but I never robbed an old lady lol. I ain’t judging this guy tho, other than the fact that I think I heard him call his son “n***a” which I honestly don’t think is setting the best example. But that’s his business , not mine.

  53. This was acceptable back in the day and now it’s not. I’ve gotten hit by my dads belt for bringing in a boy inside the house when he wasn’t there. Now, I was only 16 and at the time I was upset that he hit me because he barely ever did. Thinking about it now; I deserved it. Who the hell did I think I was sneaking around? Now, I wouldn’t hit my kids with a belt but if some parents want to use that method, sure go ahead but there’s a time and a place. This could have been done in private.

  54. I don’t think physical discipline is bad. I think it’s bad when parents beat their kids with angry emotions involved.

  55. This is so wrong on so many levels. Hitting you childs, other just watching. They will learn zero from this. Beside this the way of the treatment looks like it is not the first time of getting hitted by father. So tell me how good it worked last time when they now did some criminal stuff. Agression can never be the answer especially when raising kids. I feel poor for them but also for the father that this is his way of dealing with stuff. We should be better than that!

  56. No, if they ever think to rob a store again they will think " hmm, my dad beat me last time I did that, and it hurt. If I do it again, my dad will beat me again, and It will hurt.aybe I shouldn't rob a store" that mentality won't last into adulthood, but I hope the parents will instill some better morals on the children by then

  57. Fucking asshole this is why half of these kids grow up with anger issues and problems because of assholes like this!! Leave your childhood traumas behind you and don’t traumatize your own kids!

  58. If they were in fact stealing, good on that dad for taking the embarrassment onto himself for the punishment. It's a strong lesson sure, but one that will be imprinted on those young ones brains for eternity.

  59. Ah good time. Stole 500 dollars once and almost lost it from my mom and got my ass whooped. Never stole anything again. I hope people don't see this as abuse.

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