This elevator at a hotel that makes no sense

  1. It’s more the column arrangement of the buttons that’s confusing, plus the “1” button above the 7, and then an up arrow.

  2. This has to be somewhere with a lot of underground floors. Or is the hotel built in a hillside, and the lobby is on the hillside, so those floors underground isn't really underground?

  3. Or people are so dumb they don’t realize the lobby is on the ground floor so the hotel has to make a little Sign indicating which floor the lobby was on thus which button to press

  4. So, there’s no 8, instead they used the 1 (presumably left over after the GF button replaced it) other than that, it makes sense, going bottom left up is right, then going bottom right and up makes sense, until you get to 1 which should be 8. GF should just be 1 IMO but im American and I’ve heard it’s different around the globe. I live near an airport in a small city with hurricanes, so buildings with more than 2-3 floors aren’t common around here anyways, so I have 0 idea honestly.

  5. Probably didn’t want to mark the roof 8 so people don’t think it’s another floor. Didn’t have an R button, so used the leftover 1 instead.

  6. In europe ground floor is 0, and above that is 1. In the usa ground floor is 1. Thats the reason most hotels use lobby /groundfloor. In Dutch is begane grond (base ground)

  7. Wait, am I stupid? This makes sense to me, lol. The roofing picture is a bit weird, just because I’ve never seen a pictorial representation in an elevator but🤷‍♀️ Is that the crappy part and my bar is just too low?

  8. The hospital in my town has a basement, ground level, surgery floor, then first and second floor. The GL is below the basement, and surgery is in between both of them.

  9. I wire, test and debug elevators for a living and it seems rather straightforward to me, though the markings on the buttons _could _ be a little more explicit. OTOH, where’s the emergency alarm button!?

  10. Apprentice : “Which floor sticker goes on which button?” Chief Engineer: “How do I know? Just push a button and see where it goes. Then you’ll know which sticker to put on the button.”

  11. I never understand why people get so confused about elevators. You only need to push two buttons… your floor, and the lobby. Who cares what order they are in?

  12. So I work in the UK and Americans built the hospital building we’re in. The lifts are labelled like this - GF is ground. Confuses people daily here.

  13. This is actually pretty common, though it may seem odd. The more commonly needed floors are on the left and the less public floors are on the right. Often this is used in buildings such as malls or convention centers or medical centers, where the public frequents specific floors (like ground, 2 and 3) but there may be administration or other businesses on the other floors.

  14. Roof, 7th-2nd floor, ground floor, 2 basement levels, and 2 parking garage levels. Seems pretty straightforward to me

  15. In Europe the 1st floor is the ground floor. The second floor is the first floor etc. it’s like that in most of the world. The US is the backwards place actually

  16. Breaking news! A man in a hotel elevator got the new world record for fastest button pressing! (69420.34 per second!)

  17. So the person who ordered the button thought Ground Floor is the 0th floor. But the person who assembled them thought Ground Floor is the 1st floor.

  18. The more I look at stupid stuff like this, the more the Way European Elevators make sense, 0 is ground floor no questions asked, and it's a positive or negative number for above or below, regardless of multiple entrance floors.

  19. The only confusing thing is the fact that 1 is roof, and as someone else pointed out, it's probably just because the 8 fell off and they replaced it with a 1

  20. In Europe I believe what the USA would call 2nd floor is called the first floor Lobby is the bottom floor. Probably trying to make the elevator buttons understandable to Europeans or Americans

  21. Everyone seems to he going on about the GF button, but has nobody realised the horrendous "order" of the numbers of the other floors!?

  22. For all the Americans, GF means Ground Floor. In most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and probably other places as well the first floor is the floor above the ground floor, ground floor being the floor at street level. Therefore most elevators will begin at level 'G' or 'GF' before going to level 1. This elevator still doesn't make sense as the '1' button is above the 7 and not between GF and 2. Also it's skewed. Also what the fuck does the up arrow button do?

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