Bought this geometry set for my son, to help him in school. Comes with this map of the world that has so many countries spelt incorrectly. I don't know what country YOGO is in Europe, but it's there. Panama is spelt Banama, but I suppose they do grow bananas there. Vietnam is shown as an island.

  1. They actually were nice enough to give them a D at the end. Sweden wasn't so lucky to get an N at the end. Norway is spelt correctly but seems to have been swallowed by the sea. That part of the map got printed on the side of the case.

  2. I love that whole Europe part with Irrland, Portucal (100% underwater), Vogo (with complicated geopolitical situation), little triangular Germany and extra bay on Polish west coast. Also who cares about post soviet states? It's still USSR

  3. And that it misses a few countries like belgium, Luxembourg and the netherlands maybe a few more i'm not going to look at this map for to long to avoid hurting my brain

  4. I hear Banama is nice this time of year. Less sure about Bolibia, Zambla, Chado, Portucal, Rumanla, Nlgeria, Irrland....

  5. If reddit had allowed me to upload two pictures I would have also uploaded the inside of the tin which has some real good geometric goodies such as "Pythagoras' The Orem" (Pythagoras theorem). But surprisingly less mistakes than the map, although the tables for unit conversions are really hard to read. For those that think New Zealand isn't on there, it is! I hadn't realized it got cropped off. They did however misspell it, "New Zhaland"

  6. You can use imgur for free to upload several pictures (top left, New post). Also, where did you buy it? I want it! Can you do a HQ scan so I can make a wallpaper or so?

  7. I think it was just made by a Chinese person who doesn't know the Latin alphabet. I mean, how many people in the west would be able to do this correctly with Chinese characters? For a Chinese person, P and R are probably close enough to pick the wrong one now and then.

  8. There's another thread on this post where some other Redditors narrowed it down to between 1964 and 1966, based upon the names of some African countries.

  9. Totally know what happened here: two history majors who both ended up working at the printing company (not their dream job) got put in charge of the project. For fun, they made it into a drinking game: take a shot, name a country, draw it in the design software. Problem was, they really forgot just how many countries there are…. 😳

  10. Clearance at Loblaws grocery store here in Canada a few months back. I think I paid 49 cents. I got home, saw the map, and realized that I had been ripped off.

  11. lol at the entire concept of New Zealand. First of all where tf is Old Zealand and 2. It’s where the hobbits live? Yeah right.

  12. And just looking at the great lake area of north America Wisconsin is completely missing and Michigan is deformed. And don't get me started on where the heck is Chicago. Lake Michigan is way too odd for it to exist on that map.

  13. Is no one going to talk about how out of date this map is? It literally still has the Soviet Union and South West Africa

  14. I was reading reviews of globes recently because I wanted to get one for my twins’ birthday. I could not find one that didn’t have reviews pointing out geographic inaccuracies and spelling errors. It’s wild.

  15. Israel and Egypt are omitted altogether… “Union of Soviet Socialist Republic” (Russia) is a good one. Is this from pre-1991??

  16. I’d be more concerned with why the “geometry” set consists of an outdated map and misspelled country names. It would be a bad geography set but it’s definitely a horrible “geometry” one.

  17. Reverse merger- Singapore's doing well enough that half of Malaysia wanted in. Without border checkpoints, JB is even easier to get to now!

  18. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like my part of Oz is going to fall off the mainland as there's a bloody huge plumber's crack from SA to QLD. Going to grab the tin lids and the doggo and head north.

  19. My god Rumanla, Funland…this is hilarious. Hopefully you don’t speak French because the « i »in mathématiques is also missing

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