Insane incident at Disneyland.

  1. I used to work security at Disney World. The tunnels only exist in Magic Kingdom, but even so, as security we couldn’t put our hands on anyone or physically intervene. Simply “observe and report” and obviously call over management and a sheriff’s deputy from OCSO (Orange County Sheriff’s Office.) but that’s it. We can try and contain the incident, to make sure it doesn’t spread or other people don’t join in, but our hands are tied physically. Chances are this whole family will be, at minimum, trespassed off property and not allowed to return.

  2. While Disneyland has concealed areas that allow some shortcuts, only Magic Kingdom in Florida has the utilidors.

  3. Avery Desmond Edwin Robinson pleaded guilty to a felony count of corporal injury on a cohabitant, a count of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, a count of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of criminal threats, five counts of battery and four counts of child abuse and endangerment, all misdemeanors. He accepted a plea bargain from Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner.

  4. Damn, after reading this article it looks like we only saw half the action! It continues out to parking lot where the dude tried to run over security…wow.

  5. Glad someone got charged for child endangerment. Can't stand people who rather put their personal issues over the safety of the kids they brought.

  6. I heard from somewhere that jail is a completely normal thing for some people. While others its completely terrifying. To others is a circle of life and stuff. Absolutely bonkers.

  7. I like how they just ignore their kids multiple times. You just know that baby is going to grow up to be an morally backwards person. Sad

  8. Disneyworld not Disneyland, but I hadn’t heard people screaming F bombs at children under five before going there and it happened a lot.

  9. U can tell it’s a brother and sister fighting their sister and her husband, their mom is the old lady in the wheelchair. The kids are all realated.

  10. One of the crimes he got charged with was "a felony count of corporal injury on a cohabitant", so evidently.

  11. Right!! In addition to the emotional distress they’re causing their children, do they know how easy it is to lose a kid in a place like Disney land if you take ur eyes off of them for even one sec. Let alone for several minutes and to not give a shit? They should have their children taken away

  12. Having been a child raised in a violent household, my heart just bleeds for all those babies. There's no way that's the first time it's happened in front of them.

  13. This is from 2020. 3 arrests were made. A litany of criminal charges were issued. One plead guilty to 6 months in jail. 2 didn’t even show up for their court date. (Shocker). Apparently they were all family members too. Looks like red shirt guy and the big girl he kept hitting were brother and sister. 🙄

  14. I mean. Congrats you guys blew hundreds likely thousands of dollars to act like trash in the happiest place on earth. I know right now I can’t afford to go there. Also congratulations on terrifying kids and making other families having to explain to their own kids what’s going on. Scum.

  15. Security? Where ? I thought Mickey would be on the scene with a strap in 10 seconds. "Not in my park huhhuh"

  16. Poor kids. They pushed the stroller off with zero fucks given. The one little one is wandering around looking for a parent. I hope these kids do great things and I hope those "parents" never reproduce again.

  17. Something tells me they probably didn't spend a dime. I live in Los Angeles and places give away tickets all the time to Disneyland. You can win tickets from radio stations, company giveaways, and raffles, and even my parent's church was giving away tickets in a drawing.

  18. The price of those tickets, and you're walking your toddler around, turn the corner and bam, you're watching a chav fight.

  19. It's astonishing to me that so many people in the video are overweight to some degree. Brawlers, onlookers, etc... I know we have weight/health issue here in the U.S., but damn...

  20. Turns out one of the men who is from from las vegas was sentenced to 6 months in jail and the other couple skipped out on their court date and are now fugitives with warrants for their arrest

  21. I feel bad for the old Lady falling, but when I heard some random person chuckling at it in the bagground, I lost my shit 😂

  22. Hahaha it took me a second viewing to notice the woman trying to steam roll over them in her electric chair

  23. Even crazier when you realize he’s fighting his mom it’s a whole family throw down I highly recommend joeingram1 video on YouTube for an in depth hilarious breakdown.

  24. They paid $14000 to go on a once in a lifetime Disney trip with their kids. I don’t think the kids will ever forget it!

  25. Fucking scum. That child just wandering around with no protection or any idea what's going on. That tells you everything you need to know about this trash. Can't even go & have a nice day out. Thick cunts.

  26. Just another dysfunctional family or group who can't stop hurting each other with words and violence.

  27. The worse part is them literally leaving the kids off to the side and abandoning them to fight, there is simply no way dcfs won't be getting involved.

  28. The parks a becoming more ignorant. We been going for 20+ year and just for back from Universal Studio. People are beyond disrespectful and ignorant.

  29. Never been to Disneyland but if I’m gonna be honest this is pretty much exactly what I would expect. Morbidly obese people in awful clothes acting like assholes.

  30. For him to attack her not only in front of family, but also in front of a huge crowd of people with their phones out in Disney land with kids everywhere is crazy

  31. Disney has to be one of the most toxic places o earth. Everyone has paid 1000s for what they thought would be a magical boutique experience and because of the price theyr’e anticipating VIP treatment. Then when you get there you realized the downpayment you could have put on a house gets you literally no special treatment and now you’re competing with every other broke asshole to make your time worth it. But thanks to Disney everything has been booked beyond capacity. Rich people are hiring disabled people to zip past you in every line. Richer people are being escorted by disney employees past the lines. And your dumbass is just there with your kids who you promised a VIP experience because you assumed draining your bank account would be enough for a single fun vacation. Thats why hershey park will always be my favorite amusement park- even if everything goes wrong and you get on zero rides theres candy everywhere.

  32. spitting in someone’s face ,with your baby, at Disney land , at a dude that big , with that many fluorescents …

  33. Would suck if you paid all that money to get thrown out for acting like a POS in front of hundreds of children.

  34. Men didn't even fight eachother but be beating up each other's women, trashy cowards Sad for those kids theirs and one's around who were unwillingly forced to witness this

  35. You know your life is radically off the rails when you are involved in a group fight at Disney land. And when you get up out of you’re mobility scouter to join the fight you need to take some time for serious introspection about your life.

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